Hire Global Talent

Our Global Talent programme helps companies fulfill their Human Resources needs with skilled young talent.
You can hire an intern from abroad for a duraton of 6 to 78 weeks.

What is Global Talent

Global Talent is an internship experience for young people aiming towards professional career development in a global setting.

  • Duration

    6 weeks - 12 Months

  • Organization


  • Stipend



We customize our recruitment process to make it easy for you to hire global talent


Stay dynamic by bringing in profiles aligned to what the market needs and demands; minimize the skill-gap


Bring interns from all around the world to ensure global input in your business


Adapt your business to new trends and become more youth-friendly

Why choose AIESEC?

Administration Fee

An Administration Fee is charged by AIESEC for the service we provide.

The fees are as follows,

For Business Administrations, Business Development, Finance, Marketing

  • Short Experience (6-12 weeks) – 20,000 LKR
  • Mid Experience (13-26 weeks) – 40,000 LKR
  • Long Experience (27-78 weeks) – 60,000 LKR


For Information Technology, Engineering

  • Short Experience (6-12 weeks) – 25,000 LKR
  • Mid Experience (13-26 weeks) – 50,000 LKR
  • Long Experience (27-78 weeks) – 70,000 LKR

Let's add value to your Start-Up with the fresh international talent!

The Process

1. Sign up

Sign up below and we will contact you for more information

2. Initial Meeting

To discuss the details of the internship, the contract, and the fee

3. Uploading on the portal

Your opportunity will be uploaded to the AIESEC Youth Opportunity Portal

4. Interviews

We will send the screened candidates for you to interview

5. Selection

You can select any intern/s you want

6. Arrival

We will handle the VISA process, reception and the extension of VISA as well!

*It usually takes 3 to 5 weeks to complete the process

Intern Background

Got questions?

Any youth age 18 to 30 years.


You have the option of providing accommodation for the interns. Or else AIESEC will find accommodation with an added allowance for the interns.

After receiving applications, you can go through the applications yourself through Partner’s Portal or you can get the assistance of AIESEC to screen the initial applicants, after which you can conduct the interviews and choose an intern that suits them best.

We have 8 local offices and 6 of them offer the Global Talent service to companies in Sri Lanka. Our National Office is in Maharagama and Global office in Montreal, Canada.

Residence VISA

Yes There are! You can contact the AIESEC local chapter or go to aiesec.org ?