For the first time in the history of AIESEC Sri Lanka, Covering 10 universities within 20 hours; With 1 Vision to #CHOOSETHEREALYOU, The first-ever, Initiative group conference, The National Expansion Conference 2021 was held on the 19th and 20th June 2021 via the Zoom platform owing to the current external environment.

Creating the path to discover one’s self and to make brave decisions, ExCon ‘21 kick-started the journey towards creating the next set of divergents by bringing together 150+ youth to one platform, creating a space to embrace the AIESEC Culture while discovering their purpose, empowering one another and most importantly enjoying participation with much fun, breaks full of jives and smiles. 

With the gangsters, love gurus and gossips keeping our delegates on the edge of their seats, the conference space was shared with a diverse array of facilitators including the Founder President of AIESEC Sri Lanka, Mrs. Dinoshi Keiper, who took us down memory lane via a personalized story to the delegates. 

The other facilitators included: 

  • Mr. Isuru Premathilaka, Regional Director for Asia Pacific Term 20.21 
  • Nino, Country President – AIESEC in Georgia 
  • Shuhei, Country President – AIESEC in Japan
  • Hlawn – Country President – AIESEC in Myanmar 
  • Mr. Sandaru Suranjaya, Product Manager – Arimac Lanka 
  • Ms. Keshavi Puswewala, HR Business Partner – Corporate Functions & R&D and Employer Brand Lead of Unilever Sri Lanka 

who joined hands with ExCon’21 to give our members the opportunity to understand the leadership journey that awaits them and the impact they can create. 

The delegates were given the space to expand their network and make lifelong connections throughout the conference with not just amongst the delegation but through diverse sessions where they were encouraged and empowered to share their opinions and thoughts with the facilitators. 

Adding more glamour to this historical moment, the event was preceded by ExCon Eve 2021, an evening of motivation and music that brought together rising stars from the music industry along with impactful personalities that created the right blend between awareness and entertainment. 

Amplifying the glamour of ExCon’21 while showcasing the outstanding talents of our very own AIESECers, ASL Got Talent – Season 2, a night of remarkable performances and fun, votes and tough decisions was nothing short of a top-notch extravaganza. 

A month of hard work, preparation and dedication of the conference team who worked hand in hand to deliver the best conference experience comprised of the Organizing Committee, National Expansion Board and the Member Committee of term 20.21 of AIESEC Sri Lanka who guided our change agents to harness their strength and bravery. The 02 days of motivation, glamor, impact along with a vision to strive for excellence came to an end with ExCon’21 making the impossible possible.

Watch the after movie here.

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