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Volunteering experience in Thailand with AIESEC I Githmi Silva


It’s time to take an interesting sneak peak at one of our exchange participants who happened to visit Thailand for a Global Volunteer project. Filled with much excitement and unending adventure, it was a mere opportunity to be enthralled within her journey by listening to all her stories entangled with love for the people of Thailand, and of course for “Thai food”.

Githmi goes on a project based on the 4th SDG, Quality Education, much for the interest and faith she gained in teaching. Embarking on her journey she started to tell her story by first  rushing back to the memories about her school, in which she was a vital part of, throughout her period of the exchange. “I worked in a very small school with around 120 students, in the area of Nakhon Sawan, approximately 400km from the city of Bangkok. Conducting classes for t

he students in Kindergarten, primary, secondary and senior batches was one of the most important experiences I gained, because the time spent with those kids were priceless. My journey was not without challenges, at first, let me tell you, I was quite excited by

the fact that I was about to spend six weeks alone, in another country. Yet as soon as I arrived at the airport, I felt a bit anxious, I felt nervous, because I was the only one who went from Sri Lanka. I rather felt awkward…On the second day I went through the Incoming Preparation Seminar, organized by the host entity and among all  the Global Village was the best part of it! suddenly things turned out to be quite good for me because it was with time that I realized how truly amazing the local people are. I’m not telling this for the sake of telling but because trust me, they really were amazing…” Rushing back towards a memory that surfaced, she continued her story as she relived through the amazing experiences she once had.

“We lived in a small village. As beautiful as it was, the people were the reason that made me feel at home. The entire neighborhood was offering us food, that we created such a bond because once I came back to Sri Lanka, I was merely surprised to receive a huge care package with Thai food included, it really touched me”

Githmi loved to talk about the experience she gained through the process of the exchange as it offered her much happiness and was the reason that changed her into a better version of herself.

“The best thing about the volunteering experience was that I gained the ability to discover my true potential. I was a very introverted person, I did not actually talk much with people, but kept to myself. The volunteering experience was what changed me, it made me feel comfortable with new people,

 I learnt to talk with them and I also realized how important those small exchanges of affection can be”.

“No matter how much we worked, I never got bored. We had mini events and concerts at school. The mini-event which was held with regards to the ‘Mother’s Day’ was something quite emotional and amazing. At the weekends we also had the mere opportunity of travelling, that we visited Bangkok and as well Pattaya and those moments were packed with much excitement” Moreover, in her taste for Thai food, she offered an unexpected yet much interesting answer, ‘At first, I did not like the Thai food! because It was a bit “smelly” to me. Yet, I tend to have a better liking for the food which was provided by one of our student’s parents and it was really nice. As days passed by I developed an interest towards Thai food, now that I think of it, I really do miss that taste.

In concluding her story she wanted to leave a vital message with us“The whole process of the exchange was quite special to me, because it helped me to figure out a part of me which I never thought that I could find out and above all my exchange was what motivated me to join AIESEC. And let me tell you, the experience will not be same to everyone, yet, I would highly encourage you to take up this beautiful challenge and go on an exchange because trust me, every challenge is going to be worth at the end of the day and you will be definitely come back with heaps of memories which you can cherish forever”

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