“Grab every opportunity you get, try out new things, that’s all about being an AIESECer.”

I remember the very first time my two Local Committee Vice Presidents sat us all down in our induction and spoke to us. After a long day of sessions, jives and fun filled games these words hit me the hardest. On my way home, excited to read all the messages I got as my sugar cubes, I kept thinking what I am supposed to do next. 

I joined AIESEC because I wanted to be a part of something big during my university years and also  because my friend wouldn’t stop nagging me to join AIESEC along with her. As a member I did nothing but follow those words that hit me so hard on my very first AIESEC experience. The applications for RevolUX 2.0, the first physical event in a long time for our entity, opened up and even though I had absolutely no clue what UI/UX designing was  I grabbed that opportunity to try out for it. This has been one of the wisest decisions  I ever took in my AIESEC journey. I was ecstatic  to know that I had been selected for it and this marked the beginning of my favorite memory in AIESEC up to now.

One of the biggest plus points I saw in my AIESEC journey is how much we get recognized for every small effort we put in. This motivated me the most as a newbie and made me have faith in my decision. As an External Relations Organizing Committee Vice President for RevolUX 2.0 as soon as I got to know that we were responsible for raising monetary partners to support  the entire event I started to feel doubtful. I had never raised partnerships, even for school events and that huge responsibility  scared me. I was afraid that they were going to regret picking me as an OCVP but my co-OCVP for ER and friend reminded me that ‘we are just 21, we are supposed to make mistakes, we definitely have no way of figuring it all out by now ; so take it all slowly and don’t forget to enjoy this because you were selected for a reason’. All these words made a lot more sense to me than trying to figure out everything on my own. AIESEC made me feel as if I’m part of this big family where everyone has each other’s back.


A shy and timid girl like me stepped out of her comfort zone and embraced what’s out there. As of today being a team leader in the Incoming Global Talent program and a member in the Business Development team, I’m thriving in my AIESEC journey and having the best time of my life. Reading this might be your sign to take that one step ahead in your AIESEC journey and empower others to follow on your path as well.

Authored By,
Chenuli Amarasinghe
International Relations Team Leader,
Incoming Global Talent
AIESEC in University of Colombo

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