Feels like we are stuck in, and built up in the world we live in, which are called stereotypes. It is a ballpark figure for conditioning a gender, an action, or a particular behavior. All of the stereotypes are irrespective of territory. And regardless of spatial significance. Within the boundaries, each human who belongs to the communal space is either conditioned or unwittingly controlled by the stereotypes.

Most of the time, stereotypes are imposed to standardize a particular idea.stereotypes The most widespread stereotype in the world is the presentation of gender stereotypes. In other words how the mainstream genders, male and female bodies should look alike and should behave. Interesting to admit that societal protocol significantly influences these roles.
So, the question pops out, what if we break the stereotypes and make a change?  What would happen if we dismantled these walls and introduced a limitless sky? It sounds like a marvelous idea but there’s something to consider: the aftermath.

Gender Stereotypes

Let’s discuss about gender roles. A man and a woman are supposed to look in this way, that way or some other way. The technicality of this assumption comes from science; to be more specific, biology. This discipline speculates how certain features are innate in both genders. And this publicizes to the world the scientific assumption that a woman should be delicate because she possesses this certain body structure.

Even in this century, many individuals tend to expect these norms from their significant other. Due to this preoccupation, numerous societal issues come to life. For example, sexism, racism, double standards, discrimination, inequality, etc.

Just like the equator of the globe, the world itself uses a parameter to demarcate certain things. Usually, the complexion is highlighted when it comes to a relationship. More dark skin is a “curse of the devil”. And the fair skin is “by the hymns of the angels”. I guess we all admit this with no doubt. So-called “stereotypes”.

Thus, stereotypes undermine or underappreciate a person. This is an “unacceptable” perspective of looking at people from an anthropological approach. But to notify, these concepts and stereotypes are systematically enabled from back then. The system itself stands as a major difficulty to conquer the stereotypes within a short period of time. Even in certain countries, the legislature helped the stereotypes to rise, or to nourish in the hands of Justitia. So we know, how far the part of Law has defended the stereotypes.

Significance and the cons.

All of these unnecessary stereotypes have weakened our critical thinking faculties. Also, the freedom to think is wiped out as well. But positively, with the advancement of technology, society itself has checked up on how to break the stereotypes and how to transcend boundaries. For instance, knowledge through education. Along with the advancement of technology, it helped people to come out.

Knowledge is a superpower gained through education. This superpower can miraculously help everyone to ascend the mountains. Then of course one can enjoy a clear view. Still, we live within the box, a black box, sealed in the darkness that blocks every source of light. People lose the courage to understand themselves. They have lost their courage to absorb the bitter truth. In other terms, as Immanuel Kant states, “people lose their own enlightenment to see through”. But a single attempt to change it may let us go through the darkness. So, in this perspective, thinking outside of the box is important. It secures equality and some other human-friendly theories.



As a coin has two sides, thinking out of the box requires a certain periphery of conditioning. “Cultural Relativism” gets vanished and some minor cultures might get exposed to the vulnerability. Anti-social personalities will appear. The respect towards one’s ideas, no matter whether they are stereotypical or not, disappear. This perhaps could be a menace to balancing the world.
But keep in mind. The world needs both cultural relativism and critical thinking at the same time. So, there is the preliminary preoccupation that one must possess. A collaboration of breaking norms and preserving cultural relativism at a time. So it will offer us a win-win situation in which assured no further conflicts prolong.

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