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AIESEC Global Volunteering: Explore the World

AIESEC is a non-profit organization that operates in over 120 countries and territories, offering global volunteering opportunities for young people. Global volunteering is an opportunity for young people to travel abroad, experience different cultures, and make a positive impact on communities. The AIESEC Global Volunteer program provides an unique opportunity for individuals to participate in community-based projects that focus on social issues such as education, health, and the environment. 

One of the most exciting aspects of AIESEC’s Global Volunteer program is the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures. Volunteers live with host families and are immersed in local cultures, learning about customs, traditions, and ways of life. This allows volunteers to gain a deeper understanding of the communities they are working with and to develop a global mindset.

The exposure Global Volunteers Can Get Through AIESEC

AIESEC’s Global Volunteer program offers a range of community-based projects that focus on social issues such as education, health, and the environment. Volunteers work alongside local organizations and communities to create sustainable solutions to these issues. This provides volunteers with valuable exposure to different cultures and ways of life, as well as the opportunity to make a positive impact on communities.

One of the benefits of AIESEC’s Global Volunteer program is the leadership development opportunities it provides. Volunteers are encouraged to take on leadership roles within their projects and to develop skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. These skills are valuable both personally and professionally and can help volunteers become more effective leaders in their future careers. In addition to the benefits for volunteers, AIESEC’s Global Volunteer program has a positive impact on the communities it works with. Volunteers work on sustainable projects that address real social issues, and they work alongside local organizations and communities to create long-term solutions. This approach ensures that the impact of the projects is sustainable and that communities are empowered to continue making positive changes after the volunteers have left.

These projects are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aim to address social issues around the world. In this article, we will discuss the different projects offered by AIESEC’s Global Volunteer program and the SDGs they align with.

Education Projects (SDG 4 – Quality Education)

AIESEC’s education projects focus on providing teaching opportunities for children and young people in communities around the world. These projects are aligned with SDG 4 – Quality Education, which aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Volunteers work alongside local organizations to provide education and support to students in a variety of settings, including schools, orphanages, and community centers.

Environmental Projects (SDG 13 – Climate Action)

AIESEC’s environmental projects focus on promoting sustainable practices and addressing environmental issues around the world. These projects are aligned with SDG 13 – Climate Action, which aims to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Volunteers work on projects such as reforestation initiatives, beach clean-up campaigns, and sustainable agriculture projects to promote sustainable practices and raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment.

Health Projects (SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-being)

AIESEC’s health projects focus on improving access to healthcare and promoting healthy lifestyles in communities around the world. These projects are aligned with SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-being, which aims to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Volunteers work alongside local healthcare organizations to provide healthcare services and health education to communities. These projects also focus on raising awareness about the importance of healthy lifestyles and disease prevention.

Social Projects (SDG 10 – Reduced Inequalities)

AIESEC’s social projects focus on addressing social issues and promoting social inclusion around the world. These projects are aligned with SDG 10 – Reduced Inequalities, which aims to reduce inequality within and among countries. Volunteers work alongside local organizations to provide support and resources to marginalized groups, such as refugees, elderly people, and people with disabilities. These projects also focus on promoting social inclusion and raising awareness about social issues.

Business Projects (SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth)

AIESEC’s business projects focus on promoting entrepreneurship and sustainable economic growth in communities around the world. These projects are aligned with SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth, which aims to promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all. Volunteers work alongside local businesses and organizations to provide support and resources to entrepreneurs and promote sustainable economic development. These projects also focus on providing training and resources to help local businesses grow and succeed.

Technology Projects (SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure)

AIESEC’s technology projects focus on promoting access to technology and innovative solutions in communities around the world. These projects are aligned with SDG 9 – Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, which aims to build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and foster innovation. Volunteers work on projects such as coding and robotics workshops, technology infrastructure development initiatives, and social media marketing campaigns to promote access to technology and raise awareness about the importance of technology in today’s world.

Countries for Cross-Cultural Exchange

The AIESEC Global Volunteer program provides young people with the opportunity to travel to a variety of countries for cross-cultural exchange. Some of the countries that volunteers can visit include:

  1. Brazil
  2. Italy 
  3. India
  4. Indonesia
  5. Kenya
  6. Mexico
  7. Morocco
  8. Peru
  9. South Africa
  10. Vietnam

These countries are diverse in culture and provide volunteers with a unique opportunity to learn about different customs, traditions, and ways of life. Volunteers live with host families and are immersed in local cultures, which allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the communities they are working with.

Life Lessons Learned through Global Volunteering

Global volunteering is a transformative experience that can provide individuals with valuable life lessons. Some of the lessons that can be learned through global volunteering include:

  1. Cultural Understanding: Living with a host family and working alongside local communities provides volunteers with a deep understanding of different cultures, customs, and ways of life.
  2. Empathy: By working on community-based projects, volunteers gain a deeper understanding of the social issues that affect different communities. This helps to develop empathy and compassion for others.
  3. Adaptability: Living and working in a different country requires a high level of adaptability. Volunteers learn to adapt to new environments and develop resilience in the face of challenges.
  4. Leadership: Taking on leadership roles within projects helps volunteers to develop their leadership skills. These skills are valuable both personally and professionally and can help individuals become more effective leaders in their future careers.
  5. Problem Solving: By working on community-based projects, volunteers learn to identify problems and develop solutions. This helps to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

In conclusion, AIESEC’s Global Volunteer program is a unique and valuable opportunity for young people to explore the world, gain new experiences, and make a positive impact on communities. By combining cultural exchange, leadership development, and sustainable project work, AIESEC provides volunteers with a transformative experience that can help them become more globally-minded and effective leaders in their future careers. If you are passionate about making a difference in the world and want to explore new cultures and experiences, AIESEC’s Global Volunteer program may be the perfect opportunity for you.

by Dunali Wanasinghe

Jayewardenepura Showcasing Team

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Unleashing the Power of Global Volunteering to Enhance Your Potential

In a world that is constantly evolving, personal growth and character development have become more critical than ever. AIESEC’s Outgoing Global Volunteer (oGV) program presents a remarkable opportunity for young individuals to make a positive impact on the world while simultaneously nurturing their own character. 

Let us explore the benefits of AIESEC’s Outgoing Global Volunteering program and how it can help you improve your character in profound ways.

Expanding Horizons:

You should not confine your potential within the walls. Through AIESEC’s oGV, you can connect with diverse cultures and communities. Engaging with people from different backgrounds opens your mind to new perspectives, broadening your horizons and enhancing your cultural intelligence. Embracing diversity fosters empathy and understanding, essential traits for building a strong character.

Developing Leadership Skills:

Leaders inspire, guide, and empower others towards a shared vision, fostering positive change and progress. oGV projects often require teamwork and leadership, giving you the opportunity to sharpen your leadership skills. Taking charge of initiatives, coordinating with virtual teams, and managing projects instills in you a sense of responsibility and the ability to lead with compassion and resilience.

Cultivating Resilience:

Resilience reminds us that adversity can be the catalyst for growth and strength. Global volunteering is a journey filled with challenges and obstacles. As you work on meaningful projects, you will inevitably face setbacks. However, these experiences build resilience, teaching you to bounce back from disappointments and to persevere in the face of adversity.

Empowering Others and Yourself:

There is an Art of nurturing individual potential and fostering collective growth through support, encouragement, and belief in the strength of each person’s abilities. oGV allows you to contribute to causes that matter to you, whether it’s supporting education, environmental conservation, or community development. By empowering others, you gain a sense of purpose and fulfillment, enriching your character with compassion and a greater understanding of your own values.

Enhancing Communication Skills:

Communication skill is one’s ability to convey ideas effectively, fostering meaningful connections and understanding with others.Working with a diverse team, often spanning across borders, sharpens your communication skills. You learn to articulate your ideas clearly, adapt to different communication styles, and practice active listening. Effective communication is a hallmark of strong character, fostering mutual respect and cooperation.

How can this global experience mold you into a better version of yourself?

  • Before embarking on your oGV journey, take time to reflect on your personal growth goals. Set clear intentions on what you want to achieve through your volunteering experience. Thus will illuminate the clear path of your journey ahead.
  • Engage wholeheartedly with the culture of the project location. Be curious, respectful, and open-minded, seeking to learn from the people you collaborate with. Thus you will get motivated.
  • Be open to constructive feedback from project coordinators and teammates. Embracing feedback with humility allows you to identify areas of improvement and nurture your character. By doing so, you can learn from your mistakes and move ahead with greater knowledge and understanding
  • Seize opportunities to take on additional responsibilities and challenges within your project. Stepping out of your comfort zone fosters personal development and self-confidence. Because, responsibilities can act as a catalyst for your personal development, helping you to unlock your potential and flourish in various aspects of life.
  • Regularly journal your experiences and personal growth throughout your oGV journey. Self-reflection helps you become more self-aware and mindful of your character development.

Our Outgoing Global Volunteer program presents a platform for young individuals to improve their character while contributing to global causes. By embracing diversity, developing leadership skills, and cultivating resilience, participants can foster personal growth and make a positive impact on the world. Through intentionality and self-reflection, oGV becomes a powerful catalyst for nurturing a well-rounded and compassionate character, equipping you to navigate life’s challenges with grace and purpose. So, embark on this extraordinary journey and unlock your true potential with AIESEC’s Outgoing Global Volunteer program. This World needs you.

Penned by 

James Sembukuttiarachchi

Content Writer – AIESEC in SLIIT


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Asia – Pacific Summit 2023 – Delegate Experience

AIESEC brings together a community of remarkable individuals that go beyond cultures, nationalities, and geographical boundaries. We all strive to create a world free of such barriers. Though we are aware of this, only a select few ever get to experience the wonder and amazement of seeing such a community gather in one place.


Therefore, it was a truly humbling experience to be able to sit down with someone with a unique personality who was fortunate enough to attend a gathering of such people. This person was fortunate enough to be a delegate at the Asia-Pacific Summit 2023, held in Sri Lanka. It was fascinating listening to her experiences at APS. So without further adieu, this is her story.


Let us start off by getting to know you. Can you please introduce yourselves?

Hi, I’m Thanushi Perera. I’m the Local Committee Vice President for Business Development for AIESEC at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. I was fortunate enough to be a delegate at the Asia-Pacific Summit 2023 this year.

In your own words, can you describe the Asia-Pacific Summit? Its purpose, the delegates, the organizers, and the significant sessions and activities that took place

The Asia Pacific Summit took place from April 25th to April 29th, 2023. The opening ceremony of the summit took place at the Ramrich Hotel in Ja’Ela. Once that concluded, we headed to the conference location, which was the Carolina Resort and Spa in Chilaw. We spent five days and four nights at that location. The theme of this year’s APS was Avatar, and there were around 150 delegates.

In my experience, when attending national conferences, you feel like you’re in a room full of like-minded people who share the same goals. The beauty of this particular conference was that each and every one of us looked different; we spoke different languages; we dressed differently; we were born and raised in different parts of the world; but at the end of the day, we were all still, a room full of like-minded people working towards the same goal.

What made you decide to attend the conference? Was the decision to attend an easy one, or did it take some deliberation?

Yes, it certainly did take some deliberation because there was a lot going on during that time, both in terms of work and in my personal life. However, the reason I wanted to attend APS was that, so far, I have attended five conferences, all of them at a local or national level. So, I definitely wanted to cross this off my bucket list.

When you attend an international conference, you are not limited to a given level of knowledge because the people facilitating it know far more than we do. So I was really curious to learn about the people who do the same work as us but in a different setting. Another reason was that I wanted to network with fellow AIESECers from the Asia-Pacific region.

 Walk me through your initial experience of arriving at the conference.

So, once we got to the Ramrich hotel for the opening ceremony, it was really exciting to see all these people from different countries at these different tables. It felt like we were in a foreign land. I sat at the Sri Lankan table with all the Sri Lankan delegates and Thirana from our own LC. Even though we were from different entities, it felt like we were from one LC. Even the night before, the MCP had told us we were one delegation representing Sri Lanka, and we had to keep our differences aside to be one for the next five days. It felt really nice because we did feel like we were our own entity, and it made me proud to be Sri Lankan.

During the opening ceremony, there were all these traditional dances, which were quite normal for us, but it was exciting to see the foreign delegates’ reactions to them. They were pulling out their phones and recording everything. It felt nice to see them enjoying it.

The welcome at the Carolina Resort was really surprising; there were flower garlands and decorations for the foreign delegates. So, the arrival at the conference was just as amazing as the actual conference.

 Tell us about your first day at the conference. What were the sessions and activities like?

The unique thing about APS was that there was no ice-breaker session. Usually, we start conferences with icebreakers. However, since we had already had breakfast together and everyone had already started networking, I guess there was no need for an icebreaker. It actually wasn’t needed because there was no awkwardness between delegates by the time we arrived.

After we arrived at the hotel, each country was asked to perform their shoutout, so we went up and did ours. Once the shoutouts concluded, we moved to the main plenary, where the chair of the conference was revealed. This year’s chair was Hermione, one of the AIESEC International Directors for the year 2022. After the chair was revealed, we moved on to welcoming each country. A video was played to welcome everyone, and it was nice to see everyone cheering and excited once their country appeared.

This conference actually had a conference theme song, which was ‘Viva La Vida’ by Coldplay, one of my favorite songs. After that, as per AIESEC tradition, jives started. However, since there were so many countries, each country’s jives were really short. Nonetheless was still really cool to see so many new and interesting jives.

Many international delegates attend APS. Tell us about who you met and what your experience was like.

Yes, I met a lot of new people at APS. The people who stood out to me were Drew from India. I think he was an interesting character because he was purely vegetarian. He doesn’t eat food if it is prepared in a kitchen with meat, so he was saying how he can’t wait to get back to India so he can have an Indian buffet. Another person that stood out was my roommate Michelle, an LCVP EwA from Taiwan, and of course there was Kotaro from Japan. He stood out to so many people because he was so outgoing and friendly and had so much energy.


There was also a melody from Taiwan. She stood out because she had a really interesting story. She was actually a LCP, but she began her term in the middle of the LC term because the previous LCP had to leave AIESEC. So she had to take over. I found her story so inspiring, and I’m really sad that I couldn’t take a picture with her.

 How did it feel to interact with some of the best AIESECers from around the world? Is there anything that you took away from your interaction with them?

I’m really glad I got to meet all these amazing people because hearing all these stories made me feel inspired. I learned that not everyone is here for the same reason as me and that everyone has had a unique journey that brought them here. It was really cool to hear all these different perspectives. Even in terms of work, I got to learn about the different approaches they take towards their own work. All in all, it was an amazing learning experience to meet and interact with all these people.

Did you face any challenges or difficulties during the conference? If so, did they diminish your conference experience? Do you have any suggestions for the organizing committee? 

For me personally, there were no challenges that actually diminished the conference experience in any way. However, one difficulty that happened was on the fourth day. On the fourth day, we had a session called “The World’s Largest Lesson. So the night before this session, we were separated into groups, and we had to come up with a lesson about one of the SDGs. Our group had to prepare a session on SDG 14: Life Below Water, and the following day we had to conduct this session in a class at a local school.

The main problem was the language barrier because most of the kids at the school didn’t understand English, and the accents of the foreign delegates made it even more difficult to understand. I get that it was part of the challenge, but after a while, communication became tiring. However, by the end, we did find our groove, and we used all sorts of things to get the kids to understand. Drawing pictures and using really simple words really helped the kids understand the lesson.

One thing that happened before the lesson was that the school had organized a welcoming ceremony for us. There was a slight miscommunication there; the school had informed the OC that there were only two items in the welcoming ceremony, but they ended up doing nearly six music and dancing items. This pushed our agenda quite a bit, but it was really nice to see how much effort they put into this ceremony.

Is there any particular session or speaker that stood out to you? What made them so memorable for you?

For me, there were two speakers that really stuck with me. One was Sujith; he was an AI BD manager, and he conducted a LEAD session on BD. The other was Arshad, also from AIESEC International, and he conducted a session on curiosity.

Arshad and Sujith did the session on curiosity together, and it really stuck with me and gave me a new perspective on how to approach my own learning and development progress. All the sessions at APS were really good, and all the FACIs were incredibly knowledgeable.

AIESEC in USJ won awards at APS. What did you feel when the announcement was made?

Yes, I felt really proud to go and collect the awards. Thirana and I actually had to go up multiple times since we won multiple times. Sri Lanka as a whole won eight awards. AIESEC in USJ won five awards, so I felt really proud to go up and accept them.

I really wish the rest of the LC was there, because it felt kind of lonely. The other entities were also really supportive. Even when USJ won the award, the other entities cheered because the award came to Sri Lanka. So, it felt really good to have that sort of team spirit and support.

 What was the most fun session at the conference?

So, each day actually had one or two fun sessions. On the first day, there was an APS Global Village. On day two, there was the Sri Lankan Night, where everyone had to dress up in either a sarong or lungi. I remember all the foreign delegates running around asking us how to tie their sarongs or trying to do it alone by looking at YouTube tutorials. The foreigners left the dance floor by about midnight, so it was just the Sri Lankan delegates singing and dancing till dawn.

On day three, we had a pool party. I was really sad because I was tired, and I went to the room to sleep for an hour but ended up missing the whole thing.

On day four, there was a gala night. So after the awards were given out, the DJ started, and we did so many jives. We did jives for almost two hours straight. So the gala night was also really fun.

Do you have any regrets regarding your conference experience?

My biggest regret at APS was that I couldn’t take time to properly listen to Melody’s story and that I couldn’t take a photo with her. The little bit I heard of her story really stuck with me, and I wish I could have heard more. 

Another regret is that I didn’t take the opportunity to get up and speak in the sharing space.

If given the opportunity, would you attend the conference again? How bad is post-conference syndrome?

For me, post-conference syndrome was really bad, and I was so sad to leave the hotel. However, my PCS was interrupted because I lost my purse with my NIC, cards, and money. So, I was so busy trying to find it that I kind of forgot about the feeling of leaving the conference. Afterwards, when I saw the group chat and saw all the photos, all the forgotten emotions came rushing back.

Do you feel that this experience changed your mindset or attitude regarding the work you do and regarding AIESEC as a whole?

My experience at APS broadened my horizons for the impact that AIESEC was making. When we work at the LC level, we only see the impact we are making, which can be small at times, but when you add up all the work done by each LC in the region, the impact we make is truly incredible. It made me realize that each and every cross-cultural exchange we do changes someone’s life for the better. It made me realize that we are contributing to a larger impact that is actually changing the world. I came out of APS confident in what we do.

 If you were to summarize your experience into one sentence, what would it be?

There is another you in another part of the world.

by Agana Dassanayake

Jayewardenepura Showcasing Team

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Unforgettable Journey of Self-Discovery through Volunteering

A significant milestone in my life…

Our experiences and memories are the only things that are staying with us forever. Challenges and experiences help us to grow our potential and expand our boundaries. The global Volunteering experience with AIESEC in University of Ruhuna was such a precious memory and a great experience that helped me to step out of my comfort zone. It was such a memorable time of my life filled with memories and challenges that I had never faced in my life before. Without any doubt, I can say that those 6 weeks will never be forgotten in my life because the confidence I built up within myself during that time is an asset to me.









During the last holiday of my university, I went on a Volunteering experience to India under the project Youth for Impact with AIESEC organizations in University of Ruhuna and Delhi University. I consider my stay in India for this project as an exceptional episode in my life. It was the first time I traveled alone which made the experience more challenging. There were tough times that I had to endure a lot but more fun and memorable experiences were there that helped me to overcome them and made me confident and strong.

The familiar weather, delicious Indian food, and eye-catching places made my stay in India unforgettable. I had enough time to travel, so I visited the cities of Delhi, Agra, Mathura, Meerut, and so on. I got the chance to witness the beauty of the Taj Mahal with my own eyes which made me realize why it is named one of the seven wonders of the world. I was lucky enough to be there during the most festive season which is Diwali season and experience their Diwali celebrations. I’m glad that I experience the Indian culture during my stay and also, made some amazing friends.

For the very first time in my life, I traveled alone and it was such a challenging and quite scary, yet an amazing experience. By taking up this opportunity I was able to find a different version of myself which I have never been able to identify.        I was able to discover my hidden potential and expand my boundaries. I met new people and made new friends there. This was a whole new experience in a completely strange environment, but this helped me to discover my strengths and to find a better version of myself.

Written by: Chathurya Jayawardhana
Global Volunteer for Project Youth for Impact, India

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Cultural exchange and understanding: Why choose AIESEC as the catalyst for global connections?

In today’s interconnected world, fostering cultural exchange and understanding is more crucial than ever. As borders blur and societies become increasingly diverse, it is essential to bridge the gaps between different cultures, promoting empathy, tolerance, and mutual respect. AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-led organization, stands out as a catalyst for global connections, offering a unique platform for young people to engage in transformative experiences. In this article, I’ll be taking you through the reasons why AIESEC is the ideal choice for individuals seeking to immerse themselves in cross-cultural environments and create lasting impacts.


1. AIESEC: More Than Just an Acronym

AIESEC, derived from the French “Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales,” translates to the International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences. But don’t be fooled by the name; AIESEC goes beyond the realm of economics and business. It embraces diverse fields, creating a unique platform for students and young professionals to engage in cross-cultural experiences.


2. Embracing Diversity

AIESEC recognizes the value of diversity and embraces individuals from all backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. By engaging with people from different walks of life, participants gain a deeper understanding of the world and develop empathy towards others. This inclusive environment encourages personal growth and fosters an appreciation for the richness of global cultures.


3. Beyond Tourist Brochures

AIESEC breaks free from the superficiality of traditional tourism. Through its programs, participants become immersed in local communities, living and working alongside people from different cultures. This hands-on approach allows for genuine connections, cultural understanding, and the discovery of shared values that transcend language barriers and stereotypes.


4. Experiential Learning

AIESEC’s programs are designed to provide immersive and hands-on experiences, allowing participants to learn about other cultures firsthand. Through internships, volunteering, and leadership development opportunities, AIESEC empowers young people to step outside their comfort zones, challenge their preconceived notions, and gain a broader perspective on global issues. These experiences enhance critical skills such as adaptability, cross-cultural communication, and problem-solving, which are invaluable in today’s interconnected world.


5. Making an Impact

Beyond cultural exchange, AIESEC places a strong emphasis on creating a positive social impact. By working closely with local communities and addressing pressing social issues, participants contribute to sustainable development and make a tangible difference in the world. AIESEC’s projects range from education and environmental conservation to entrepreneurship and youth empowerment, providing diverse avenues for individuals to make their mark on society.


6. The Ripple Effect of Personal Transformation

AIESEC understands that global connections are not only about exploring new territories but also about delving deep into one’s own self. The organization places great emphasis on personal development, empowering individuals to become better versions of themselves. By stepping out of their comfort zones, participants gain confidence, resilience, and adaptability, essential qualities for navigating today’s interconnected world.


7. Lifelong Connections

AIESEC experiences create lasting friendships and connections that transcend borders. The shared experiences and challenges faced during AIESEC’s programs forge deep bonds among participants from around the world. These connections not only enrich personal lives but also establish a global support network that extends well beyond the duration of the programs, offering lifelong friendships and professional opportunities.


In a world yearning for unity, AIESEC shines as a beacon of hope. It offers a transformative journey where cultural exchange and understanding become catalysts for personal growth and global connections. By embracing the spirit of adventure, curiosity, and empathy, AIESEC paves the way for a brighter, more harmonious future.


So, if you are eager to break free from the confines of your comfort zone, discover the world through new lenses, and be part of a global movement striving for positive change, consider AIESEC as your ultimate catalyst for personal and collective transformation. Together, let’s bridge divides, dissolve stereotypes, and create a world where cultural exchange and understanding are at the core of our interactions. The adventure awaits, and AIESEC is ready to guide you through it.


Sign Up Now to volunteer: https://www.aiesec.lk/global-volunteer


By Shavinka Jayamaha
Lead Journalist  – DXP

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