“Climate Change is no longer some far-off problem-it is happening here,it is happening now!”(Barack Obama-The former president-USA)

This isn’t definitely another mere statement on climate change.No! This is a call for action! It is about one important global issue which exists hidden to the ordinary life that we perceive. This call for action,this encouragement is a provocation to wake up the youth of our time. It is to foster climate resilience in anyway possible. And, to respond to the climate crisis happening around the world, to all the drastic global issues.This is to be more vigilant and proactive as a part of the youth.

Combating climate change~

Addressing climate change is crucial for the sustainable development of the global world. And we most importantly, should  focus on it in two main ways. How can we combat climate change and how to implement those strategies that we organize into action? In realizing, addressing it globally, then as a state and our individual plan are our first and foremost tasks,and so,we’re at least done with a plan.

And yes! We have the question of what people have been doing so far to rise against this situation. Besides, to see the causes pertaining to this goal. And how the current state of the world is.

In fact, there is no country in the world that is not seeing first -hand the drastic effects of climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions are more than 50% higher than in 1990.Global warming is causing long lasting changes to our climate system, which threatens irreversible consequences if we do not act.

And it’s evident that we certainly are not taking vital steps to minimize the destruction it does. How our own lives are affected due to our irresponsibility is sad to observe. The geophysical disasters which are 91% climate related killed 1.3 million people, and left 4.4 billion injured.

The wildfire in Gran Canary,droughts in India are more than sufficient to prove how crucial the climate crisis is .And apparently one climate crisis disaster happens every week as proclaimed by UN.

 Adding to that,the latest catastrophe which happened in Amazon is heartbreaking indeed. 20%of the oxygen that we breathe is produced from the Amazon rainforest.
It followed reports that the new Brazilian government was keen to open up the region to economic activity. And this is what worsens the situation. The people who hold the biggest responsibility have paved the way to this brutality and they are never accused.

The Amazon burning however drew a wide attention. Particularly, the social media activists’ reaction with the hashtag  #prayforamazon  was something to see.The Ella burning in Sri Lanka is again a warning to realize the zenith of harm we have done to the nature.

So, yes what can we do? What should we do as the youth-the strongest backbone of any society?

Seeing at what young activists like Greta Thunberg does,it’s a shame that most of us sit back and complain at whatever is just happening around.

There should be an influential strategy plan to start with.A plan which shows how vital it is to create awareness and educate the people about the danger of not taking actions at the right time.

As for the Amazon rainforest disaster, we can in fact do a certain few things which can have a long lasting impact. For instance, protecting an acre of rain-forest through the rainforest action network, reducing your paper and wood consumption , making your voice heard by signing a petition are all about creating an impact! This is just a few listed here, there’s a lot more we can do.

Being an active listener, a proactive young member ,pondering on what more we can do to make the world a better place is what makes the youth responsible citizens in a country and therefore globally.

We should not harm the serenity nature carries while being busy to succeed in the competition of life, because if we lose what makes the world beautiful and a place of survival, there won’t be any of its grace for us to live with. So, let’s get together and make an impact! It’s all about the effort that we put in! It’s all about how much at least one person does,to get all of this to a standstill.!

Last modified: December 4, 2019