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National Partners’ Week Spotlight: Coca-Cola

Did you know that when Coca-Cola first launched it was marketed as a nerve tonic that “relieves exhaustion”? I’m sure it still does the trick.

Diving into a bit of history, Coca-Cola has been a partner in the Sabco Group since 2004 while their origins go back to 1955 when it was formed under the name Pure Beverages Co Ltd., through the acquisition of the Ceylon Fruit Drinks & Table Water Company. Its journey with Coca-Cola started in 1961 when a franchise agreement was signed with the Coca-Cola Export Corporation. Coca-Cola Beverages Sri Lanka Ltd (CCBSL) produces and sells over 12-million unit cases of beverages per annum. It operates through a countrywide distributor network consisting of about 127 distributors.

Having a purposeful partnership of over 03 years, Coca-Cola has been of immeasurable support towards ensuring that our events and leadership spaces run smoothly. A few touchpoints that Coca-Cola has had with AIESEC Sri Lanka and its Local Committees/Official Expansions are;

  • Coca-Cola has also been a key player in the YouthSpeak Forums organized by AIESEC in Sri Lanka and the local chapters throughout the past few years. It has always ensured the smooth flow of events as well as joins hands with AIESEC in order to take a step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • An Ideathon project was initiated as the very first Idea Hackathon organized by AIESEC Sri Lanka to connect young individuals all around Sri Lanka to create a platform for youth inventors to unleash their creativity and innovations to find solutions to recycle plastic food packaging waste while ensuring the actions taken for Sustainable Consumption and Production. 
  • Coca-Cola has also been a partner that has joined hands to appreciate the members who have strived for excellence during their respective terms by being a part of recognizing them during National Conference Award Ceremonies.

Another important point to note is that Coca-Cola employee Mr. Lakshan Madurasinghe, Director for Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability is also a member of the Board of Advisors of AIESEC Sri Lanka thereby helping to ensure that we are acting as a sustainable organization whilst also endorsing the impact we create to other organizations. 

Coca-Cola thrives on the purpose of Refreshing the World and Making a Difference.  AIESEC too believes in the ability to make a difference in the world. With such close aligned purposes and qualities guiding us, our bond will only grow stronger to provide more impactful experiences in the future to our members. 

Here’s to more resilient leadership opportunities that power evolution and supports growth worldwide! Here’s to the growth of this purposeful partnership!

Do you want to know more about the partnership and what entails? Head on over to our campaign page to see what some of the best people at Coca-Cola has to say -> AIESEC Sri Lanka

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National Partners' Week

National Partners’ Week Spotlight: Institute of Cognitive Enhancement

LIGHT UP - Empowering Differently Abled

Did you know? The child population of Sri Lanka has estimated as more than 4.3 million in year 2020. Each of this child has a different kind of special ability which can lighten up the future of the entire world. That’s why we say children are the live wire of any country without any doubts. Among these superhuman kids there are children with long term mental health issues. Most of the times they are being ashamed and rejected from the society. It’s really unfortunate to see that some of them have ignored even from their families itself. But the thing what these children require is not the rejection. Instead of making them miserable in front of the society they need the helping hand of someone to recognize their capacities and capabilities.

Therefore with the noble purpose of empowering and lighting up the future of these specially talented but hidden flowers the Institute of Cognitive Enhancement (ICE) launches the Light Up project reducing the inequalities of the society which is sustainable development goal number 10. 

Through the Light Up project the ICE wishes to raise the awareness and the social inclusion of differently abled children and support their daily activities while delivering workshops and lessons about cultural awareness, art and craft, music and sports etc. Furthermore they wish to develop the mathematical skills, memory, attention, speed, problem solving ability, innovative ability, and the language and social skills of children. All of these opportunities have been created by ICE to create equal citizens among equal citizens.

The partnership of ICE and AIESEC Sri Lanka was built with the purpose of empowering leadership and personal skills of youth and to uplift their knowledge.

The ICE joining hands together with AIESEC will proudly launch the Light Up project in the near future empowering not only the differently abled children but also the skillful youth.

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National Partners' Week

National Partners’ Week Spotlight: HNB

“Thousands Have Lived Without Love, Not One Without Water. ”

As we all know, no one can survive without water, and it is typically the primary need of every living being. The unmindful wastage of clean drinking water is one of the first severe issues the world is confronting. The foremost shocking reality is 80% of all the water bodies have been contaminated by now. Therefore the responsibility to take action and save the water body rests on our shoulders.

In Sri Lanka, contaminated water has brought about chronic kidney illness, particularly among individuals in underprivileged areas. As a solution to this, a project called AQUA was conducted by a youth-led organization called AIESEC. The main critical aspects of the project were,

  • Donating RO Water Purification Units to underprivileged schools in rural areas,
  • Initiating water distribution projects for schools with no access to water 
  • Raising awareness about the importance of clean drinking water and Chronic Kidney Diseases.

All of these key results were able to be attained with the partnership of HNB Sri Lanka. HNB is Sri Lanka’s chief private sector commercial bank. Their visionary approach has taken them beyond commerce domains, as they have made a cognizant effort to go where no bank has dared to go: from discouraged towns long-forgotten to the world over the shores. The driving constraint behind this epoch-making travel is the 4000-strong group of achievers, tenderly known as the ‘Hatna Family.’ As they create history and forge ahead, they welcome Energetic and Yearning people to connect them in their trail-blazing banking saga.

Hatton National Bank PLC was recognized as the Platinum Accomplice of the venture, Aqua. The most targeted audience of the venture was Individuals of underprivileged regions with Persistent Kidney Illness Who don’t have access to clean drinking water.

Hatton National Bank PLC provides monetary assistance to supply 3 RO water filtration units to three chosen schools in Anuradhapura. (to be specific A/ K. B. Rathnayake Vidyalaya, Perimiyankulam Asoka Maha Vidyalaya, Sri Wimalagnana Maha Vidyalaya) A company agent was welcomed as the Visitor of Honor to donate the Water Refinement units authoritatively. A customized social media campaign was carried out solely for the company.

The company was allowed to conduct a One-day encounter sharing session with foreign undergraduates. HNB conveyed a gift with the HNB symbol among all the participants of the guided sessions. Company symbols showed up on all occasion-merchandise including brochures, banners, t-shirts, and social media posts and videos to represent the partnership.

HNB, the platinum partnership for the project AQUA, assisted in achieving all the targeted goals of the project. At last, the project was able to fulfill the essential key objectives and be called an outright success.

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National Partners' Week

National Partners’ Week Spotlight: Teejay Lanka

“Earth is what we all have in common.” 

Are you mindful of the truth that the rate of pollution on earth is expanding by 7.5% per month? This is the bitter truth about the god-given heaven we live in. So why don’t we defend, conserve and protect the paradise we live in.

As a timely measure to this, AIESEC in University of Moratuwa, a global youth-led organization, propelled a project called EARTH 10.0 with the targets of conducting impactful tree planting campaigns, environmental cleaning campaigns while raising the mindfulness around the climatic crisis. 

Teejay Lanka PLC, a leading cotton-based printing plant offering rotary screen and digital printing facilities for woven and knitted fabrics, spearheaded the project by facilitating the project initiatives on numerous occasions. While providing comprehensive solutions in knitting, dyeing, finishing, and printing as a manufacturing entity, Teejay Lanka affirms that the sustainability of their brand ultimately depends on the sustainability of the communities and environment they are a part of.  Teejay Lanka was thrilled to join hands with a global youth-led organization, like AIESEC, to encourage community development through the voice of youth.

By virtue of the rewarding partnership with Teejay Lanka, Earth 10.0 was able to accomplish the following deeds.

Conducting tree planting campaigns and planting nearly 2000 plants islandwide, 500 plants at Sandunpura MV & 1500 plants at Dehiaththakandiya MMV.

Environmental cleanup campaigns. Cleanup at Patna, Deniyaya in collaboration with project Aqua. Cleanup at Paragaswewa Lake, Dehiaththakandiya.

Displaying display boards/notices on stopping pollution at sensitive environmental locations where the cleanups were conducted. Conducting a tree plantation competition through social media. A quiz challenge to test the knowledge on climate change, a poster and article design competition on the topic of environmental conservation, a 4R scavenger hunt to raise awareness on the importance of 4R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover) were also conducted even within the limitations that an online platform provided.

Conducting webinars on environmental protection by industry specialists in the environmental sector. Conducting awareness sessions among school students at Dehiaththakandiya MMV to make them aware of waste management. Donating water hoses and garbage bins after the sessions to each school.

As Teejay Lanka is determined to embark on endeavors to lead awareness on sustainability, reforestation, carbon emission reduction, and chemical discharge minimization,  they were unhesitant in fully cooperating with AIESEC in University of Moratuwa to realize these milestones.  Ultimately, project Earth 10.0 was an outright success as it was able to go above-par on all the targets that were set out to achieve with  Teejay Lanka.

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National Partners' Week

National Partners’ Week Spotlight: Orel Corporation

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” -Henry Ford.

Orel corporation holds a prominent position in developing infrastructure in multiple countries, including Sri Lanka, from switches to smart techs to water saving. Since its initiation in 1920, Orel Corporations has been an enterprise that continually strives to empower the world using energy-efficient and responsible products across its multiple brands. 

Orel Corporations possess an extensive portfolio of brands under their umbrella of brands. Leading with their flagship brand Orange Electric, followed by: SignaMax, Qbus, Superbar, Orel Go, and Orel Pay to name a few. And from Lighting to heating, Orel Corporations offer multiple avenues to save energy and reduce the carbon footprint for the sustainable development of the planet Earth.

Its vision aligns with the goals of AIESEC as it aspires to empower humanity through technological innovation and by inspiring leaders to achieve excellence beyond what they believe to be possible to make our world and environment a better place to live in. Orel Corporations has been the driving force behind many of the projects conceptualized and initiated by  AIESEC in University of Moratuwa.

One such upstanding project is the project “Switch Off.” Having over 350 beneficiaries, the project “Switch Off” revolves around providing affordable and clean energy to the remote and rural villages in Sri Lanka. Orel Corporations played a vital role in executing this project in the rural village of Kottukachchiya in Puttalam District, where they supplied multiple households with domestic appliances.

In addition to its initiatives to eradicate energy disparity among rural communities, Orel Corporations also takes precedence over the development of leadership and professional skills in the youth generation of the country. That is why AIESEC, as one of the top youth-run organizations in the world, decided to collaborate and develop a partnership with Orel Corporations through the project “Thinkwave 2.0”. The project “Thinkwave 2.0” is a project directed towards the university undergraduates and school students of Sri Lanka. They’re given a chance to map out new and innovative business ideas while addressing business problems by devising sustainable solutions for them. The newfound partnership between Orel Corporation and AIESEC began to expand through the multiple PR programs carried out throughout the “Thinkwave 2.0” competition.

All of the “Thinkwave 2.0 Ideathon” flyers, partner announcements, blogs, and knowledge sessions, including the final pitch and award ceremony live streams, were all featured by Orel Corporations on their social platforms, which helped to communicate the AIESEC brand image to the future potential AIESECers and potential corporate partners together as well.

Orel Corporations has always been an organization that’s passionate about developing leadership and corporate skills among its employees and, if given a chance, its partners as well. “Lead CS 6.0” was a one-day event targeting the undergraduates at the University of Moratuwa and carried out by AIESEC in University of Moratuwa in partnership with Orel Corporations. 

The event in all its glamour revolved around the leadership development seminar, and Orel Corporations was allowed to address the local committee members before the main event. The Orel Pay app, a brand under Orel Corporations, paid the delegate and event T-shirt fee in total, and therefore, the Orel Pay logo was featured in all of the event T-shirts.  

Teamwork and collaboration are the abilities to work together towards a common goal. The abilities to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows ordinary people to attain uncommon results. This is with sincere gratitude and hope for more partnership opportunities with Orel Corporations and the pure aim of developing a better world for the current and future generations to come.

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