“The AIESEC way is to strive for Peace and Fulfillment of humankind’s potential. We do this by creating opportunities for cross-cultural exchanges”
AIESEC was initially founded by a group of young individuals after the second world war, with the aim of preventing such conflicts which endanger the world peace. So mainly AIESEC focuses on achieving world peace, eradicating conflicts among nations, finding solutions to crucial problems that the world is facing and also youth empowerment. To bring about these effects AIESEC uses a very prominent mechanism which is cross-cultural exchanges.
When talking about the concept of cross-cultural exchanges, it is considered to have played a fundamental part in the development of societies and the world as a whole. Through this form of exchange societies were able to acquire knowledge from one another and enrich their own cultures through the process. AIESEC has understood that this concept of cross-cultural exchanges could be used not only to develop and enrich societies but also to promote world peace. Because cross -cultural exchanges bring about cross-cultural understanding which helps people to understand the differences, not to discriminate but to embrace the differences in other cultures and to value those as your own. So when there is such an understanding and integrity among nations the room for conflicts is very less and even if a conflict arises could be resolved easily and peacefully
AIESEC confides in the potential and capabilities of youth and that is why young individuals are the key medium of AIESEC who strives for world peace and takes up the responsibility of betterment of the world. Hence the reason why AIESEC provides young individuals with the opportunities to work on internships or volunteer abroad in non-familiar environments and get the exposure through AIESEC ‘s leadership products such as outgoing Global Volunteer(oGV), outgoing Global Talent(oGT) and outgoing Global Entrepreneur(oGE). This allows young individuals to expand their world view by interacting with different cultures, understand their way of living, practices and norms. And it also provides them the opportunity to become a world citizen by solving world issues and contributing to the betterment of various foreign communities and also to their own community they live in.
Sharing the same vision as AIESEC, that is youth empowerment and cross-cultural exchanges could facilitate betterment of the world, Fairfirst, a leading insurance company in Sri Lanka has now joined hands with AIESEC to backup youth in their endeavors of exploring the world.
Fairfirst insurance is a part of Canadian based Farifax Group which is one of the world’s largest general insurance groups, specializing in insurance, reinsurance and investment management. Fairfax, through its subsidiaries, holds a prominent place as an international insurance and reinsurance business with a global underwriting reach, longstanding relationships and a broad product range. Fairfax is currently well established in the growing insurance and reinsurance markets of Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, West Asia and Brazil.
Expressing his views on Fairfax partnership with AIESEC, Priyantha Perera – General Manager Underwriting, Portfolio & Reinsurance at Fairfirst Insurance, “We believe in making travel smart and safe. Fairfirst Travel Insurance is a strong testament to Fairfirts’s core vision and brand values; which includes promoting empathy and social responsibility across all its operations. Designing a customer-centric model of operation and unique coverage benefits, we have found a way to uplift the experience of smart and safe travel for Sri Lankan students going abroad.”
The partnership between AIESEC and Fairfirst is not one with a recent history but it goes a long way back. Stating his thoughts on the healthy partnership with Fairfirst, Miyuru Gamage, Vice President, Partnership Development, AIESEC in Sri Lanka, “Fiarfirst has been one of the leading national partners of AIESEC in Sri Lanka. Since the first day Fairfirst has been there as the National Insurance Partner providing with travel insurance at a discount rate for all the young interns & volunteers who travel abroad for internships through our leadership development products. With the current experience that we and our interns go through during the insurance process, we would like to recommend Fairfirst to any one who is looking for an Insurance Partner.”
AIESEC as a youth run organization always tries to deliver the best experience to the young crowd. So with the partnership of Fairfirst and AIESEC now the young crowd could have the best and safest exchange experience. Because Fairfirst’s Smart & Safe Travel Insurance provides you with a very comprehensive cover on your educational travel, that includes: Accident and Sickness Medical Expenses, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Loss of Passport, Personal Liability, Trip Delay, Trip Cancellation and Trip Curtailment. And AIESEC on the other hand provides with the food, accommodation, guidance, support and necessary network to make your stay abroad a success.
What more could you need to have the best exchange experience ever?

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