If you’ve ever wanted to try a new product, you’ve probably taken the time to read the online customer testimonials. It will either lead you to buy the product or find a different company to order from. We live in a digital age where every bit of information is at the tips of our fingers. Thus, client testimonials can make or break the credibility of a company.

What is a customer testimonial?

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials

Client testimonials are an authentic customer review that is used to showcase the quality and success of a product, and emphasizes the reliability of the company. Testimonials highlight the credibility of the company and instill trust in the company’s professionalism and level of expertise in the industry. Client testimonials bring a variety of benefits to every company. They increase conversion rates and promote the value of the company.

Why customer satisfaction measurement is important?

Measuring the customer experience is one of the most important initiatives a company can undertake. That’s because when it’s properly collected and acted upon, a customer testimonial can improve your products and services, refine your marketing message, inform your sales, and more.
  • It helps to drive sales – Companies often overlook the impact their customer experience program has on new customer acquisition. When you’re dedicated to cultivating strong customer satisfaction existing customers become more willing to serve as references for new sales opportunities. These loyal advocates begin sharing their experiences with their peers. 
  • It provides social proof – A testimonial establishes your credibility in front of your potential customers. No one likes to be the first in line to buy a completely new product from a business. They first want to see someone else try it, and if that person likes it, maybe then they will buy it too.  It makes the product a less risky purchase for your new buyers because it reassures them that your product is safe to buy. 
  • It helps you stand out of the competition –  A happy customer won’t look at your competitor’s offers. They will happily interact with your brand again, make a purchase, and recommend the product further. If you meet their requirements while delivering the best quality of your services, they will be fully satisfied.

The importance of client testimonials in B2B marketing

Keeping the customer first in B2B marketing

Even in B2B settings, all marketing efforts aim at whom will become customers and customers that you want to retain relationships with. In the case of  B2B marketing, testimonials can carry a lot of weight in a highly competitive market. Before choosing which company to purchase from, B2B buyers spend a long time considering their budgets and product effectiveness. In this context, customer reviews can simplify the process to help buyers make informed and quicker decisions. Testimonials can prove the value of a product or service by showing the benefits to the end-user.  This content can actually have an impact throughout the B2B buyer’s journey, not just during the consideration phase. Customer testimonials prove that an organization understands industry trends, as well as the needs of their customers. Moreover, such testimonials act as a brief overview of what it’s like to work with a company. Marketers can use the feedback they get to inform other departments of potential improvements to offer a better user experience. By this stage, you can surely be in no doubt as to the importance of testimonials. They’re a vital tool for building trust, credibility, and social proof amongst your customer base. Use them liberally across all your digital and offline marketing materials. Then you can hope to see a boost to your profits in no time.          
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