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Own your Story – Experience of an AIESECer

There is a hidden leader inside all of us. All we want is a platform to take those skills out. Joining AIESEC is one of the best decisions I made in my life and the decision that taught me who I am.

AIESEC is a youth platform that helps us develop leadership skills. Being an AISECer is the dream of many students. I am very proud to be a person who made that dream come true.

My AIESEC Journey began in May 2021, with the start of the summer peak. Being selected for AIESEC is not as easy as it seems. I had a formal yet very friendly selection interview. I would say I learned a lot of things even in this first meeting with an AISECer. When I realized that I had been selected for AIESEC, I was delighted and was waiting to learn new things.

After getting selected, we had a virtual induction for a week. That was really fun with all the other newbies, and I don’t think the Covid situation back then affected that even a bit since we made a hundred percent output.

After the induction, we got separated into our functions. I was lucky enough to be an ICX Matching an IR function member and started my new journey as an IGT matching panelist. Even though I was empty-minded, I got a crystal clear idea of what is happening in the function through the informative training we had. As a Matching panelist, my role was to check the CVs we are getting from exchange participants, communicate with them, and do the selection interviews from the AIESEC side. 

Being a Matching panelist, I got a beautiful experience since I could meet amazing faces out of the country. And the time I had with my peer members was unforgettable. Although everything happened on online platforms, we had the funniest time together, and our bond is still getting stronger. 

In winter peak, I applied for the Team leader position, and it took a very short time to prove that it was another substantial decision I have made in my life. I could work with a fantastic leadership crew, and they are more like a family to me. I would never hesitate to say that I got to work with the best team someone could have in life. We could achieve our targets while making a bunch of memories. We proved that Together Everyone Achieves More. 

Now I am working as IGT Matching Manager, and again I have been honored to have a set of amazing personalities to work with. We brainstorm new strategies and processes to help us overcome all the outside barriers to achieve our functional goals. We are looking forward to giving our best and showing off that nothing can stop us from being a success at the end of the day. Another milestone of my AIESEC journey is applying for JST. I didn’t even think I would be able to be a part of JST, and now I’m here improving my creativity. Though it is quite challenging to balance all my work, I could manage everything and try to give my maximum contribution since AIESEC has taught us how to balance our work.

It is said that leadership is where a person is doing their best. AIESEC is the place that taught me who is a true leader and raised the leader inside me. I have achieved so much during this short journey. I am always thanking myself for my decision to be a part of AIESEC. 

Why do we need to wait to do the things we love? Do it now. Accept the challenges life gives you.

By Uma Wijesooriya
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Insight Corner – Light on your career route; Enroll, Sense, and Lead with AIESEC

Reach a simulated virtual work experience within a corporate where you can choose and test a career field of your choice with Heading for the Future

What is Heading For The Future?

Heading For The Future (H4TF) is a Vocational training program designed to give you the opportunity to discover your career path and passions through a series of simulated work experiences and practical training.

  • Choose and test the field of your choice with the help of industry professionals
  • Gain a local and national youth network
  • Enhance your soft and hard skills in a practical learning environment

If you join the H4TF program, you’ll be getting the opportunity to engage in a corporate project in a professional working environment which will give you proper guidance to explore answers to your questions and figure out what career suits you best.

What can carry off?

  • Increase in Corporate & Employer branding
  • Potentially retaining the participants as a permanent employee
  • Ability to hire with ease, We will take care of the attraction & recruitment process
  • An opportunity to have a better understanding of the demands & capabilities and workplace behaviors of Gen Zers
  • Innovative & Timely solutions to issues through youth insights 
  • Utilization of students for research & data analysis purposes
  • Access to the Talent pool 

Is H4TF Suitable for you?

You are currently enrolled in a degree in Information Technology but are not completely sure whether you want to pursue it as your career and would like some insight into what working in Technology is like.

You are currently enrolled in a Management degree and would like to fast-track your experience and stand out amongst other students studying Management. 

You are considering switching degrees to finance and would like some more insight into what working in finance is like before you make a decision.

How does this cover sustainability?

At university, 1 in 3 people switches majors at least once in their degree.

About 51% of students are not confident in their career path while at university and about 68% accept that they get stressed out about selecting a major.

The heading for the Future programs aims to give students more clarity and confidence in their career choice while building up a strong portfolio of experience while students are at studying.

Get more information and Sign up :


By Haseeba Wadood
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Natcon 2022: AIESEC Sri Lanka’s Largest National Conference

AIESEC Sri Lanka conducted the Largest National Youth Leadership Development Conference of the Year.

As AIESEC, we are determined to develop young people. To make this happen, AIESEC  Sri Lanka successfully conducted NATCON’22, the largest national youth leadership development conference at Citrus Waskaduwa on the 8th,9th, and 10th of April. The 3 day conference laid the foundation for the newly elected leadership bodies of AIESEC Sri Lanka to prepare for the upcoming year, hence this was a critical phase in the AIESEC calendar. Thereby, with a whole new dimension and understanding of the sort of leadership the world needs, the conference was bound to be one of epic proportions. 


The conference was conducted with the engagement 260 delegates from the leading universities of Sri Lanka including University of Colombo, University of Moratuwa, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, University of Kelaniya, University of Ruhuna, University of Peradeniya, SLIIT and NSBM. The young leaders who participated in the conference were university undergraduates seeking leadership development, skill development and career prospects and senior undergraduates who are looking towards employability perspectives. Meeting all of these remarkable individuals under one roof was undoubtedly a unique opportunity for an organization. 

To make sure that the delegates become impactful leaders, a series of experiential sessions were organized. The sessions focused on leadership development with national facilitators, chaired by Piumal Tennakoon, former Member Committee President of AIESEC in Lithuania and former Member Committee Vice President of AIESEC Sri Lanka. The sessions included LEAD spaces, Activating Leadership Functional/exchange simulation, Lead Innovate Evolve: The present context and way forward for AIESEC Sri Lanka, space to interact with other delegates and networking spaces with mentors to enhance their potential skills while engaging in several leadership-centric spaces over the three-day event schedule. 

Among the highlights of the event was the Outbound Training which enhanced the performance and teamwork of the delegates through use of experiential learning activities and games. 

Gala Night

The conference’s most glamorous night, with dynamic  awards, gratitude, shoutouts, The Gala Night, the Awarding ceremony of AIESEC Sri Lanka for the membership was held where the tremendous performances and dedication of the members of AIESEC were rewarded with the utmost aim of encouraging them to be the future advocates of change. AIESEC in University of Sri Jayewardenepura won the The Most Outstanding Local Committee Award while AIESEC in University of Ruhuna won the The Most Outstanding Official Expansion Award. Apoorva Ekanayake was rewarded as The Best Young Leader and Gayashi Kavindi as The Best Emerging Young Leader. 

Our Partners

NatCon 2022  was delivered successfully in strict accordance with health and safety requirements exceeding the planned outcomes as well. It would not have been successful without the support given by our partners including

Stax – Exclusive title partner, Technomedics International (Pvt) Ltd, –  exclusive healthcare partner, SOZO – beverage partner for gala night and outbound training, Unilever – national talent partner, Innovate –  exclusive youth partner and Nestlé – official beverage partner.

Hello TV and Hello Radio – exclusive media partner, Mark &Comm – PR partner also helped us to bring Natcon 2022 to perfection.

The impact made via the conference was incredible, which in fact shows the enthusiasm of the Sri Lankan youth in contributing towards the betterment of the country. The enormous favorable response from both the AIESEC Sri Lanka membership and the external partners engaged attests to the event’s success, which was held on an even larger scale than prior years in terms of its importance in developing youth leaders. NatCon 2022 which was organized by AIESEC Sri Lanka made a  huge impact showcasing the potential of our youth and affirming the fact that the youth in our country can be utilized  in uplifting the nation in a sustainable manner. 

Await the launch of the Official Photo Album and After movie on our social media platforms! 

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SPARKLES’22; Where the young leaders are unveiled


“ A leader knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. ”

-John Maxwell-


Leadership is a definition of accomplishing a goal through the direction of human assistance, and there should be an extraordinary ability to guide and influence the followers.

What is “SPARKLES”?

SPARKLES’22, The annual awarding ceremony organized by AIESEC in the University of Kelaniya. This happened to honour the most outstanding leaders in Colombo North. SPARKLES’22 took place on the 26th of March 2022 as a physical event with around 100 participants at Sanara Mandira Kiribathgoda. The evening appeared to appreciate the fabulous young leaders who worked hard the last term with much passion, dedication, and determination while empowering others. At the same time, everyone enjoyed the chance to see their fellow AIESECers. And they were obviously waiting to witness the emerging leaders of Colombo North 21/22.

The Awards at Sparkles’22

SPARKLES’22 Award Winners

The event started with a speech by the chief guest, Dr Prabha Manuratne, appreciating all the hardworking and talented AIESECers who will be rewarded. The recognition of winners received their awards in the middle of the great applause. Ms Hiruni Udumullaarachchi became the best young leader, and Mr Raveen Jayasinghe was awarded the best emerging young leader. Evolution AI was the best organizing committee while Fashionista received the award for the most creative and innovative event. Other than that, the most sustainable event of the entity was Quill It.

In addition, our most talented young leaders of AIESEC in Colombo North 21/22 also shared their thoughts. Also, Mr Pasan Herath and Ms Sheramy Hensman presented great performances to entertain everyone. Singing items, dancing items, and fun segments were also powerful enough to make that evening more colourful.

The Best young leader and the Best emerging young leader

Pillars of Success

At SPARKLES’22, the partners who supported and contributed to us made our event a spectacular one. RealOne was the official digital media partner while Nanotec became the official computer solutions partner. Keshara minerals gave a tremendous hand, becoming the silver partner of the event. Not to miss Cakery, Alora Yummies, and Face scrubs became the official gift partner while Laptop. lk onboarded as the official technological partner.

Moreover, Ceylon Today was the official print media partner and made a reasonable effort to uplift the image of the event so, as the Good PR, the official media partner along with Print house as the official printing partner and Findit. lk as the official online advertising partner. Many thanks await Mount spring as the official beverage partner. The valuable and immense support that they gave us is immeasurable.

Partners of Sparkles

Bringing up the rear, SPARKLES’22 was a mesmerizing event with humble leadership personalities in Colombo North 21/22. That was such a joyous occasion with happiness and excitement for the CNers. And they proved it by actively engaging throughout the evening to make it more colourful. At the same time, the organizing committee worked hard to make sure that event was a huge success.

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EVOLUTION AI – where Human Intelligence faces Artificial Intelligence

“Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we’ll augment our intelligence.”

Ginni Rometty 

Digital life is exceeding human capacities and disrupting the boundaries of early human activities. Code-driven systems have been an essential part of human beings with the usage for information and connectivity, offering previously unimagined opportunities and unprecedented threats. Therefore, artificial intelligence has been a concern of the present human beings. 


Addressing this upcoming concern, the AIESEC in University of Kelaniya and Informatics Institute of Technology in collaboration with the Computer Science Students Association of the University of Kelaniya powered by Mitra Innovation Limited, organized the islandwide ideathon “EVOLUTION AI”.The main goal of this initiative was to connect young science and technology enthusiasts all around Sri Lanka. Where it would create a platform for youth to unleash their creativity, and innovations, along with their design knowledge while ensuring that the solutions generated are aligned to the current demands of technological applications.

An undergraduate presenting

The flow of the event

EVOLUTION AI had 3 major phases. It had over 300+ participants in the preliminary round, 13 teams for the semifinal round, and 6 teams for the final round. It comprised three rounds and the final round together with the awards ceremony took place with grandeur on the 12th of February 2022 at Lounge 42. The induction took place on the 13th of December 2021 via zoom and officially the preliminary round commenced. A Q & A session was held for the competitors to resolve their doubts on the case studies provided for the ideathon by Mitra Innovation. The semifinal round proceeded after choosing 13 teams on the 12th and 13th of January 2022. A physical workshop to groom the 6 final teams was held on the 7th of February at Hatchworks premises. Mentors from Mitra Innovation were allocated to assist the teams for the final round. 


The Final Battle

On the 12th of February, the final round was held with the awards ceremony in the evening.

The 6 finalists were 

  1. Eximus Ruhuna – University of Ruhuna 
  2. Team 5x – University of Moratuwa 
  3. Cicada – University of Kelaniya 
  4. Mastermind- University of Kelaniya 
  5. Finan- IIT
  6. Amigo -IIT


The Awards ceremony 

the winners

The champions of Evolution AI

Mrs Chinthi Weerasinghe, the Chief Executive Officer of Mitra Innovation was present at the awards ceremony and captivated the audience with an inspiring speech. The champions of EVOLUTION AI was team “Eximus Ruhuna” from University of Ruhuna. The champions received a cash prize of 80,000 and internship opportunities at Mitra Innovation. While Imperial College also awarded full scholarships for CIMA for the champions. The first runner up was team “Mastermind” from University of Kelaniya. They received a monetary gift and discounted vouchers for CIMA from Imperial College. The second runner up was Team 5x from University of Moratuwa. They received a cash prize and discounted vouchers for CIMA from Imperial College.

Apart from the three main awards, the MARCOM championship for the highest votes through social media was awarded to Team “Finan” from the Informatic Institute of Technology. They received a monetary award. Further, the Team Mastermind from the University of Kelaniya grabbed the most engaging championship.  

The Partners

A large part of the success goes to the partners of the event “ Mitra Innovation Limited” for being the title partner. Imperial College and Hackathons.lk for joining hands as the educational and online event’s partners respectively. Dineth Nipunya Photography, Quadrangle, and Good PR supported generously to make this event a memorable one. Moreover, Hatch, AECC Global, Articulate and Mount spring became shadows of success with their support from the initial stages of the event. On a final note,  the contribution of the organizing committee and the Executive Board are the massive reasons for the success of the event “EVOLUTION AI”.


The partners of EVOLUTION AI

 The album of Evolution AI 



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