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Importance of Soft skills to Nurture you

‘’Soft skills get little respect, but they will make or break your career.”

Peggy Klaus, Author

Soft skills

Soft skills refer to the Personal traits which will lead the Individual to Interact and Engage with others. These can be characterised as the mix of Interpersonal, Social Skills which will sustain the Personality Balance of people. As well as having and Maintaining a Good degree of Soft Skills give the best open doors in life. Therefore, it is important to understand the Importance of Soft skills.

What is Defined by Soft skills?

Soft skills are Social, Interpersonal, Positive, and Disciplinary Behavioral abilities or patterns that can Comprehensively nurture a balanced Personality. Communication abilities, Teamwork, Patience, adjustability, Leadership, Creativity, Time Management, empathy, and Confidence. These skills are also referred to as Emotional Intelligence or 21st Century skills. And are essential while living in an era of rapid development.

Unlike hard skills such as learning a foreign language, computer programming, and Completing a degree, developing soft skills has easy. Developing soft skills is not as complex as completing a degree. On the other hand, it is even more complicated than completing a degree because it cannot be taught under classroom education. Still, it must be attained through emotional capability, personality, social Awareness, and Experience. Some people get these skills embedded in their characters naturally, while others have to develop them through meditation, reading, and observing.

Relationship between Hard skills and Soft skills

Hard skills have a minimal value without the combination of soft skills. Think of a doctor with a PhD but zero patience. And a teacher with 100% theoretical Knowledge but poor communication skills. That is where soft skills come into action. And has much more importance when compared with hard skills.

What is the Importance of soft skills ?

Soft skills aid you throughout your life, no matter your stage. It could be your college years, during the years of your career or even your personal and spiritual growth. These skills will help you transform your Ordinary personality into an Extraordinary level. Everyone will recognise you and be rewarded for what you are. Moreover, the support soft skills can provide oneself is unlimited. At the same time, hard skills would provide support on a limited scale.

How will soft skills Nurture your Personality?

Types of Soft Skills

Types of Soft Skills

Soft skills such as communication skills help individuals succeed in their life as a student in college, an employee at an office, or representatives of an association and the country. It will not only lead you towards the victory but also the organisation that you represent.

Gone are the days when high educational qualifications were mandatory for top management. Presently in life modern world, people look for more emotionally advanced individuals to manage posts along with the required theoretical knowledge to get the best outcome. Moreover, a leader who has developed soft skills tends to show empathy and sympathy to those who work under them. And also possesses patience, creativity, and teamwork that breaks the boundaries of a typical leader. And is more forward with a lot of energy.

Presently. the world is more focused on the soft skills of individuals rather than paper qualifications. It is a general fact that nobody wants to work with an arrogant boss. And in an environment where the workers feel insecure. This will indeed affect the efficiency and productivity of the work. There is no denying the fact that technical skills cannot be utilised.

Further, mother nature is more interested in empathetical, calm, and adaptable human beings. As with the technological advancements daily, the world runs short of them. Emotional intelligence must go hand in hand with rapid automation to maintain the equilibrium in the world. And make it a better place that will nurture you and the world.

Summing it up, Interpersonal Skills are Personality traits. The world nowadays is rooting individuals having the perfect blend of hard and soft skills. Others refer to an individual with exceptional soft skills, so all of us should be extra conscious about the soft skills that will Nurture us.

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Priceless Experiences create unforgettable memories | Volunteer Experience of Sudeera in Poland

Usually, I’m not a person who would adhere to philosophical sayings. But, one of my experiences made me believe. “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”. Here comes the life-changing experience I got as a volunteer through AIESEC in University of Kelaniya.

I’m Sudheera Fernando, the Former local committee vice president for marketing for the term 21.22. I’m well known for my daring nature. And I do not take things much personally. Accordingly, My character has allowed me more space to enjoy my life. As a result, I make the full out of the situations that come across me. Thus, this volunteer program was solely based on travelling under the Sustainable Development Goal 08, Decent Work and Economic growth.

Sudeera in poland

A long-awaited moment to place in Poland

Indeed, I would say I was very excited before the commencement of my journey. But from the beginning, I knew this would be very challenging. Above all, this is an experience in a completely different social and geographical setting. I began my adventure from Krakow in Poland. It is a Southern Poland city near the border of the Czech Republic. Also, it is a well-preserved medieval core and Jewish quarter. It was an ancient city among the tourist destinations Wawel Royal Castle, Basilica of St Francis, Collegium Maius, Kazimierz, St. Mary’s Basilica, and Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Most importantly, it is the second-largest city in Poland. Indeed, I would say it is really happening. As I was engaging with some locals, I met a fantastic kid. And his passion was trekking. And to specify, the youngsters in Krakow, including the whole of Poland, were good at football. With that country as inspiration, we taught them cricket, the major highlight of Sri Lankan sports and most popular in Sri Lanka. Also my favourite.

I have to say this journey to spend six weeks in a foreign land was initially challenging. But the presence of my best friend Malaka made it bearable and memorable. And he, too, joined this experience. Two of us wanted to travel as much as we could and gain a lot of experience.

During the second week of the exchange, we went to Budapest. It is the capital of Hungary. The name “Budapest” itself comes with the geographical aspect. I was lucky enough to visit it and get an idea of the fantastic diversity in different countries. The river Danube divides this city, Budapest. The Chain Bridge built during the 19th century connects the hill area called Buda with the flat land called Pest. Thus, this city is collectively known as Budapest.

It’s a blessing to have an even-minded friend.

It’s a blessing to have an even-minded friend.

Moreover, Budapest is well known for its adventurous activities. So, you may see along the roads there are places made for axe tossing, and people are gathered around it. And Buda Castle, the Hungarian parliamentary building, Margaret Island, Dohany Street Synagogue, Gellert Hill, and St. Stephens’s Basilica are some of the many attractions.

After spending a few days in Hungary with some other friends, we headed towards Vienna, the capital of Austria. It is situated on the other part of the river Danube. Most probably, as we got to know, Austria is a land of intellectuals. Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud are residents of Austria. The Vienna architecture was outstanding as they had enormous castles with minute inscriptions. And glass played a significant part in construction materials.

It’s never impossible to have fun in the rain.

It’s never impossible to have fun in the rain.

In the coming week, we returned to Klodzko, another city in the southwestern region of Poland. It was situated in the valley of the Eastern Neisse River of Lower Silesia. Since those days were rainy and gloomy, I would hardly name them as good. Yet, we enjoyed our best. Above all, I met many new people during these journeys and made good friendships. Among them, Joanna and Anita were unforgettable characters. And they made my trips more lovely and amusing.


My next destination was my dream city Amsterdam. It is the capital of the Netherlands. It is more or less an artistic heritage, with an elaborate canal system and narrow houses. Getting a chance to visit the Netherlands was one of my dreams come true. It was a chance to tick off one of my bucket lists. As a person who loves travelling, I won’t ever forget the event I got to wander through these magnificent cities in the heart of Europe.

And then to the dream city Amsterdam. Yeah, you all know that it is all about fun when it comes to Amsterdam. As a person who loves travelling, I got the opportunity to wander through beautiful cities in the heart of Europe.

In conclusion, don’t wait. Just join AIESEC in the University of Kelaniya. Drag the opportunity and explore the world.


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Benefits of team training

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”. – Margaret Mead

The modernised world has been approaching the method of team training. It is one of the best ways to improve several skills of human beings. There are many benefits of team training.

Team work

Team training

What is team training?

It is a team of individuals getting together to enhance their procedural knowledge. At the same time, it increases the proficiency in doing a task while functioning as a part of a team.

The small number of people called a group should share a common goal, purpose and commit to the team to approach the success.

Importance of team training

It is essential in various ways. Mainly, it helps attract new members and helps to elevate the existing teams. Moreover, it creates a positive working environment, helping boost individual and organisational performance.

Working as a team

Working as a team

Benefits of team training

Several benefits come out as the results of team training.

One benefit that develops through team training is that it helps build new relationships with the team members.       

The developed relationships create a social network that enables everyone to engage the taskwork with shared standards and quality expectations with a success oriented goal. At the same time, building new relationships allows workers to practice applying soft skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, communication, problem-solving skills, and flexibility.

Team training

Enthusiastic Team

In addition, it creates an enjoyable atmosphere around the workplace. An enthusiastic team would be the energy for success.

Increasing productivity also can be mentioned as a benefit of team training. It can define as one of the outcomes of building new relationships. Communication skills would lead to a team that works more efficiently and actively. Inquiries and discussions also enhance the team knowledge while increasing the productivity of the growth of the taskwork.

Growth of the task work

Growth of the task work

Furthermore, team training cultivates confidence. It also generates good motives inside oneself, such as feeling valued, which is more likely to have high job satisfaction. While gaining new skills and knowledge, the motivation and the confidence helps to stand up as a worthwhile individual in society.

While nourishing the individual’s personalities and job performance, team training also advances the growth of the company, institute, or the organisation, because it directly affects the future of the company, institute, or the organisation.

Bringing up the rear, team training encourages beneficial team dynamics and ensures team member has access to the same professional growth opportunities.

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Leadership and AIESEC: A Simple Guide

How do leadership and AIESEC relate to each other? 

Spending a few minutes to dive into this relationship between AIESEC and leadership will not be a waste of time. It will be one of the most valuable moments you have ever had in your life, and definitely, it will be an excellent investment for the future of yourself and the ones around you.

NatCon 2022

A person may wonder what it takes to be a leader at any point in their lives. Such a question can arise in various contexts, such as in the army during battle training or in a school where a student is readying to step out into a completely different world. This thought may be the beginning of the path that first creates the relationship between AIESEC and leadership because all the members living in AIESEC have started their journey with this thought.


In AIESEC, “Leadership” is not just a concept. It is the lifeline of AIESEC. Because it develops the leader within you. A person should develop some key attributes to become a true leader. Those are character, presence, and intellect. So, these facts are automatically focused on by being an AIESECer. Moreover, leadership refers to the process of influencing people to achieve certain goals and objectives. It is something that always happens in AIESEC. 


National Leadership Development Seminar

But just being an AIESECer does not make you a leader. You have to get the maximum from the opportunities there and face challenges. The famous quote says “AIESEC is like a kitchen. You decide what you want to make”. You have all the ingredients available to put them in and get a recipe. Likewise, in AIESEC, there is no one to push you into opportunities. You are the only one who is there to open doors for you. You will have to make critical decisions, make sacrifices, and do many more things by being an AIESECer. But after all these things, you will become a great leader. One day, you will influence the people around you. That is the way the bond between AIESEC and leadership arises.

NatCon 2022 – Theme Party

Aurudu with CC









AIESEC spans everyone in the world who loves to awaken the leader within themselves. Hence, it has become a place where leaders rise, and leadership builds. AIESEC can be introduced as a place where the concept of leadership is being activated. This is the story of the relationship between AIESEC and the leadership.



Authored By,
Gimhani Raigama
Content Writing Manager, CMT
AIESEC in University of Colombo


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Insight Corner – How AIESEC creates value driven young leaders to thrive in a changing world

Climate changes. Weather changes. Economic changes. The rise of authoritarianism. The devastating spread of pandemics that respect no boundaries. Now, the world is changing dramatically. Everything is transitioning.

Who can handle these situations? What do you think the world needs most now?

Yes, it is Value Driven Leaders.

A Value Driven Leader – Someone who develops, transforms and encourages its team to engage their value, sense, purpose, and intrinsic motivation to be part of something that contributes positively to the society.It is all about HOW you do WHAT you do, it is all about living your deeply held values.

We are in a dire need of more value driven leaders in this fast paced world. No matter how developed the world is, today, effective leadership skills are more than welcome as human beings need inspirational people. Leaders are ordinary people, but they have specific unique characteristics that they possess. For instance, they are passionate about leading others towards a specific goal and providing a better lifestyle for all. They know their capabilities and they want to utilize them in an efficient manner. In short, they would enable others to perform their best, making them realize the real purpose of life.

When decisions are based on the different values of people, it gets easier to lead people to the right path, to make correct decisions. If we lose track as to where we are headed, it is inevitable that we would face a huge crisis. As an example, Sri Lanka’s also currently facing corruptions due to lack of leadership. Not only Sri Lanka, Russia, Venezuela, Sudan and many other countries face it as well. This is precisely what the world needs right now. It needs leaders who are innovative, respectful towards others, and who know how to maintain relationships. 

As youngsters, WHAT is the best place for you to develop your leadership potential?

AIESEC is all about creating value driven leaders.

AIESEC is an international youth-run organization that provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural internships, and global volunteer exchange experiences. AIESEC places the confidence of youth as they have the passion, dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit that are needed to change the world.

They have the responsibility to improve tomorrow than today.

In AIESEC the whole family including the presidents, vice presidents, managers, team leaders, and members learn how to act according to the Six Core Values in AIESEC.

What are these six core values?

  •  Activating Leadership

AIESEC teaches how to handle different situations and how to make decisions for the welfare of all members. By delegating responsibilities to the members and encouraging them to deliver exchange experience, try to develop the leadership potential in each of them.

  •  Demonstrating Integrity. 

AIESECers take responsibility for words, choices and promises.Every decision is made based on a very important value.

  •  Acting Sustainably

Every decision-making considers the needs of the organization and the future generation developmen

  •  Enjoying Participation

Adding joy in every activity and creating a friendly and encouraging working atmosphere makes everyone’s achievements even more valuable.

  • Living Diversity

Interacting with students from 114 countries has given everyone the chance to meet different lifestyles and has taught that communication is crucial among the members of an international structure. As the organization is present on each continent, all learn to see life’s aspects from many points of view and encourage every member in their contribution.

  • Striving for Excellence

For almost 7 decades, AIESEC has been working on improving intercultural connections, managing through its programs to provide young people an insight of what the world itself means. But what is more important, the exchange experience has given the will and motivation to improve living aspects of today for a better tomorrow. This means that the constant will of pushing one’s limits, in order to deliver the highest quality performance. 

Through the Leadership Development Model, it is aimed to develop the AIESECers self-awareness, to adopt a solution-oriented attitude, to be able to express their ideas clearly and to empower other people to take action.

Having the Six Core Values as the basis of one’s behavior and being aware of how they influence not only the work, but everyone’s lives; make us strongly believe that through the actions, we can help each other in developing leadership potential to change our world to a better one.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

– John Quincy Adams-

By Dilni Gunaratne
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