Corporate culture is a representation of collective values, beliefs, and principles of the members of a certain company. It comprises unique values and behaviors which result in the social and psychological environment of a certain business to be distinctive. It’s not often that we find multinational corporates in Sri Lanka, where we see foreign employment. Therefore, it is seen that there is a stagnant nature in the opinions and work culture. Also, at times there is a lack of diversity and innovativeness. Thus, it is clear that the employment of foreign employees can create a positive impact and can bring a change to a monotonous work setting. There are favorable impacts that foreign employment can bring to Sri Lanka. Some of them are the creation of a global mindset, enhancement of international network, and increment of adaptability. Along with the said changes, the cross-cultural setting and the diversity drives the company to be innovative and creative.  

Enhancement of International Network 

Furthermore, the act of hiring a foreign employee affects the international networking of the company. This employment adds value to your workplace. With this employment, the company builds an international network. Hence, this helps the company to take international projects for the company, like expansion. There will be a remarkable enhancement in brand recognition.
Enhancement of International networking

Enhancement of International networking

Development of cross-cultural understanding

Apart from international networking ability, this employment will have a positive effect on the bond of the company workers. The diversity and the uniqueness of this foreign hire will result in the increment of employees’ bond over shared interests. The act of sharing cross-cultural knowledge and the innovative perspectives and approaches will play a major role in this. Therefore, hiring a foreign employee is a farsighted decision that a company can take, especially if it’s in a developing country like Sri Lanka, with a lot of investment opportunities.

Creation of a global mindset due to Foreign Employment

Enhancement o understanding between cultures

Enhancement of understanding between cultures

Foreign employment in the Sri Lankan corporate sector has a positive impact since it will enhance the global mindset of the involved parties. The diversity in perspectives and unique approaches to a problem at hand, allows the involved parties to educate themselves and to be innovative and creative. When foreign employees work in a company it creates a cross-cultural setting where people gain cross-cultural knowledge. It also leads them to equip themselves with new and creative ideas with the influence of diversity in the working environment. Eventually, when considering the said facts it is evident that the involved parties gain positive impacts such as enhancement of global mindset, sharing of cross-cultural knowledge, and the creation of international networks. It is beneficial for the organizational development and for the personal growth of individuals involved. Hence, it is clear that foreign employees can bring a positive change to the Sri Lankan corporate culture. 
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