ExCon (Expansion Conference) is the only national conference for Initiative groups in AIESEC Sri Lanka. It paves the way for AIESECers in initiative groups to enhance their knowledge of AIESEC while developing them as emerging young leaders. At the same time, they can enjoy themselves amongst friends they virtually met and strengthen their network with AIESECers from different entities of AIESEC.

The Story Begins

It was then early March when AIESEC Sri Lanka came up with the initial plan to organize the ExCon. Twelve passionate people across the country were appointed to take forward this thought. The current situation of the country and the lack of experience for a physical Expansion Conference since 2018 appeared as the greatest challenges. The organizing committee, with the president Dulanda Yapa, recreated an action plan of execution. Amidst the crisis within the country, the organizing committee, along with the National Expansion Board (NEB), executed to launch of ExCon’22. Member Committee Vice President for Expansion Development and Outgoing Global Talent, Pium Pamuditha, gave guidance for conference planning.

The Day Before

Since the 27th of May 2022, at Lavanga Resort and Spa Hikkaduwa, the team deployed the creativity, leadership and teamwork of idealistic youth. They discovered the threats and bottlenecks and tried implementing new strategies to overcome them while delivering the best experience. Meanwhile, they do not leave behind the AIESEC way as they made the night out with jives.

What does ExCon’22 be?

The conference will primarily focus on enhancing AIESEC membership’s understanding of the AIESEC functions. It empowered individuals to discover the potential leader inside themselves who would guide the initiative groups to success. It will be a life-changing experience for them, in which they will recognize themselves as young leaders who transform the world and fulfilling AIESEC’s vision. Yet, this was the first conference experience for many members of the initiative groups. And almost all delegates agreed that this was their first physical experience.

Day One

Delegate registration began around 7.30 in the morning and started with an interactive icebreaker. It was mesmerizing to see around 100 delegates representing the eleven initiative groups from APIIT, IIT, Jaffna, KDU, NIBM, Rajarata, SUSL, Seagis, SLTC, UWU, and Waymba. Member committee president of AIESEC Sri Lanka Banuka Hathurusinghe initially welcomed the delegates and introduced the chair. Asitha Rajapaksha was the chair for ExCon’22, and he undoubtedly kept the conference inඋ a smooth flow. The sessions flew from delivering sessions from AIESEC essence, giving insights on the functions. And engaging in team activities where they got a chance to get to know members from other initiative groups. Teams got much space to embrace and experience the AIESEC culture. It included jives, shoutouts and the introduction of fun teams. Day one marked its end with the theme party under the theme of masquerade. 

Day Two

The second day was challenging for the initiative groups as they had to create a roll call for their entity. Educational sessions based on the relevant functions and a guidance session were based on the way forward for initiative groups. Day two gave more space for the delegates to clarify their doubts related to AIESEC. Most prominently, the initiative group presidents planned and received insights from the faci team. The expansion conference gave them space to gain a clear way ahead of their AIESEC journey. Finally, all the delegates traced their true potential while some acted boldly to speak, leaving aside their public speaking phobia. This act developed the confidence and self-esteem of all the participants.

ExCon’22 became a successful conference with tremendous support from the member committee, the National Expansion Board, and the effort of the organizing committee. But, not to forget the support given by Kolitha Dissanayake in handling audio technicalities, Chamith Guruge and Sandeepa Dias in photography, and Rashmika and Bimsara from the National Showcasing Team. The event would have been more challenging than expected if it were not for them. ExCon’22 made its end capable of delivering the team stand of the organizing committee “Transform Yourself”.


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