English Teaching Project

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Individuals impacted through EDU KIDS


15th of July - 26th August 2019


Quality Education


By 2030, ensure that all girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development, care and pre primary education so that they are read for primary education.

What is EDU KIDS

This project was initiated in order to uplift the English speaking skills of the less privileged children who needs special attention when compared to the society

EDU KIDS will give the opportunity to impact lives of school children positively by teaching English using and initiating interesting methods. This is the perfect platform for anyone looking to do a positive service to underprivileged school children by lending them a hand. This project is to enhance English language skills of local students, while delivering a positive impact on their lives. The project is based on teaching English to students of 6-16 years old.

Key Activities

  • English language workshops in Government schools, orphanages.
  • Book donation to school libraries.
  • English lecture at the University.
  • Poster competition.

Key Outcomes

3 Schools

In the Galle area

Book Donation

Four School Libraries

150+ Students Impacted

Through English Learning Activities


10 from AIESEC in University of Ruhuna 13 Exchange Participants from Germany, Ukraine, China.

The Process

1. Sign up

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2. Initial Meeting

Get the chance to form a partnership with the largest youth run organization in the world.

3. Signing the MoU

Signing the MoU to consolidate our partnership

4. Delivery

Exchange of the deliverables of the both entities will happen in this stage

5. Value Addition

We are always striving to add values to our partners

6. Closing and Continuation

End of the partnership timeline and re-establishing the partnership