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1st of June - 13th July 2021


Clean Water and Sanitation


Safe and affordable drinking water for all by 2030

What is Droplet?

DROPLET is a project based on conserving aquatic environments and resources of Sri Lanka. The impurity of water has caused many Sri Lankans to suffer from various diseases and many many aquatic animals to perish annually. With this project, we are trying to spread awareness and educate young minds to overcome these issues.

What happens in Droplet?

Droplet is an invariably essential project not just for inhabitants of Sri Lanka but also for the volunteers and animal life. Volunteers join hands with Droplet and get an outlook on the various water pollutant sources and how they can be solved. Not just thinking about the paper solution, the volunteers also take part in various organizations to in fact get hands-on and provide a solution. With this, the volunteers not only leave the country with a sense of achievement and satisfaction that can not be matched but also just that much cleaner.

Key Activities

Key Activities

  • Sessions regarding the initiation about the project’s objectives.
  • Working with organizations relating to aquatic environments.
  • Field visits to rural areas.
  • Conducting sessions in schools to create awareness.
  • Cultural sharing sessions.

Activity Map

Kandana Water Treatment Center

Learned the methods of water treatment with water mixed with seawater.

NARA - Sri Lanka

Worked with the teams at NARA to get an outlook on the research processes

State Timber Corporation

Understanding the value of forestation and working with officials on field visits.

Ambathale Water Treatment Plant

Learned the understanding of the water treatment methods towards drinking water and understanding the water retrieval process.




My trip to Sri Lanka was truly a life-changing experience in June with my opportunity to be part of the Droplet project. I will definitely come back to Sri Lanka.


The Netherlands

I would most definitely consider Sri Lanka as my second home after such a homely and eye-opening experience. It's something one can never experience unless you join Droplet.

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