How does AIESEC publish the fact of powerful inspiration?

Things you are passionate about are not random; they are your calling. In my experience, inspiration typically occurs during work and conversation rather than before it. So, taking into account the aforementioned truth, I could always point out that AIESEC is the mind-blowing stage where we can brave up with the relevant, inspirational attributes of the young and bright generation.

I want to say that the AIESEC platform has aided in my professional and personal growth by giving me the confidence I needed to approach new acquaintances and raise my awareness of various cultures and lifestyles. AIESEC has greatly motivated me to continue living in mindfulness in the future, and AIESEC supports the growth of AIESECers daily so they can bring about the needed changes in society. 

In addition, I would like to point out that a growing number of AIESEC experiences are being created thanks to the connections made possible by our network’s rapid expansion of high-potential individuals.

The first step to success is having self-confidence. And the influential audience provided the groundwork for this first step by generating the necessary motivation, highlighting my leadership abilities, and encouraging excellent interaction. 

  I could only add that being brave enough to join AIESEC plays a more prominent role in this fantastic life story than anything else. This unique platform inspires us to share our thoughtful viewpoints and take admirable action to realize our individual goals and aspirations. 

There are no frontiers, which is the key feature of AIESEC underlined for our motivation. The points of red, yellow, black, and white don’t exist. As equally responsible adults, we are all working together to reach informed judgments that will better our present and future.

Last but not least, I want to emphasize that every one of us should have a theme, goal, or purpose. 

To achieve your goals, attain the greatest, be a role model, and perform at your best. I would say that AIESEC plays a crucial role in this position by inspiring us to perform at our best and achieve the greatest by pursuing the facts and goals that we seek.

Penned by Sanjana Dissanayake

Content Writer, AIESEC in SLIIT

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Sri Lanka – a country where you feel like home! Let Ben inspire you to volunteer in Sri Lanka

Ben Kevser made her dreams come true when she took the courageous step to fulfill them.

“My AIESEC adventure started after I met Kocaeli – AIESEC branch. Thanks to their faith and support in me, I am now in Sri Lanka. I am where my dreams are.

Why Sri Lanka?

Kandy Esala Perahara

It is a country that still preserves its culture, language, faith, sincerity, and nature, and it attracts me. Not a single person does not smile when I walk the streets. The light in their eyes makes me feel like I belong here. I wonder how easy it is to get along with the people of this country, especially without knowing any English.

During a previous volunteering experience, I met friends who helped me learn English. It felt like we had known each other for a long time. Perhaps the common purpose bound us together. I didn’t give up in times of crisis. Though my family expressed their worries about the situation, I was relieved by interacting with the AIESEC volunteers in Sri Lanka. And the experience was splendid!

Ben's StoryThey give priority to tourists and are remarkable in terms of hospitality. I can say this to the volunteers coming from Turkey. The AIESEC volunteers of Sri Lanka are incredibly welcoming and working to contribute to our safety, happiness, and well-being. Now I can say that this was not difficult to achieve with the inner peace of living my dreams.

Don’t put off your dreams just because you are hesitant. Sri Lanka is a country with so many diversities. Now is the time to register and take your first step towards your journey.


By Ben Kevser
Volunteer from Turkey


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How AIESEC reshapes and brings out one’s value-driven leadership

If anybody asks an AIESECer to describe what AIESEC is in two keywords, without a doubt, 9 out of 10 answers probably would be ‘Youth’ and ‘Leadership.’ And that is the closest answer to what AIESEC is. To make it more describable, we could say AIESEC is a global network that believes that youth leadership is not an option but a responsibility. 


But what is so special about these leadership skills that only AIESEC is providing an opportunity to develop? If this has been a question you’ve been looking for answers to, guess what? You’re in the right blog to find out why we, as AIESECers, are being given a golden ticket of a lifetime. 


Before getting to these answers and why leadership from AIESEC is unique, we’ll first ask ourselves what leadership is. For someone, leadership could simply be guiding a team to do specific tasks or having an impact. And another could be setting an example for the followers in a group or an organization, etc., and achieving goals through teamwork. Yes, all of the above answers are very true, and there can be many more definitions of leadership. But then what stands out from AIESEC and its leadership from these above said basic concepts on leadership? The answer is “Values.”


From AIESEC, leadership isn’t another concept that is typically just taught. We, as AIESECers, break that cycle and what AIESEC gives us is to develop values that we believe leaders should live by. And there are six of these most important values, which are as follows.


6 Core Values of AIESEC Leadership

  1. Demonstrating integrity – Having that moral principle of doing what is fitting rather than comfortable. 
  2. Striving for excellence – AIESEC provides many global volunteering opportunities and internships. You’ll find your true potential by overcoming those challenges and continuously growing through creativity and innovation.
  3. Enjoy participation – There is no other organization on earth that would get you to celebrate and enjoy every single occasion to the maximum and bring youthful enthusiasm out of your system than the AIESEC.
  4. Acting sustainably – creating a mindset that is not just to think of the present but also about the future generations and taking wise steps in the right direction through living sustainably. 
  5. Activating leadership – from getting to lead by example to showing empathy and compassion and inspiring others to teach as well. 
  6. Living diversity – freedom to be who you are and to be accepted in a non-judgmental society that AIESEC has created, embracing each other’s differences as strengths. 

Therefore, as the youth and AIESECers, we are provided with a grand stage filled with opportunities to develop our potential and leadership through these values and showcase how we can make a better impact on this world and the society we live in. But in the end, there’s one last question to be asked. 


Are you ready to take up the challenge of becoming the best leader you can be?

Penned by Semin Balasuriya
Content Writer, AIESEC in SLIIT

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