Impact of COVID-19 in the Sri Lanka education system

 Education is the most important weapon

In that respect, the government of Sri Lanka has long played a major role in improving the quality of education in Sri Lanka. Also, Sri Lanka is one of the leading countries in providing free education from villages to cities. Through this education system, many students have built their careers on the path of progress. In addition, it is very useful for every student from preschool to university. Classroom activities, direct lessons, dedicated teachers, and government regulations are the main reasons for this achievement in Sri Lanka.


Effects of the new normal situation

The COVID-19 which has been plaguing the world, since last year is also having many repercussions in Sri Lanka as well. Everything has positive and negative sides as if there are two sides to the coin. However, this COVID-19 causes many negative impacts on the Sri Lanka education system. This new normal encourages mainly online learning.

Limitations of the online learning in the Sri Lanka education system

The impact of COVID-19 has created an opportunity for students to study online. Although this online education allows students to learn about new technology, it is less effective than direct education because students will not be under the direct supervision of the teacher. The furthermore main issue during taking online classes or lectures is poor networking due to this so many students and teachers are affected. Many poor students are unable to get education properly due to the absence of smartphone, laptop facilities in their homes during this pandemic situation. Thus, education reaches only a few students.


Online learning process

As well as this pandemic is provoking child employment. It directly affects the children ‘s life. This COVID-19 has a negative influence on university students’ careers. It has increased the time taken for university students to receive a degree. Students or learners are prone to many health problems like visual impairment, laziness, and spinal pain as they engage in online learning mostly. and it stimulates some mental issues among students, teachers, and parents as well. In this pandemic situation, students interacting with their society become very poor. Also, students’ writing and reading skills and habits are declining these days. Relationship bonds are weakening because there is a situation where it is not possible to spend time with families despite being with them. The adage is that “setting up a school is more massive than setting up a thousand prisons”, this well illustrates the need for schooling.

The school direct education system teaches students good habits, cultures, and extracurricular activities along with their studies, but online learning can’t encourage these chapters properly among people.

 The positive effects of online education in Sri Lanka

However, Online learning is the best solution to face the challenges of COVID-19. And it is enhancing student education in this COVID -19 pandemic Because there are no other substitutes. Also, This virtual learning help to make a good relationship between students -teachers during the lockdown. And E-learning is an efficient way to deliver lessons via tools like PDF, Video recording, podcasts. And it provides accessibility to time and place. Also, its affordability means the reduced financial cost like traveling and food, etc.

As well as many teachers volunteering to teach students online for free. Hence, we need to understand the situation and adapt ourselves accordingly. All Sri Lankans must make proper use of available resources and, contribute to the development of Sri Lanka.

Therefore, it is best to take full advantage of the benefits of online education. It makes effective use of this pandemic.

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