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How important is to create transparency in a workplace!

 There should be no surprises for employees and management regarding expectations, roles, and standards”  –Transparency in a workplace

Transparency in a workplace

Focus on the strategies

Transparency and its importance 

When it comes to a workplace, the term ‘Transparency’ plays a key role. In fact, it is important to create transparency in a workplace. Why? Because this means maintaining honesty and openness between the two major parties, employees and the management, in a workplace. The most important thing is that if there is two-way honesty and two-way openness between these two parties, that workplace or the company can be defined as a transparent company.

Also, transparency is the key that maintains a positive company culture and strengthening employee loyalty. Maintaining transparency can also be considered a powerful leadership technique that could make numerous benefits to a company or a business. Thus, no matter the workplace or the company is an experienced large-scale one or a developing start-up in the field, maintaining transparency should be a recurring feature.

Transparency in a workplace

Be responsible and attentive about how you going to make it

The ways to improve Transparency in a workplace

Transparency is a subject that employers take quite seriously. Not only because it offers powerful benefits, but also because of the foundation it lays over the company. As mentioned before, the whole culture, honesty, openness, and trustworthiness lies upon that. Simply, this should be the top priority of any sort of company. 

But, that does not mean that they need to reveal every single matter and complain of maybe the former and current employees, customers, investors, and management. Because the way the company provides information makes an obvious difference in the outcome. Thus, every individual in the workplace should be transparent, yet with the important and most effective things. Simply, not with the gossips and bad mouthings but with the facts and the statistics.

Transparency in a workplace

Identify the factors you need to get together

Let’s see what are things that can improve transparency in a workplace!

Proper communication system

Smooth and effective communication is one of the mandatory factors when it comes to transparency.

This simply means establishing an open and clear pathway for the communication purpose. In fact, there should be an apparent flow and stages of communication. It should be decided upon the size and the managerial levels that the workplace contains. A case in point, a leveling should be there from the base point to the higher point; from the employee point to the upper-level management. It exactly is an effective communication method as it creates a comfort zone for everyone. The honesty level and the openness higher up with this method. 

In a way, it creates a culture in the workplace. But, at the same time, the company should make sure that the employees have a trusty environment. An environment where their thoughts will be heard, appreciated and acted upon.

Proper feedback system

The company or the workplace should open the space to share feedback. Because it matters, when it comes to the employees engaging in operations they feel like their opinions matter. It can be done mainly in two ways. One is that the management can track the work of the employees and help them to improve the things they are lacking. The other way is that the employees can have the chance to make clarification and suggestions on managerial-level matters. 

This implies that the success of a company relies on every individual who works there and they should have the right to involve in whatever crucial decision that the company makes. Leaders can lead from where they are and employees can engage in their roles. But the executive decisions should be made collaboratively.  

Situational updates

When it comes to a company the sales status, the status of the supply, the status of the market, and the things as such do affect the work of the employee. Thus, it is important to inform the employees of both positive and negative news that comes your way. Every single up and down need to be informed. Because it becomes worse if a company continues working without having a proper idea about its outcome. 

It is essential to share the changes, accomplishments and, progressive steps in order to move forward. At the same time, it is equally important to keep the employees updated about the loops such as challenges, obstacles, competitions, and goals as well. With sharing the updates, it can create a sense of unity and motivation in employees to get together and cause a greater effect to the company.

Hence, with that, it is crystal clear that transparency in a workplace is a powerful force. It is because transparency opens many remarkable and novel benefits for the company. The benefits like strengthened workplace culture, increased employee engagement, improved community, improved customer relations, and to improve more facts like that. Thus, following the above-mentioned methods any company could gain these benefits with the hope of greater success. 

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ACCA Business Challenge – The Grand Finale

The end of January 2021 was one that many would remember as the “ACCA Business Challenge – The Grand Finale” presented by AIESEC in University of Colombo was held on the 30th of January from 10.30 AM to 1.00 PM. Partnering with ACCA Sri Lanka, Hayleys Advantis, Softlogic Information Systems, NDB Investment Bank, Olis and ShoutOUT Labs as main monetary sponsors, helped in being able to really give the event the flair that it deserved. The tokens of appreciation to the judges and moderator were sponsored by Thuru, Blossoms, Culture Colombo and La chocolata. The event was exclusively covered by the exclusive media partners for the event, Lankadeepa online, Daily FT online and Daily mirror online. Additionally, the live event was also cross-posted by FOS media, Colombo beacon, CINEC campus and Pera beats life. 

The ACCA Business Challenge is the first-ever corporate competition organized by AIESEC in University of Colombo to enhance skills of young undergraduates as a leadership-oriented organization. This case study competition was geared towards undergraduates who are from UGC recognized Universities in Sri Lanka. ACCA Business Challenge secured a delegation of 217 participants of 59 teams from almost all the government universities in Sri Lanka and a considerable number of registration from private universities as well.

Participants went through 2 rounds in addition to the grand finale.  An introductory session was also held with the intention of teaching the participants on how to do a case study to better prepare them for the coming trials.

  • Simulation MCQ round


The simulation round was held on the 15th of January on an online platform. All 217 participants competed in this online test, from which a great many teams were unable to make It into the top ten teams. The top ten teams who made it to the submission round are Achievers, Team OutOfScope, Igniters, Team Avatar, Cryptonite, CYRAYS, Team Enigma, Team HasAsolution, Hotshots, Team Frontline. The online test site itself calculated the pass rate and the best ten teams were chosen based on their final mark rankings. 

  • Submission round 


After announcing the top ten teams, the case study prompt was sent to them with a period of 6 days given to research, analyze, make, and send in their case study presentation. The presentations were submitted by the 22nd of January. The submissions were evaluated by our honourable judge panel for the semifinal round, Mr Shehan Fernando, CEO of Alpha business school and Dilshad Jiffry, Managing Director of ICON Business School representing ACCA member network panel of ACCA, Sri Lanka

  • Grand finale

The grand finale was held on the 30th of January from 10.30 AM to 1.00 PM on the AIESEC Sri Lanka FB page. The session was moderated by Sharon Mascarenhas and joined by the honourable judges, Ms Rathnakala Gurunathan and Mr Nandika Budhdhipala who represented the ACCA member network panel, Sri Lanka. The teams that made it to the grand finale were Team OutOfScope, Igniters, CYRAYS, Cryptonite and Team HasAsolution. The event kicked off with great fanfare and the teams presented their case studies to the judges.  After all the presentations were over, the judges nominated their top 3 picks for the audience vote. They are,  

  1. Summayya Ziyad from Team OutOfSCope 
  2. Sivamayouri Premnath from CYRAYS 
  3. Sevindu Ranasinghe from Igniters

Viewers voted for their favourite and the polls closed after 15 minutes. The last moments of the Grand Finale were upon us. 

The Grand Prize worth 50 000 LKR was won by Team OutOfScope consisting of Saroj De Seram, Summayya Ziyad, G.L.P. Wijesinghe. The Honorable Mention Award worth 15 000 LKR was awarded to Team Frontline consisting of Avishka Hettiarachchi, Maneth Wijethunga, Venodi Widanagamage and Hiruni Dahanayake. The Best Pitcher Award worth 10 000 LKR which was given based on viewer votes, went to Sivamayouri Premnath.  

For the winners, it was definitely a challenge that tested their minds and skills as attested by Team OutOfScope who said, “The ACCA Business Challenge organized by AIESEC in University of Colombo was an amazing experience to all of us! But even more, it was a privilege to have emerged winners during the event. Hence, we are incredibly grateful for this.

opportunity, especially as undergraduates who are about to enter the corporate world “. The team who won the Honourable Mention Award added, “We, Team Frontline would like to elaborate on ACCA Business Challenge as a golden opportunity which led us to explore a lot of insights about the Sri Lankan corporate sector. We would like to Thank AIESEC in University of Colombo for giving undergraduates this kind of opportunity “. Further comments were also given by Sivamayouri Premnath on winning the Best Pitcher award,“The event was organized very well. It was challenging yet we had fun!”.


Thus, came the end of ACCA Business Challenge presented by University of Colombo. With the guidance and leadership of the executive board of AIESEC in University of Colombo and the organizing committee president, Arunodani Bandara; this brand-new venture has come to fruition in a spectacular grand finale. As such, it is our hope as the Organizing committee that this event was one that taught everyone who was a part of this, something new and something to improve on. AIESEC in the University of Colombo will continue to inspire and develop the future leaders of the society, by delivering more and more leadership experiences.


Partners of Business Challenge


Organizing Committee – ACCA Business Challenge 

 Organizing Committee President: Arunodani Bandara

Organizing Committee Vice Presidents for Delegates: Anudi Karunaratne, Janani Samarawickrama & Nethmini Nandadewa

Organizing Committee Vice Presidents for External Relations: Pramudi Lankanadee, Gajaneei Ragupathy & Minoli Gunarathna

Organizing Committee Vice Presidents for Marketing: Siraj Naufer, Akthar Farvees & Hashini Dilshara

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Volunteering experience in Malaysia with AIESEC I Pramudi Lankanadee

Good day for all. Today, we have a wonderful story from one of our exchange participants who went to Malaysia for a Global Volunteering project. Let’s hear it from  Pramudi Lankanadee ,currently an undergraduate at the University of Colombo.

We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” That quote was echoed in my mind when I got selected by AIESEC Colombo North for this project. I was really freaked out when this opportunity was handed to me. Really, it’s astonishing news and with my parents and relatives’ blessings, i Finally landed at the  Kuala Lumpur International airport.

“Great. I am dead. This will be my worst nightmare” Standing behind a long queue at the airport, this was all I could think. But I was able to overcome my fear and enjoy the moment .In that time I was  lucky to meet couple of volunteers at the airport itself; Chinese girl and Australian girl .so we had a great time together talking about different  stuff and gossiping and realized that I was right to have made the brave decision of applying to volunteer overseas through AIESEC Sri Lanka.

Eventually my buddy picked me and took me to my accommodation place which was in University of Puthra Malaysia.  In their hostel, I was given a little room that is fit for me. Luckily it was a Friday and I had no work for the weekend.So, unpacking took an unnecessarily long time since I fell into a long chatter with my Vietnamese roommate.

For adapt to the condition, on the weekend I was roaming around the city and had a good time .A few days later, I attended the inauguration meeting of AIESEC for new volunteers. I also spoke with volunteers from several other projects during the conference which was a thrilling event for me as well.

After the inauguration, it was time to start volunteering. My work place was located outside of the city (exactly 42km from Kuala Lumpur) which is a refugee center for kids. On our first day, the Head mistress Mrs. Iring warmly welcomed us with hugging me which turned out to be one of the most  heartfelt moment of journey.

There were lots of kids  and they  greeted me saying “Hello Teacher Pramudi”. It was a nourishing experience for me when I heard them call me teacher. Yeh Me!! Most of the children were from Myanmar, Afghanistan & Pakistan, having a troubled home environment with a sad backstory. The center was dedicated to  helping these children to build a brighter future and I was really thrilled to be part of it.

In the first week, I did more chores around the center than teaching. For my experience, it was a challenge for me but I did my best. After getting up at around 6 a.m, my day was filled with washing the dishes; cleaning the floor,classrooms; and the dining area until it was spotless. some of the chores were fun,like when I had to help bathe the children after playtime. Playing with them, telling stories were the most enjoyable times in this volunteering period with them.

During the second week, teaching my dear students during my volunteer work with AIESEC was the most beautiful experience of my life. Of course, there were moments when they were a little complicated, but who isn’t a student? I sang songs with the little ones, read books with them while using illustrations to make them understand what I was teaching them.And also playing with my hair when I am trying to give them small advisers and isn’t it cuteness!! So much love them

During this time of my exchange, it was nearly  Christmas, so we arranged a  small Christmas party for the children. I also learned that the Refugee center receives a small donation from UN during  this festive season which we later utilized to prepare for a Christmas day that they’ll never forget . We played several fun games,had a singing contest as well as a dancing competition. I really enjoyed myself with the adorable and cute kids that engaged in the party especially with the “turkey boy” who teased me.


I was moved to tears when, on my last day, my students/children presented me with little homemade keepsakes as a sign of their gratitude. Some of them walked me to my room and dropped me off, with hopes of seeing me again.

Last two week were one my most adventures time period in Malaysia because I had the chance to roam with my best Friend Clara from Egypt. It was really an amazing dream come true.Exploring several islands, specially Lankavi island where I enjoyed  cable riding. Not to mention the underground wildlife garden in Piang,which was another breath-taking adventure similar to “Journey 2” film. Me and Clara had an amazing, wonderful time which passed away very quickly.

Eventually it was time to end my volunteering journey and my ep buddy gave me a heart-melting farewell that I would never forget. When  I reached the  Airport I waved my friends in Malaysia and gave a warm hug to my best friend Clara.

From this project volunteering project ,I have faced challenges that I never faced challenges that i had never faced and especially learnt a few lessons about being responsible. Actually, when I work at the Refugee center with the children, they were very grateful  with the little they little had. They didn’t bother us with anything by demanding for more. From my point of view we are lucky to be born into a good family and have a normal life without any unwanted disturbances. So it’s our duty to help the needy without any bargain and that will help peace and harmony prevail. Finally my advice is for you all to be yourselves, help each other and that will follow us with good outcomes.


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Volunteering experience in Thailand with AIESEC I Githmi Silva


It’s time to take an interesting sneak peak at one of our exchange participants who happened to visit Thailand for a Global Volunteer project. Filled with much excitement and unending adventure, it was a mere opportunity to be enthralled within her journey by listening to all her stories entangled with love for the people of Thailand, and of course for “Thai food”.

Githmi goes on a project based on the 4th SDG, Quality Education, much for the interest and faith she gained in teaching. Embarking on her journey she started to tell her story by first  rushing back to the memories about her school, in which she was a vital part of, throughout her period of the exchange. “I worked in a very small school with around 120 students, in the area of Nakhon Sawan, approximately 400km from the city of Bangkok. Conducting classes for t

he students in Kindergarten, primary, secondary and senior batches was one of the most important experiences I gained, because the time spent with those kids were priceless. My journey was not without challenges, at first, let me tell you, I was quite excited by

the fact that I was about to spend six weeks alone, in another country. Yet as soon as I arrived at the airport, I felt a bit anxious, I felt nervous, because I was the only one who went from Sri Lanka. I rather felt awkward…On the second day I went through the Incoming Preparation Seminar, organized by the host entity and among all  the Global Village was the best part of it! suddenly things turned out to be quite good for me because it was with time that I realized how truly amazing the local people are. I’m not telling this for the sake of telling but because trust me, they really were amazing…” Rushing back towards a memory that surfaced, she continued her story as she relived through the amazing experiences she once had.

“We lived in a small village. As beautiful as it was, the people were the reason that made me feel at home. The entire neighborhood was offering us food, that we created such a bond because once I came back to Sri Lanka, I was merely surprised to receive a huge care package with Thai food included, it really touched me”

Githmi loved to talk about the experience she gained through the process of the exchange as it offered her much happiness and was the reason that changed her into a better version of herself.

“The best thing about the volunteering experience was that I gained the ability to discover my true potential. I was a very introverted person, I did not actually talk much with people, but kept to myself. The volunteering experience was what changed me, it made me feel comfortable with new people,

 I learnt to talk with them and I also realized how important those small exchanges of affection can be”.

“No matter how much we worked, I never got bored. We had mini events and concerts at school. The mini-event which was held with regards to the ‘Mother’s Day’ was something quite emotional and amazing. At the weekends we also had the mere opportunity of travelling, that we visited Bangkok and as well Pattaya and those moments were packed with much excitement” Moreover, in her taste for Thai food, she offered an unexpected yet much interesting answer, ‘At first, I did not like the Thai food! because It was a bit “smelly” to me. Yet, I tend to have a better liking for the food which was provided by one of our student’s parents and it was really nice. As days passed by I developed an interest towards Thai food, now that I think of it, I really do miss that taste.

In concluding her story she wanted to leave a vital message with us“The whole process of the exchange was quite special to me, because it helped me to figure out a part of me which I never thought that I could find out and above all my exchange was what motivated me to join AIESEC. And let me tell you, the experience will not be same to everyone, yet, I would highly encourage you to take up this beautiful challenge and go on an exchange because trust me, every challenge is going to be worth at the end of the day and you will be definitely come back with heaps of memories which you can cherish forever”

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Careergraph by AIESEC in University of Colombo

Hand to graph your career from AIESEC in University of Colombo

Careergraph is an event organized by AIESEC in University of Colombo to convey an in-depth understanding of the corporate world while preparing the youth to build up their career path. AIESEC in University of Colombo is one of the pioneer local committees operating under AIESEC in Sri Lanka with the vision of “Engaging and developing every young person in the world”. Likewise, they provide the youth with opportunities for leadership development through volunteering, interning and entrepreneurship training.

Careergraph corporate experience was initially planned to comprise two phases of which the first phase was successfully carried out by the Organizing Committee on 29th December 2020 with a participation of over 200 school students and university undergraduates. The event was held as a panel discussion conducted by five eminent corporate experts and entrepreneurs. The event opened up with the flourishing fashion designer and entrepreneur Ms. Amilani Perera giving us her insights on incorporating passion into career and the challenges that came on the way.

This was followed by a thorough explanation of the importance of academic qualifications for a career and how the corporate world is affected

Speakers of Careergraph

by the current COVID-19 pandemic by the Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Celcius Solutions, Mr. Kamal Dole. The young emerging innovator and Co-Founder at SurfEdge (PVT) Ltd, Mr. Adhisha Gammanpila too shared some valuable tips to kick-start a company of your own. He also launched Sri Lanka’s first quantum computing start-up at the event. Mr. Pravinth Rajarathnam, director of Imperial College of Business Studies in Sri Lanka also joined as a panellist to discuss his views on career success. The Local Committee President of AIESEC in University of Colombo for the years 2015/16. Mr. Kaneru Godagama joined to share with the delegates his experience in AIESEC and how it aided him in building the leader in him and empowering others around him. The event was smoothly moderated by Ms. Azraa Azaan, Assistant Manager at News 1st Capital Maharaja Group.
The second phase of Careergraph will also be happening on a virtual platform in partnership with CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. The event will be held virtually to bring an interesting and informative session that will offer clarity and inspiration towards the career dreams of aspiring young individuals, who seek to develop their career during these turbulent times, with proper guidance and a winning vision shared with you by AIESEC and CIMA.
This event will comprise areas concerned with choosing the precise opportunities to build a successful career, balancing the career with one’s passion, and insights about developing the leadership potential through AIESEC as well. Careergraph 2020 will be held in April 2021, and live-streamed via the AIESEC Sri Lanka Facebook page

The event was broadcasted over Zoom and Facebook platforms with over 2000 views with the constant support of the generous partners (Imperial College of Business Studies, Scribit, Jeya Book Centre (pvt.) ltd., Daily mirror online, Hi Online, Good PR, Chokolaate and Monsoon).

Partners of Careergraph

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