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National Partners’ Week Spotlight: Coca-Cola

Did you know that when Coca-Cola first launched it was marketed as a nerve tonic that “relieves exhaustion”? I’m sure it still does the trick.

Diving into a bit of history, Coca-Cola has been a partner in the Sabco Group since 2004 while their origins go back to 1955 when it was formed under the name Pure Beverages Co Ltd., through the acquisition of the Ceylon Fruit Drinks & Table Water Company. Its journey with Coca-Cola started in 1961 when a franchise agreement was signed with the Coca-Cola Export Corporation. Coca-Cola Beverages Sri Lanka Ltd (CCBSL) produces and sells over 12-million unit cases of beverages per annum. It operates through a countrywide distributor network consisting of about 127 distributors.

Having a purposeful partnership of over 03 years, Coca-Cola has been of immeasurable support towards ensuring that our events and leadership spaces run smoothly. A few touchpoints that Coca-Cola has had with AIESEC Sri Lanka and its Local Committees/Official Expansions are;

  • Coca-Cola has also been a key player in the YouthSpeak Forums organized by AIESEC in Sri Lanka and the local chapters throughout the past few years. It has always ensured the smooth flow of events as well as joins hands with AIESEC in order to take a step towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • An Ideathon project was initiated as the very first Idea Hackathon organized by AIESEC Sri Lanka to connect young individuals all around Sri Lanka to create a platform for youth inventors to unleash their creativity and innovations to find solutions to recycle plastic food packaging waste while ensuring the actions taken for Sustainable Consumption and Production. 
  • Coca-Cola has also been a partner that has joined hands to appreciate the members who have strived for excellence during their respective terms by being a part of recognizing them during National Conference Award Ceremonies.

Another important point to note is that Coca-Cola employee Mr. Lakshan Madurasinghe, Director for Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainability is also a member of the Board of Advisors of AIESEC Sri Lanka thereby helping to ensure that we are acting as a sustainable organization whilst also endorsing the impact we create to other organizations. 

Coca-Cola thrives on the purpose of Refreshing the World and Making a Difference.  AIESEC too believes in the ability to make a difference in the world. With such close aligned purposes and qualities guiding us, our bond will only grow stronger to provide more impactful experiences in the future to our members. 

Here’s to more resilient leadership opportunities that power evolution and supports growth worldwide! Here’s to the growth of this purposeful partnership!

Do you want to know more about the partnership and what entails? Head on over to our campaign page to see what some of the best people at Coca-Cola has to say -> AIESEC Sri Lanka

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National Partners’ Week Spotlight: Sandbox

Wearing blue is the color most likely to land you a new job.” Fact or Fiction?

AIESEC Sri Lanka constantly strives to achieve what’s best for its members. In order to do so, we have with us our purposeful partnership for National Talent Development with Sandbox since 2020. 

Starting its journey in 2014 under Lead Consultant Mr. Angelo De Silva, Sandbox has been able to achieve its place as a top notch Performance Analytics and People Development Consultancy Firm within the country. Focusing on creating life changing team experiences, Sandbox hopes to drive employees who work smart before working hard while empowering them to drive their business goals to the fullest. 

Although the partnership is still in its early stages, there have been conversations back and forth in order to plan diverse touchpoints with our membership to upgrade their people skills, employability skills and effectively develop performance. A few planned touchpoints to create world class teams and leaders within the AIESEC Sri Lanka community are:

  • Member, Local and National Leadership Body Grooming sessions to facilitate learning & change while delivering maximum impact to the results obtained.
  • Creation of a structured training program endorsed by Sandbox Consultancy which recognizes members as skilled for professional settings.

A touchpoint that Sandbox and AIESEC had recently was when a mentoring space was hosted and conducted by them to the National Leadership Body Members of AIESEC Sri Lanka themed “Learnings to Practice – Future Leaders by Sandbox” which introduced our young leaders to diverse models of leadership that they could practice such as GROW, SBI etc to ensure smart working skills and better team experiences.  

Coming together is a beginning, Keeping together is progress and working together is a success. With a converging interest in Developing and Empowering people to achieve a bigger purpose, we can only see this partnership upscale into something more impactful. 

Here’s to more empowering and holistic development touchpoints! Here’s to the growth of this purposeful partnership!

Do you want to know more about the partnership and what entails? Head on over to our campaign page to see what some of the best people at Sandbox has to say -> AIESEC Sri Lanka 

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National Partners’ Week Spotlight: KOLAB

Did you know that according to a study done, 90% of employees said that they feel more comfortable working in co-working spaces?

To bring that confidence and empowering feel to our dear membership, We have partnered with KOLAB, which provides creative co-working spaces that help the future leaders head towards success. 

What exactly is KOLAB? With the mindset of creating more inspirational individuals who are bold enough to make powerful decisions, KOLAB provides Coworking spaces to enthusiastic leaders to join their extensive combination of creators, freelancers and entrepreneurs to create something of your own. With a range of private working spaces to collaborative working spaces and meeting rooms, KOLAB has all the needs covered to help one explore their creativity.

Partnered with in 2021, KOLAB’ first touchpoint was making available their creative spaces for our National Leadership Body to carry out the “Learnings to Practice – Future Leaders by Sandbox” session which was aimed at inspiring our youth leaders to be empowered and solution oriented amongst any challenging situation. 

More collaborations with KOLAB is in the agenda and we are excited to transform this partnership to one which creates leaders with potential who focus on their strengths over their weaknesses. 

Here’s to more bold and energetic leadership gatherings! Here’s to the growth of this purposeful partnership!

Do you want to know more about the partnership and what entails? Head on over to our campaign page to see more amazing partnership content -> AISESC Sri Lanka

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National Partners’ Week Spotlight: Unilever

Did you know that you are most likely 1 of 2.5 Billion people that use a Unilever owned product on a daily basis? Yes, You heard that right! After reading this post, go check behind most of your products to find that familiar U. 

Let’s dive into a bit of history. Unilever, a global Consumer Goods company established in Sri Lanka in the early 1900s with brands such as Sunlight, Lux, Pears Rose. They then expanded into soap, bakery items who were then overlooked by Lever Brothers Ceylon Limited Ceytea, Lever Aqua Products etc., and were then brought under one umbrella of Unilever Sri Lanka. They now focus on Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) with its production and distribution plants in close proximity to its head office. Through all their initiatives, Unilever Sri Lanka always strives to provide “Feel good, look good, and get more out of life”.

If you were to ask an AIESECer in Sri Lanka to name one of the most used words in their AIESEC vocabulary, Unilever is bound to be on the list. It is not only because of the proud presence of the organization but because of the purposeful partnership that binds two like-minded organizations, AIESEC Sri Lanka and Unilever LK since 2015 and its impact. Unilever LK has always been a proud partner that we’ve had to develop the talent of our membership. 

Throughout the past six years, together with Unilever, we were able to make available a diverse amount of skill, knowledge and performance development sessions that have ranged from:

  • Interactive and engaging sessions that were conducted at National Conferences that focused on corporate and general leadership skills upliftment.
  • Informative sessions conducted at Local Committee and Official Expansion Inductions aligning to the leadership themes allocated for the day.
  • Collaborative sessions were done during the Leadership Development Seminars of our  Local Committees and Official Expansions to instill in our members the importance and upcoming concepts of leadership.

The breakthrough event in collaboration with Unilever was the Career 20’X virtual event which aimed to give a glimpse of the career changes of the future and to encourage young individuals to understand the world of employment. It also aimed to bridge the gap between the academic sector and the corporate sector by giving the required knowledge to the youth of Sri Lanka. 

Career 20’X simulated a concept of the escape room that opened up the doors to different levels through which participants were able to engage in many challenges while also having the opportunity to participate in sessions ranging from Agile Working, Finding Your Purpose to LinkedIn Etiquette ensuring that our participants are fully equipped with the tools to champion the corporate world. Want more details? Here’s how you can access them -> 

While Unilever ensures that it introduces their consumers to purposeful products they also ensure that AIESEC Sri Lanka members are exposed to purposeful experiences that develop their AIESEC and professional life ensuring that they will be the game changers in the times to come. Together, we have always been able to create dynamic and engaging environments which stimulate active and enthusiastic participation by our members.

Here’s to more active leadership opportunities and creating even more inspiring stories together! Here’s to the growth of this purposeful partnership!

Do you want to know more about the partnership and what entails? Head on over to our campaign page to see what some of the best people at Unilever has to say -> AIESEC Sri Lanka

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National Partners’ Week Spotlight: Arimac Lanka

Did you know that there are approximately 3.7 billion Google searches happening every day? The most searched term is “Google” itself. 

Technology has greatly impacted the way in which people work and execute basic daily tasks. AIESEC Sri Lanka has understood the shift in waves towards the digital & technology field and the importance it holds as a skill or even a  qualification. Taking into account this shift, AIESEC Sri Lanka established a much purposeful Digital Knowledge partnership with Arimac Lanka, Sri Lanka’s premier end-to-end digital solutions provider in Mobile and Enterprise Solutions, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Immersive Technologies, and Game Design and Development etc. 

The partnership towards the digital revolution began in 2020 and within this short period, together, we have been able to offer the digital enthusiasts and others a platform to learn & develop their technological skills and assist them in understanding the importance of adapting to a technology-based environment. 

Our main touchpoints so far were:

  • “Arimac Hero” Student Ambassador Program – Arimac Hero was the ambassador program that was conducted to guide, train and nurture a selected set of undergraduates and pave the way to build future leaders of technology in Sri Lanka. The ambassador experience gave the selected undergraduates the technology skill improvement they needed, personal branding and the opportunity to master corporate skills which would make them flawlessly prepared for life after university. Taking this initiative forward, we were able to produce 13 Tech Ambassadors representing many universities of Sri Lanka. 
  • “Arimac Future Cast” Digital Movement- Stepping away from the typical sense of a movement, This collaborative movement of Arimac and AIESEC Sri Lanka to minimize the digital division of Sri Lankan youth and to give them the right to step into the digital world. This movement gave the audience to interact with many industry experts while engaging in “Techie Discussions” to forecast the future of Sri Lankan Technology with an experience Beyond the Norm. The Arimac Future Cast Ideathon which was organized in line with this was also an interesting segment of this event. The overwhelming responses that our youth provided on ways in which we can incorporate technology to solve a social problem that they see needs immediate attention only portrays the creative innovativeness of our members and digital enthusiasts. More event details and snippets from -> 

Arimac and AIESEC have one attribute in common; that is digital transformation. Therefore, together, We aim to deliver the highest quality performance in everything that we do and through creativity &  innovation we seek to continuously improve while striving for excellence. 

Here’s to more digitally disruptive leadership touchpoints and creating even more impactful stories together! Here’s to the growth of this purposeful partnership!

Do you want to know more about the partnership and what entails? Head on over to our campaign page to see what some of the best people at Arimac has to say -> AIESEC Sri Lanka

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