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Gain an international work experience within a corporate abroad where you can explore and learn the global industry 

What is Global Talent

Global Talent is an internship experience for young people aiming towards professional career development in a global setting.

  • Duration

    6 - 8 Weeks & 9 - 78 Weeks

  • Organization

    MNCs, SMEs, Start-Ups, NGOs, Incubators, Accelerators & Other umbrella organizations

  • Stipend

    Provided in 9-78 weeks opportunities. In 6-8 weeks opportunities either salary or accommodation wil be provided

Most of the exchange participants who are selected for this program have at least 6 month of working experience 

Diverse work environment

You can gain experience in new work settings, equip yourself with skills needed cross-culturally

Global industry exposure

Gain professional experience in the fields of marketing, IT, business administration and more

Gain a professional edge

Take a challenging role that allows gaining professional experience to expand your future career

Corporate Leadership Skills

Develop leadership competencies along with soft and hard skills living in a challenging environment

Why choose AIESEC?

Exchange Participation Fee

To be paid after getting selected to the project of your choice

USD 90 for 6-12 weeks

USD 125 for 4-6 months

USD 170 for 7-18 months

The Process

1. Sign up

Sign up to create your account and access our opportunities. It's free!

2. Apply

Fill out your profile and apply for opportunities.

3. Selection

You will be contacted for an interview by the company.

4. Approved

Once the interview is completed successfully, pay the AIESEC program registration fee to get approved.

5. Let's go

AIESEC will now support in visa, departure and experience abroad.

Most of the applicants take 3-6 weeks to complete the process

Sign up, and get free access to opportunities

Countries that we recommend

  • Malaysia
  • India
  • Turkey
  • Australia
  • Poland
  • Germany

flight cost

30,000 LKR

basic living cost

6,000 LKR per week



Why Malaysia?

Want to gain a professional experience in a country which embraces new technology and innovations? Malaysia would be the perfect choice

flight cost

55,000 LKR

basic living cost

5,000 LKR per week


Indian Rupees

Why India?

Develop your skills and build on your resume by working in a country which has the world’s fastest growing major economy, while experiencing one of the world’s oldest and most diverse cultures.

flight cost

130,000 LKR

basic living cost

8,000 LKR per week


Turkish lira

Why Turkey?

Experience a fantastic quality of very affordable life while working towards achieving your professional goals.

flight cost

80,000 LKR

basic living cost

20,000 LKR per week


Australian Dollars

Why Australia?

Seeking opportunities in business, IT, new technologies and innovation with best living conditions? Why not try Australia?

flight cost

100,000 LKR

basic living cost

17,000 LKR per week


Polish złoty

Why Poland?

Want to kick start your carrier in a country which is becoming the the biggest research and development hub in Central and Western Europe? Try Poland.

flight cost

90,000 LKR

basic living cost

30,000 LKR per week



Why Germany?

Quality Education. Check. Zero Hunger. Check. No Poverty. Check.Rest of the 17 SDGs. Check.Check.Check. AIESEC in India is encouraging you to select the best out of many projects they offer. Why Not ?

Experience Stories

20 Dec 2018


“Best experience was learning how to make Cappuccino. It was fascinating to me.

I got to know so many new people and I learned so many new things in this country including the culture and their language.

I definitely improved my communication skills. I also learned how to appreciate the cultural differences with an open mind.”

1 Jan 2019


“I was lucky enough to grab such an enchanting and enlightening opportunity by being a part of the project “Discover school’s Winter edition’19” which was conducted by AIESEC local committee, Oradea Romania on last winter. The project was under ‘quality education’. I was assigned to conduct education sessions for the primary school kids, which was intended to raise the Romanian education system by making an impact for 1% of Romanian population.”

1 July 2018


“It’s good and excited. And everything is different here in Italy. Kind of a new experience for me. They are very unique and their thinking pattern is different from us. They are good but that goodness is not like ours. I don’t know how to explain and their bond among family members is very strong. Same like in Sri Lanka”

1 August 2018

Duneesha Thathsaranee

“It was an absolute privilege to get this wonderful opportunity,filled with love and joy during my entire volunteer period.”

1 June 2018

Lahiru Udayanga

“This amazing experience includes the best days of my life so I’ll pick volunteering over travelling anytime anyday..”

1 June 2018


During the project I got to hangout with a lot of people from different countries and try a lot of amazing food. 
Participating helped me make a lot of friends in different countries and made me grow as a person. It was amazing.
1 June 2018

Ayodya Samali

I’m so extremely grateful I had the opportunity to travel in Europe. I loved the time I was able to spend there so much so that I didn’t want to come home! Until next time Europe..for now I’ll just think of all the beautiful memories and experiences you gave me.

Got questions?

Yes. You should be a professional or a graduate between the age of 22-30

You can decide the country depending on the availability of opportunities/projects. However, it’s always better to talk with your AIESEC contact person in Sri Lanka after signing up on the opportunity portal (

Yes. A salary is provided in these opportunities and it varies


Depends on the country. We have mentioned the cost specifically country wise according to our past experiences on the website.

No. we only provide opportunities abroad since we believe it allows one to be out of their comfort zone and is a cross cultural experience.

Yes. After you finish your experience, you will be asked to fill out two surveys in your profile on, post which you will be able to collect a survey from AIESEC Global Office online. 

We have 8 local offices and each office helps student from in and around their city to go abroad. Our National office is in Maharagama and Global office in Montreal, Canada. click here

Food and accomodation is provided in most of the opportunities, however if not, the subsidy or overall cost is mentioned. It is mentioned in each opportunity.

Yes we do 

The standard period for internship would be 6 weeks. However, it would always be better to communicate your availability and timeline to your Local AIESEC member as he/she will help you to find a opportunity suitable to you

Depends on the opportunity. However, previous professional experience would be an added benefit?

Yes There are! You can contact the AIESEC local chapter or go to ?

For your reference

Inquire about travel insurance from Fairfirst insurance

Check flight ticket cost from Pepmytrip here

Check travel costs from

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