“Change is inevitable, the disruption it causes often brings inconvenience and opportunity” -Robert Scoble
The world is changing and no matter how much we like inertia and how hard we try to remain without changing at one point either we have to adapt to the change or bring about the change ourselves. From the point of industrialization, the change that we see in the world is rapid, be it socially, economically or technologically the world has set about on a race to development which constantly brings about rapid change in these aspects. Owing to the process of development that the world undergoes causing rapid advancements in technology and globalization now we experience “Disruption”. Disruption is defined as a disturbance or a problem that interrupts an event, activity or process. Disruption which was merely a concept to the commercial and industrial world before has now become a reality that the companies are facing on a daily basis. The business processes and operations of companies are often disrupted due to the advancements in technology and new findings. Because for each minute that passes new products, new technologies are being introduced at a lower cost but with increased effectiveness So companies might see disruption as something having negative impacts on the businesses. But what is important is to see the positive impacts of disruption and identify the opportunities it presents. Change causes disruption and disruption presents the opportunity to bring about change. Rather than being subjected to disruption if we ourselves cause disruption then it would no longer have a negative impact. So the answer to disruption is “Innovation”. The key to survive disruption is by innovation. Innovation can be defined as coming up with new and creative ideas and implementing those ideas in the form of a process or a device which would cater to today’s needs as well as future needs. Innovation is not only about giving new and more effective solutions to problems at hand but also delivering solutions to future problems as well. This is why innovation is important in achieving sustainable development and accomplishing Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).
“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” -Steve Jobs
AIESEC paves the way for youth to innovate through AIESEC’s leadership products such as incoming Global Entrepreneur(iGE) and outgoing Global Entrepreneur(oGE). Innovation and entrepreneurship are two closely related concepts. So AIESEC helps young crowd to inculcate innovativeness and to awaken the entrepreneurs within themselves. outgoing Global Entrepreneur(oGE) allows young individuals to work in a startup abroad and get the exposure as to what entrepreneurship is. It also lets youth to obtain hands on experience regarding how to run a startup by working side by side with successful entrepreneurs in various countries and various industries and also to discover new potentials by developing and shaping up their innovative skills. So to face disruption with innovation, instead of adapting to the changes created by others, to create the change that you want to see in the world by yourself and to constantly make exciting and innovative discoveries, try out AIESEC’s leadership products.
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