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Develop your leadership while boosting your career prospects with an opportunity to work as a teacher abroad

What is Global Teacher

Global Teacher is a global teaching internship opportunity for young people who seek to develop themselves and their career by engaging with a professional teaching experience.

  • Duration

    9-78 Weeks

  • Organization

    Educational Institutions

  • Stipend

    Yes (Salary depends on opportunity)

Kick start your career

Every graduate begins somewhere. Learn what it takes to run a venture through gaining hands-on experience for yourself.

Gain international experience

Take it to the next level by exploring a new culture and environment as you work in abroad.

Expand your network

Make the right connections and grow your professional network to support your future ventures.

International Certificate

Get an international certificate after completing your internship which is well recognized by our partners

Why Choose AIESEC?

Exchange participation fee

To be paid after getting selected to the project of your choice

USD 105 for 9-12 weeks

USD 125 for 4-6 months

USD 170 for 7-18 months

The Process

1. Sign up

Sign up to create your account and access our opportunities. It's free!

2. Apply

Fill out your profile and apply for opportunities.

3. Selection

You will be contacted for an interview by the company.

4. Approved

Once the interview is completed successfully, pay the AIESEC program registration fee to get approved.

5. Let's go

AIESEC will now support in visa, departure and experience abroad.

Most of the applicants take 3-6 weeks to complete the process

Sign up, and get free access to opportunities

Countries that we recommend

Please note that most countries provide free accomodation and food

  • Egypt
  • Turkey
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Tunisia

flight cost

70,000 LKR

visa cost

4,300 LKR

basic living cost

7,000 LKR per week


Egyptian pound

Why Egypt?

What are the odds of meeting volunteers from all continents in Egypt? Higher than you expect. AIESEC in Egypt attracts volunteers all over the world and you can have a truly global experience in the valley of the Nile.

flight cost

130,000 LKR

visa cost

3,500 LKR

basic living cost

8,000 LKR per week


Turkish Lira

Why Turkey?

Turkey, the gateway of East and West, is constantly evolving and modifying themselves as a nation. In the process, they are working on reducing inequalities as much as possible.Join the cause.

flight cost

55,000 LKR

visa cost

13, 000 LKR

basic living cost

5,000 LKR Per week


Indian Rupees

Why India?

Quality Education. Check. Zero Hunger. Check. No Poverty. Check.Rest of the 17 SDGs. Check.Check.Check. AIESEC in India is encouraging you to select the best out of many projects they offer. Why Not ?

flight cost

40,000 LKR

visa cost

8, 500 LKR

basic living cost

7,000 LKR Per Week


Indonesian Rupiah

Why Indonesia?

Quality Education has become the hot topic and focal point in Indonesia. Having more than 6000 inhabited Islands, Indonesia is facing difficulties providing equal facilities and resources for education. Join hands with AIESEC in Indonesia to provide sustainable solutions to the Education

flight cost

150,000 LKR

visa cost

28,000 LKR

basic living cost

10,000 LKR per week


Tunisian dinar

Why Tunisa?

Coming soon

Got questions?

 The youth of the age between 18 – 30.

You can decide the country depending on the availability of opportunities/projects. However, it’s always better to talk with your AIESEC contact person in Sri Lanka after signing up on the opportunity portal (aiesec.org)

Yes. A salary is provided in these opportunities and it varies. 

To become a Global Teacher with AIESEC, you need to intern abroad and step outside your comfort zone.

You will be contacted by a local AIESEC member who will do an initial screening before you start applying and there exists an interviewing procedure with the host country. You will be assisted throughout these interviewing processes therefore nothing’s there to be worried about.

We have 8 local offices and each office helps student from in and around their city to go abroad. Our National office is in Maharagama and Global office in Montreal, Canada. click here

Food and accomodation is provided in most of the opportunities, however if not, the subsidy or overall cost is mentioned. It is mentioned in each opportunity.

Yes we do 

Yes,you can. An academic transcript and a student confirmation is enough

Yes, you will be getting the service letter and a certificate after completion of the online survey.

For your reference

Inquire about travel insurance from Fairfirst insurance

Check flight ticket cost from Pepmytrip here

Check travel costs from Budgetyourtrip.com

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