Online Courses and Lectures in Sri Lanka

Online courses and lectures were not very popular in Sri Lanka before 2020. People did not consider the effectiveness of fully online courses before the pandemic. People did not think of holding courses and lectures online before the pandemic spread. But now we are in a time that every course and lecture is online as we have no other choice. It is a new experience for most of the Sri Lankan students as it was not used before. We can see the effectiveness of online courses and lectures as students do not have to stop their studies due to the pandemic.
Effectiveness of Online Learning

Effectiveness of Online Learning

Introducing online lectures and lessons to all the Sri Lankan students changed the way of their usual way of studying within a few weeks. This forced both the students and the teachers or lecturers to find new ways to learn and teach. Adapting to this new system was not easy for everyone, but everyone had to learn to use online platforms for teaching such as zoom, Google meets, Google classroom, etc.  

The Effectiveness of online learning

There are both pros and cons of online learning. When we look at the pros we can see how effective online learning is, because all the students can join the lecture or the class from anywhere in the world. Due to that reason most of the students can join the lecture or the class. Also, sick students can join the class without any problem. While learning online many students are starting to refer external information on other sources. That helps them to research the subjects, unlike the time when they are in the classroom with other students. Some students have the habit of getting extra information from other students without doing their research. Online learning change that situation into where they have to research on their own to study and do the assignments on a certain subject.  Also, online learning makes students’ life easier. When students have online lectures or classes they do not have to leave their homes. Also if they stay at home their expenses become less and it makes their and their families’ lives much easier. Also, the online courses are considered to take less time to finish the course than the traditional courses. In Sri Lanka students have to spend at least more than five years to finish the degree. Online courses can shorten that period and they can enter the workforce early.

The Disadvantaged of Online Courses

As mentioned earlier fully online courses have advantages, but they also have disadvantages as well. When students start to study from home they will not get the opportunity to engage with the other students in activities like in the traditional courses. Engaging in activities with other activities while studying helps students improve themselves as human beings who are about to enter the society, but during a fully online course, a student can not engage in such activities which can make the student lonely. He or she studies alone and only focus on studying. That can lead to certain addictions as well.   It will be harder for the students to research the subjects without the help of university libraries and laboratories. The resources the university students have right now when they are doing a traditional course such as having
Effectiveness of Online Learning - Making it easier to study

Effectiveness of Online Learning – Making it easier to study

  •  Library access 
  •  Laboratory access
  •  Internet access for free
  •  Access to the gymnasium
will be reduced if students are doing the same course online. But overall online courses and lectures are effective. Especially during a time like this, we can see how effective the online courses and lectures can be. Due to online courses and lectures, students will not have to stay as an undergraduate for a longer period. Even though the universities are closed they can continue their studies.   
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