How it started

I initially joined AIESEC for no reason other than my sister’s suggestions, and now I’m In my second winter peak with AIESEC. Let me be honest: I had no idea what was happening at first. Why do I call companies when I despise ordering pizza over the phone? And it took me quite a while to figure out the point of being an AIESECer and what was happening here. Still, without an exact purpose, I continued being an AIESECer. Why? People, I’d say. People who recognized my abilities and provided me with opportunities and responsibilities for empowerment growth and connections. 


Gladly, we shifted from a virtual to a physical context, which led me to fall in love with AIESEC and this beautiful culture. I realized why I wanted to continue with AIESEC. It was not as complicated as I had expected. Simply put, AIESEC helped me to become a better version of myself by providing me with opportunities and responsibilities.


Reason for change

Talking about responsibilities, I love AIESEC for entrusting me with many responsibilities that have helped me realize my potential and abilities. AIESEC allowed me to discover and explore many aspects of myself. In each interview, I noticed that my responses to the regular strengths and weaknesses questions changed. I was able to transform my weaknesses into strengths and discover new aspects of myself with the help of AIESEC. AIESEC allowed me to invest a lot in myself.


Failures? AIESEC also taught me how to deal with failure. So far, I’ve failed three AIESEC interviews. I no longer fear failure. Now I’m ready to hone my skills further through experience and failure. I’ve also learned not to give up and to try again confidently.



Throughout my AIESEC experience, I met various people, heard various life stories, and gained various perspectives. AIESEC connects me not only with myself but also with the rest of the world. Another thing I appreciate about AIESEC is that it allows me to have the greatest impact on others and to help them recognize their potential. AIESEC has helped me discover who I am, and I am eager to spend my youth as an AIESECer.


Dileka Ratnayaka


AIESEC in University of Colombo

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