Seek, train and hire youth interns

Our Heading for the Future program helps companies fulfill their Human Resources needs with skilled young talent.
You can identify the future talent pool for your company with a 4-week fully virtual program hosted by AIESEC

What is Heading for the Future?

Heading for the Future is a simulated virtual work experience for young people aiming towards professional career development and networking. 

  • Duration

    4 Weeks

  • Organization

    Companies, Universities, Events, NGOs, Career Fairs, Governments/Ministries.

  • Stipend

    Provided based on the company


We customize our recruitment process to make it easy for you to recruit interns


Stay dynamic by bringing in profiles aligned to what the market needs and demands, minimize the skill-gap and boost your employer branding


Bring interns from all around Sri Lanka and the world to ensure global input in your business


Adapt your business to new trends and become more youth-friendly

Why choose AIESEC?

Administration Fee

An Administration Fee is charged by AIESEC for the service we provide. 

The fee is as follows,


5000 LKR for 4 weeks


The Process

1. Sign up

Sign up below and we will contact you for more information

2. Initial Meeting

To discuss the details of the internship, the contract, and the fee

3. Opening your opportunity

Your opportunity will be matched with our pool of candidates

4. Interviews

We will send the screened candidates for you to interview

5. Selection

You can select any intern/s you want

6. Preparation

We will handle the program preparation process, assessments and global networking events as well!

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Want to learn more about how a simulated virtual work experience with AIESEC
can help you hire skilled talent for your company?

Read about the Lead Program Experience

Lead Program: A simulated virtual work experience

Lead Program by AIESEC Sri Lanka was a Virtual Professional skills & Leadership development program conducted to improve the industry readiness of students who had completed their academics and were expecting to enter the industry. 

Similar to Heading for the Future, the program was a simulated virtual work experience for youth seeking to test their fields of choice and boost their career prospects.

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Partner Companies
Participant of the LEAD Program through AIESEC in University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Charith Adikari

This virtual internship allowed me to interact with an amazing team of undergraduates who also seek to improve their skills and professionalism during this pandemic situation. I really enjoyed the flexibility of the internship and the understanding from my supervisor. It made me feel like I could learn more about this industry in this short period.

Working remotely is definitely different, but it will become the new normal. The LEAD internship program has motivated me to be more creative, and it enabled me to see this industry from a new angle.

Got questions?

Any youth aged 18 to 30 years.

An administration Fee is charged by AIESEC for the service we provide. A stipend can be provided to the interns based on the partner's preference

You have the option of providing a stipend for the interns. 

After we receive applications, you can get the support of AIESEC to screen the initial applicants, after which you can conduct the interviews and choose an intern that suits the opportunity best.

We have 7 local offices and all of them offer the Heading for the Future Program to companies in Sri Lanka. Our National Office is in Maharagama and Global office in Montreal, Canada.

Yes, as the program is completely virtual, our opportunities are open for international talent.