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Reflecting on the impact of Project Coast 2.0

Taking a step back to October 21st, the day of Project Coast 2.0, feels like revisiting a crucial

chapter in our collective journey toward environmental responsibility. The second edition of

this impactful CSR event was put out together by AIESEC in NSBM in collaboration with

AIESEC in NIBM, drawing together a formidable force of over 100 dedicated delegates at the

serene Wellawatta Beach.


Project Coast 2.0 went beyond the boundaries of a typical beach cleanup project. It echoed

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 13 and 14- a firm promise to act on climate change

and the conservation of life below water. Amidst the disheartening scenes of human impact

on our beautiful coastline, which was gifted by Mother Nature, there emerged a hopeful

narrative of responsibility and the potential for positive change.

Project Coast 2.0

This day was etched with memorable memories, made even more significant by the

partnerships forged with Altrium, Center for Beach Cleanups, Clean Ocean Force, etc.

Witnessing the active involvement of our esteemed partners from Altrium in the event was

a heartening sight, reinforcing the importance of collaborative efforts in achieving our goals.

Moreover, Clean Ocean Force, who generously provided hand-made bracelets to all the

participants, added a touch of unity and environmental awareness to the event.


As the radiant sun painted the sky above the beautiful sea, delegates immersed themselves

in a unique experience filled with discovery and action. Project Coast 2.0 was an immersive

experience that left a lasting impact on each delegate. The air was filled with enthusiasm as

the volunteers, armed with gloves and trash bags, combed the coastline. The shared

laughter, the sense of accomplishment, and the new connections formed a tapestry of

memories. Delegates not only saw the positive change they were creating but also felt a

deep connection with the environment each other.


The active participation of the PR figure, Menasha Nanayakkara, added a distinct layer to

our cleanup efforts. Her presence, side by side with the volunteers, exemplified the

universality of our cause and emphasized the importance of diverse voices in championing

environmental stewardship.


As an Organizing Committee Vice President, I felt immense pride in witnessing the

enthusiasm of the youth volunteers. Their dedication mirrored the essence of AIESEC’s

mission; fostering change in youth and nurturing a generation mindful of its impact on the

environment. Through events like Project Coast 2.0, AIESEC has played a transformative role

in shaping the perspectives of its youth members. It was indeed a journey of awakening,

growth, and collective responsibility.

Project Coast 2.0

The culmination of the cleanup project brought forth a transformed coastline, once marred

by litter and negligence. Standing at the Organizing Committee closing, a sense of

accomplishment enveloped me. Achievement of a pristine beach strengthened bonds

with fellow nature lovers, and a shared commitment to sustaining a positive change.


In bidding farewell to Project Coast 2.0, we stand on the shores accomplishment, a

collective echo of positive change. As the waves of our efforts ripple through the clean

Project Coast 2.0

Coastline, let this be a reminder that, together, we can create a sea of transformation. Until

the next tide of change, let’s continue to nurture our shared commitment to safeguarding

our precious shores, fostering a brighter, cleaner future for all.


Sandavi Gunawardana

AIESEC in NSBMProject Coast 2.0

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All this chaos: how to not make it yours?

All this chaos: how to not make it yours?

No matter what or where your priorities in life lay, you will come to a time where you must turn with the winds than resist it. The fast paced business world is closing in on us and consumerism is at its peak; with this capitalism will revolve around you. A situation of absolute whirlwind of chaos with deadlines, mental demands, midnight business call links, constant travels to places you’d dread that make you snuck out your soft bed in the morning and make you late for dinner! Yet as apophatic philosophy tells you, it’s via negativa to reach the ends of peace. 

Let me take Lord of the Rings to elaborate.  Frodo and his fellow hobbits take the road through the old forest to evade the pursuit of Black Riders. They are nearly killed by the angry tree called Old Man Willow, but are saved at the last moment by Tom Bombadil. The forest is known for its dangers but its crossing is essential for its journey. Similarly in medieval times, the heroic journey comprised of horrors and impending doom constantly shadow king over them, but nevertheless, there was the journey. 

Now what’s different in the contemporary context is that instead of the vivid lush greens of the Middle Earth, there is AC, bland wall colours along with far less styled and might I add, quite uneventful use of language. Yet circumstances remain the same. The situations around you may not align with your set of values and faith, but in rebellion and immersion, you are given the space to question and living in the cognitive dissonance of it all. Cognitive dissonance as widely defined on the WWW refers to the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change. But in simpler words, it is the discord you feel when your thoughts and that of the world around you does not align. Humans are naturally conformist, hence, they will always try to work their way into belonging. Recently through a series of decisions, I caved into a decision that didn’t seem mine at all. Instead it was a series of why’s that followed it instead of a pat on my back. Yet it is here I try to justify that anger may not be a bad thing. It reestablishes one’s purpose in things. My values were challenged and through my anger, I was able to build them back with greater strongholds defending them. Even beyond the capitalist ventures of the corporate lands, you find such discord in far more important places such as religious institutions, primary and secondary education providers, the very core of state governance and so on. The value of via negativa is then a smart mindset to adapt. It is far more embedded in learning of controlling the controllable (i.e. your mind) than controlling the uncontrollable forces (i.e. the external world). In strengthening your mind to exist without internalizing the situations around you, you are naturally pushed to a realm where you are unswayed by the chaos. This reiterates the phrase- journey over destination. 

In all essence, thereby, one must aspire to be a leader of oneself where the eye of the hurricane is embodied, where amidst the chaos, you stand still in peace. 

Thisandi Weerasinghe

AIESEC in University of Peradeniya

Does AIESEC truly transform personalities as it promises?

What Do You Do When the Chaos of Life Surrounds You?


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Does AIESEC truly transform personalities as it promises?

Yes or no, only two possible answers for the question on my mobile’s screen. It is funny how the difference between 2 and 3 letters may completely change the direction of our life. 

“Would you like to continue with AIESEC in Kandy for summer term 23.24?”, this was the question.

Having been an AIESECer for a year I knew with no ambiguity that AIESEC is work. With a potentially tight academic year ahead of me I simply was not sure whether it is worth it, whether AIESEC has truly delivered on the personality transformation it promises. Yes or no?


“Surviving is much about solving real life problems”

– Farweez Immamudeen, Director of Speak Learning Innovations Pvt. Ltd.


One fine morning we woke up to find out that the Municipal had arbitrarily decided to cut water supply to our home. I had an important lecture to run to and I also had to make sure that my mother had the water she needed to run that day. The first solution that occurred to me was to buy a few gallons of drinking water and have it sent home. Then! I could hear the voice of our logistics VP of the Organizing committee in my head “ayyyoooo don’t spend money on that”. I listened to the voice and reconsidered my solution. It didn’t take long for me to figure out an inexpensive way out of the problem.


You are probably wondering why this simple matter is worth mentioning. I had the same question when my Local Committee President got worked up over a rather silly method I employed to cool my cup of tea in the conference room, “You are solution oriented, I really appreciate that”. Bro, I just wanted tea! No big deal. However, now I realize the point he was making. It is not the act itself that is significant but the attitude behind it.


The change in my perception is omnipresent. Where I used to ask “Is this doable?”, I now ask “How can I do this?”. Where I used to ask “We’ll do this”, I now say “We’ll do this properly”. Where I used to say “This is it! I am done”, I now say “Imma try a different way now”. In the way I deal with my everyday problems, plan my next year, write my assignments and conduct myself in meetings this change in attitude is apparent. That is likely the most valuable thing AIESEC has given me. 


That is, second to the family of AIESECers, of course.


“Yes” I selected on my screen. AIESEC for another six months, at least.

Ammar Faleel

AIESEC in University of Peradeniya


What is AIESEC?

A like-minded organization in creating value driven leaders


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A like-minded organization in creating value driven leaders

A like-minded organization in creating value driven leaders

“Before you’re a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” – Jack Welch.

LDS 4.0, – Leadership Development Seminar organized by AIESEC in University of Peradeniya, was held on October 28 and 29, 2023, in Oruthota Chalets hotel. The above-stated quote was magnificently showcased and demonstrated at the event, ensuring delegates had full exposure to the notions of leadership and personal development. What added a new color to the conference was the title partnership that AIESEC in University of Peradeniya had with the Thilakawardhana Group of Companies. It was such an honour to keep the bond bolstered for the conference as it assisted AIESEC in University of Peradeniya to deliver an elegant yet productive and fruitful conference in AIESEC history. The partnership patronage they bestowed on the event was immense.

It was not all about assisting to deliver the best conference experience in terms of partnerships. It was about educating young, energetic, and budding leaders to aspire to greater heights. Mr. Ravindu Thilakawardhana, representing Thilakawardhana Group of Companies, conducted a wondrous session inclusive of enhancing critical thinking skills, prowess in decision-making, team handling, etc. The session was interactive and didactic because it inserted a novel and thought-provoking perspective into Kandy AIESEC membership. Specifically, there was an eye-opening session, or rather, a Q&A segment, which was based on practical scenarios, issues, and predicaments a team goes through. As the session progressed in a more engaging and interactive manner, new ideas and innovative solutions to the given pragmatic questions were explored. Indeed, the membership of Kandy AIESEC was motivated and inspired by the phenomenal leadership session that Thilakawardhana Group of Companies delivered.

It is with utmost courtesy that AIESEC in University of Peradeniya conveys profound gratitude to Thilakawardhana Group of Companies, not only for being the title partner for Leadership Development Seminar 4.0 but also for being the harbinger of youth empowerment for the membership of Kandy AIESEC under the limelight.

Gimshan Wickramasinghe

AIESEC in University of Peradeniya



The Power of Intention: Shaping Your Life with an Unseen Force


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The Power of Intention: Shaping Your Life with an Unseen Force

The Power of Intention: Shaping Your Life with an Unseen Force


People with strong wills who won’t let anything stand in the way of fulfilling their inner desires are said to be motivated by intention. You are someone who has intention if you are one of those individuals who has a never-give-up mentality along with an internal vision that drives you towards realizing your goals. “A force that exists in the universe is intent. There is no end to the things sorcerers can accomplish because when they call forth intent, it comes to them and prepares the road for attainment. Rather than being something you do, intention is a force that permeates the cosmos and manifests as an unseen field of energy!

The field of intention is an invisible stream of energy that exists outside the confines of our daily routines. It existed prior to our actual conception. We can draw this energy to ourselves and open ourselves up to new and exciting experiences in life. Some well-known scientists contend that rather than being ideas or components of our brains, our intellect, creativity, and imagination interact with the energy field of intention.

The response to the question “Where is this intention field?” Is that everything in the universe has aim ingrained in it, thus there is nowhere where it isn’t. No matter what kind of life it is—a mountain, a rose shrub, or a wildebeest—this holds true. There is purpose ingrained in the development and existence of a mosquito. An inviable field of intention can be found in a little acorn that lacks the ability to think or plan for the future.

Imagine the possibility of an all-pervasive force. You cannot go anywhere that it isn’t. It permeates all you see and touch and is undividable. the boundless expanse that is outside of the realm of shapes and sizes. There is an endless invisible energy that permeates both the nonphysical and the physical realms. Intention establishes the course of your physical form, growth, and ageing from the moment of conception. It also initiates the non-physical elements of you, such as your disposition, ideas, and emotions. In this case, intention is the endless potential that makes you manifest both not physically and physically on Earth.


Intention is a powerful force that shapes our lives, both physically and mentally. It is an invisible energy that has existed since before conception and can be harnessed to open doors to new experiences. Scientists suggest that our intellect, creativity, and imagination interact with this energy field, shaping our thoughts, emotions, and disposition. Intention is omnipresent, guiding the development of all living and non-living things and establishing our existence from conception. Understanding and aligning with this force can lead to achieving goals, navigating life, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.


Change the way you look at things and
The thing you look at will change.

Shamyudha Ravindran

AIESEC in University of Peradeniya

Harness the power of intention

Unleashing the Mulan spirit: Striving for gender equality

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