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A recap: AIESEC in USJ 2022

AIESEC in University of Sri Jayewardenepura (AIESEC in USJ), the local committee of AIESEC in Sri Lanka based in the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, wa

s able to kick off the term 22/23 with great enthusiasm and energy. The committee organized several remarkable events throughout the year, orgadidas yeezy boost Human Hair Wigs glueless wigs nfl san francisco 49ers customized jerseys sex toys for women sex toys online customize football jersey Human Hair Wigs jordan outlet nfl jersey for sale adidas yeezy 700 adidas shoes sale wigs types best wigs for black women anized recruitment drives, attracting new members who are eager to develop their leadership skills, and contributed to the community through social projects and as usual; contributed to nurture and develop young leaders to take up the future into their hands

The executive board of AIESEC in USJ during the term 22/23 had three pillars on which they wished to concentrate. They are,

1. Sustainability 

2. Innovation

3. PR presence

Therefore, each and every activity that happened during the term revolved around these 3 pillars


AIESEC in USJ had an incredible year of event planning and execution in 2022. The committee organized a variety of events, each one more impressive than the last, creating unforgettable experiences for everyone involved.

Fusion 2022 was  an open mic even that aimed to showcase the best of the talents of the local community.  The event was a resounding success, with a wide range of talents on display, including singing, dancing, and standup comedy. Attendees were left in awe, and the event set the tone for what would be an exceptional year of events organized by AIESEC in USJ.

Next up was LCM Avurudu Muse, a celebration of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. The event featured traditional games, music, and food, providing attendees with an immersive cultural experience, and reminding everybody of our local roots and values. 

In May AIESEC in USJ organized Tribute, an appreciation event for the members of the entity. The event was an emotional and nostalgic affair, as the committee members reflected on their time with AIESEC and their contributions to the organization and were appreciated.

The innovative program “Revive” which was organized by AIESEC in USJ in July was a massive success.. Revive was a timely initiative carried out in an effort to solve Sri Lanka’s current economic issue as a whole. And it was planned with the intention of raising awareness among the general public and including youth in finding answers to the current economic difficulties.

The annual flagship event, Creative Circuit 3.0, which focused on creativity and innovation was held for the third consecutive time, igniting Sri Lanka’s creative sector in the latter half of July. Creative Circuit 3.0 had over 13000 viewers both virtually and physically over its 4 day span and  featured 19 speakers from 4 continents who spoke on 12 topics related to the creative industry.

YouCon 4.0 was an international conference on YouTube and content production that AIESEC in USJ organized for the fourth time in a row. This was successfully concluded on December 3rd, 4th, and 10th in a virtual form through the AIESEC Sri Lanka Facebook page, with the Main Conference taking place on December 11th at the TRACE Expert City, featuring the attendance of over 20 well-known industry figures.

Accelerate by Syndicate, was a career guidance workshop series organized by AIESEC in USJ with the intention of assisting the A/L students, fresh school leavers and undergraduates in choosing an appropriate career path. This event was set up with the aim of encouraging Sri Lankan youngsters to think creatively and to develop skills related to business, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Jayewardenepura Exchange Leadership Development Seminar (JXLDS) was a two-day leadership development conference organized by AIESEC in USJ in January 2023, for the 11th consecutive year and was aimed to create a common platform for potential leaders within the entity to enhance their leadership skills.

AIESEC in USJ orchestrated a successful double-header in 2022, hosting the ‘Incoming Exchanges (iCX) Day’ on September 24th and the ‘Outgoing Exchanges (oGX) Day’ on October 8th. These events proved to be invaluable opportunities for our members, offering immersive simulations that allowed them to gain hands-on experience in understanding the operations.


Incoming Global Volunteer (iGV)

Young enthusiasts have an exciting volunteering opportunity through AIESEC’s Incoming Global Volunteer product, but it can also serve as a launch pad for a socially conscious company. To create community service initiatives that support the SDGs and ensure a better and more sustainable future for all, companies can collaborate with AIESEC through this product.

In the term 22/23, AIESEC in USJ was able to achieve realizations for countries such as India, Germany, Mexico, Egypt, Turkey, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Belgium among others.

‘All For Love’, was a novel initiative undertaken by the Incoming Global Volunteer function of AIESEC in USJ for the project ‘Global Classroom’. On the map, Skill up, Heart beat, and Aquatica were some of the further projects that IGV function carried out during the last term.

Incoming Global Talent (iGT)

The primary objective of the Incoming Global Talent function is to facilitate international internships for bright young people throughout the world to work for businesses and organizations abroad. The IGT team is in charge of overseeing tasks related to  matching talented young people with internships that fit their interests and skill sets, coordinating travel and visa arrangements, assisting with cultural adjustment and support while they are there, and making sure that the experience is fruitful for both the intern and the hosting organization.

AIESEC in USJ, was successful in realizing Joshua Ruhle from Germany to Sri Lanka during the previous term.

Outgoing Global Volunteer (oGV)

The OGV function is concerned with transferring young people from one nation to another to take part in volunteer initiatives in a variety of areas, including environmental sustainability, social development, and education. The OGV team is in charge of coordinating every step of getting volunteers ready to go abroad, from choosing and screening applicants to pairing them with suitable volunteer projects.

During the preceding term, AIESEC in USJ was successful in obtaining 4 realizations and 8 approvals under OGV. Additionally, they were successful in planning a variety of activities for their membership, including the OGV Night Cruise, Canva education sessions, Game night, and other appreciation events. Additionally, they were able to carry out an innovative project called Volunesia, which gave delegates the chance to speak with their IR Partners and discuss the value of exchange-based cross-cultural understanding.


Outgoing Global Talent (oGT)

The OGT function is focused on sending young talent abroad to take part in international internships in a variety of sectors and businesses. The OGT team is in charge of overseeing every step of preparing and sending gifted young people overseas, from choosing and screening applicants to pairing them with suitable internships.

AIESEC in USJ was able to raise 9 realizations under the category of Outgoing Global Teacher and 5 realizations under the category of Outgoing Global Talent during the term prior to this one. Additionally, they carried out a number of projects, such as  Bond Overseas which took place on December 17 and Career Expo in July 2022.


During the 22/23 term, AIESEC in USJ was successful in securing 17 awards. They were able to secure the ‘Most Outstanding LC Award’ at both National Conference 2022 and National Leadership Development Seminar 2022. Aiesec in USJ was able to win the Finance Award and the Outgoing Global Talent Award twice. And was successful in receiving the Marketing Award at the National Conference 2022 Gala Awards as well as the Asia Pacific Summit 2023. The Finance Award from the Asia Pacific Leaders Summit was conveyed to AIESEC in USJ as well.

Overall, AIESEC in USJ’s event planning and execution in the term 22/23 was truly remarkable. The committee’s creativity, passion, and attention to detail were evident in every event they organized, creating unforgettable experiences for everyone involved. The committee’s commitment to promoting cultural exchange, innovation, and personal development was notable in the events they organized, in their goal of creating a more inclusive and sustainable world.

And key focus areas of executive board of term 23/24 are,

  • Sustainability 
  • PR Presence
  • Membership

Everything in the future term will work towards that, and in terms of sustainability, emphasis is heavily placed on the viability of products and businesses. The goal of their PR presence is to increase AIESEC’s external significance in general and AIESEC in USJ in particular. Membership is all about their commitment to and loyalty to the organization, as well as their growth on a personal and professional level. 

AIESEC in USJ is looking forward to conquering by not only surviving, but excelling via their creativity and inventions, and evolve to be the better and greater version of themselves, where AIESEC in USJ will set the standard high for the quality and excellence of Leadership Development. 

by Anudi Samarakoon

Jayewardenepura Showcasing Team

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Leading with Courage: The Power of Speaking Up When It Matters

In both our personal and professional lives, there are moments when we need to gather our courage and speak up, expressing our opinions and taking a stand. Yet, the fear of consequences and the discomfort of challenging the status quo often hold us back. But by embracing the power of speaking up when it matters, we not only shape our own lives but also ignite positive change in our organizations and communities. In this article, we will explore the significance of leading with courage and how it empowers us to make a lasting impact.

Silence may provide temporary comfort, but it rarely leads to progress or improvement. Speaking up is crucial because it allows us to address issues, voice concerns, and champion ideas that can bring about positive change. It fosters open communication, encourages collaboration, and strengthens relationships within teams and organizations. By sharing our perspectives and challenging the status quo, we create an environment that values diverse viewpoints and stimulates innovation.

In the tapestry of life, silence can be a cozy cocoon, a place where comfort lulls us into a sense of security. But, my dear friend, let me tell you a secret: within that silence, dreams lie dormant, waiting for the brave souls who dare to wake them. It is in the resolute act of speaking up that the symphony of progress begins, its melodies reaching the ears of those ready to listen. When we find the audacity to break free from the shackles of silence, we become catalysts of change. We unlock doors long barricaded, paving the way for conversations that have been yearning to be spoken. Like a colorful mosaic, the voices of diverse perspectives intertwine, painting a vivid canvas of innovation and growth.

As a leader, you possess an extraordinary power—a power that reverberates through your every word and action, like a heartbeat pulsating through the veins of your organization. When you summon the courage to speak up, your voice becomes a beacon of light, guiding others out of the shadows and into the realm of transformation.

Speaking up can feel intimidating, especially when we anticipate negative consequences. However, it’s important to recognize that silence often perpetuates the very issues we wish to change. To overcome this fear, we must cultivate self-confidence and trust in our own abilities. Remind yourself that your opinions matter and that speaking up contributes to a greater purpose.

In the realm of voices, there exists a symphony of fear and hesitation, an orchestra of doubts that threaten to drown out the melodies of progress. Speaking up, they whisper, is a treacherous journey into the unknown, where the weight of consequences hangs heavy like storm clouds on the horizon. Yet, my intrepid soul, let me impart upon you the secret to conquering these fears: the alchemy of self-belief and the transformative power of purpose.

To unravel the chains of fear that bind us, we must embark upon a journey of self-discovery, where confidence blooms like a vibrant blossom in the sunlight of our own potential. Let us remember, with unwavering conviction, that our opinions hold weight and our perspectives breathe life into a larger purpose. Each voice, no matter how seemingly small, is a vital thread in the tapestry of progress.

Surround yourself with supportive individuals who encourage open dialogue and value diverse viewpoints. Start by voicing your thoughts in smaller, low-stakes situations and gradually work your way up to more significant conversations. Remember that speaking up is not about being confrontational, but rather about sharing your insights, ideas, and concerns in a constructive manner. Embracing the discomfort and pushing through the fear of speaking up will empower you to become an influential leader who drives positive change and creates a culture that values and respects the power of courageous voices.

Creating a culture of psychological safety is vital to encourage individuals to speak up. When people feel safe expressing their thoughts and ideas without fear of judgment or retribution, it fosters an environment that thrives on open dialogue and collaboration. Leaders play a critical role in nurturing this culture by actively listening, valuing diverse perspectives, and addressing concerns constructively.

Busy youth are often vitims of mental health problemsSpeaking up becomes even more crucial when ethical or moral principles are at stake. Leaders have a responsibility to question decisions or actions that contradict these principles. By aligning their values with their actions, leaders inspire others to do the same, resulting in a more ethical and accountable organization.

When we gather the strength to express ourselves with bravery, we ignite a spark of inspiration that has the power to touch the hearts of those around us. Our words and actions can set off a chain reaction, like ripples spreading across a pond, resulting in collective efforts and meaningful change on a broader level. By speaking up about our concerns, offering suggestions for improvement, and daring to question the status quo, we become catalysts for progress and innovation. The courage we display becomes infectious, empowering others to find their own voices and join in the pursuit of continuous improvement. Together, we create a culture where positive change thrives and where each individual’s contribution matters.

Leading with courage and speaking up when it matters is not always easy, but it is essential for personal and professional growth. By overcoming our fears and embracing the power of our voices, we create opportunities for positive change and inspire others to do the same. Whether it’s challenging the status quo, advocating for ethical principles, or nurturing a culture of psychological safety, our courage can lead to lasting impact. Let us strive to be courageous leaders unafraid to make our voices heard and pave the way for a better future.

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Avurudu Celebration at AIESEC in USJ 2023

What is Avurudu?

On January 1st of each year, many nations around the world mark the beginning of the new year, while some nations celebrate on a different day. In Sri Lanka, people welcome the new year on January 1st as is customary across the globe, but Sinhala and Tamil new year is traditionally celebrated on April 14th each year.It is known domestically as the “Sinhala and Hindu Aluth Avurudda” or “Avurudu” in  short form.  It is the biggest new year celebration in Sri Lanka which is based on the sun’s movement from Meena rashiya to Mesha rashiya. Both Sinhalese Buddhists and Tamil Hindus celebrate the day. Sinhala and Tamil new year is also known as the ‘Sun Festival’ because it’s a ritual performed to honor the god of the sun for hundreds and hundreds of years now. Sinhala and Tamil new year is the ideal festival to experience Sri Lanka’s core traditions, rituals fun activities, and traditional games which can’t experience anywhere else

At the beginning of April, there is green everywhere, fresh leaves on trees, flowers in bloom, vegetable, and fruits in plenty, and the songs of birds in the air. The feeling of a fresh spring is in the air. Moreover, Sinhala and Tamil new year signifies the reaping of the harvest and social customs especially of the farming community. After the MAHA harvest the farmers celebrate the occasion and express gratitude.

Sinhala and Tamil new year is celebrated with a series of traditions, foods and fun games that take place during the celebration. The rituals associated with the Sinhala and Tamil new year begins with bathing on the last day of the old year and viewing the moon on the same night. All Sinhala and Tamil New Year rituals are performed during an auspicious time, which means the entire country cooks, eats, and engages in work at the same time. The Sinhala and Tamil new year rituals start with a ritual called the neutral period(nonagathaya). During this period people keep off from all work and do nothing but engage in religious activities. When the Sinhala and Tamil new year comes, the first ritual is the lighting the hearth of the house to prepare milk rice which symbolizes prosperity. Then Ahara Anubawaya, Weda Alleema, Ganudenu Kireema and the next day morning anointing ritual will perform at the temple.

Food and Avurudu games play a major role in Sinhala and Tamil new year celebration. In every household sweet like kavum, kokis, thalaguli, aggala, aasmi, aluwa and many more traditional sweets are made. During this season people who work in cities return to their hometown or village to celebrate Sinhala and Tamil new year with their family. Some of the Avurudu games include placing the eye on the elephant, eating buns the fastest, pillow fights, tug-o-war, breaking the pots, climbing the grassy pole, and so on. Those several unique customs and traditional beliefs linked with Sinhala and Tamil new year celebrations in Sri Lanka make it more special. The sense of goodwill and friendship among relations and friends is also seen during the festival time. During Sinhala and Tamil new year season everyone gets together and organizes events that include many traditional games to celebrate the season and children and elders enjoy participating in such events.

Avurudu LCM at AIESEC in USJ

AIESEC in USJ organized a Sinhala and Tamil new year celebration, LCM AVURUDU on the 22nd of April 2023. There were more than 120+ delegates in the Sinhala and Tamil new year celebration. At 10.00 am as per the AIESEC culture, the LCM started with Jives. Then the chair of the event was introduced with a funny drama. The chair was a former LCVP B2C, Binashi Perera. Her experience sharing session was very interactive, and fun and it was very valuable to every member. Then we had back office and front office functional updates and items which were performed by our very creative and talented AIESECERs. Finally, LCP for term 22.23 gave a valuable speech by admiring all the hard work done by the members to become the most outstanding LC in 22.23 term. and then LCP for term 23.24 also did a speech by admiring all the hard work and giving new hope and expectations for term 23.24. Then the LCM ended.

Then AIESEC in USJ Avurudu celebration started with the opening of Avurudu kema mesaya with milk rice, kevum, kosik, mun kavum and many more Sinhala kevili. After the Avurudu kema mesaya, a beautiful dance and a song were presented by our talented AIESECRES. Then the  Avurudu games started. There were many games organized by the Organizing Committee, pass and pop, leek balls, segavunu amuththa seweema, there-legged games, water ballon pass, toffee roll, pani babare and kamba adeema, saree andaweema and finally avurudu kumara/kumariya thereema. All the games were played and enjoyed by the members and most enjoyable games were Pani babare and Kamba adeema. All members were able to make fun and joyful memories.

As a delegate, this was my first Avurudu celebration experience with AIESEC in USJ. It was a fun event not only for me but also for every AIESECER. One of the core values of Sinhala and Tamil new year is to renew our friendships and relationships. In this Avurudu celebration also we were able to renew our friendship and make new friends. As an AIESECER and undergraduate, all members are having a busy schedule. Therefore, this Avurudu celebration was a great experience for everyone to relax and have an enjoyable moment. This celebration was able to remind us of the key values of AIESEC, building leadership through collaboration and collectivism as exemplified by its exchange programs.

Sinhala and Tamil New year, which is rich in culture and tradition could be celebrated by all as a national festival and unique features made use of to promote friendship among people. Not only that, it’s a great opportunity to showcase cultural values to the world and to experience Sri Lankan unique cross-cultural movement.

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Youth leadership: Life and work balance

Introduction to youth leadership: life and work balance.

To achieve the best version of youth leadership, it is highly required to balance work and life in every young leader’s life. Leadership is not just monitoring, controlling or conducting people and resources to achieve expected goals. At the same time there should be a life and work balance. If there is no balance in life and work, the young leader would not be able to perform in his or her role as wished.

What is Youth Leadership?

Youth leadership can be recognized as the practice of youth exercising authority over themselves or others. Leadership plays a vital role in a young person’s life because leadership facilitates brightening that person’s life with multiple skills and unique personality. Youth leadership provides a path to gain an understanding of a responsible position in their future lives. Through this leadership experience, the young community is motivated and tends to accept more responsible positions. Furthermore, they receive confidence as well as the ability to handle every challengeable situation in their lives. As a young leader, he or she is required to balance life and work in order to perform as an effective young leader.

What is life and work balance?

Life and work balance refers to the intersection of personal and work life of a person’s life. If we refer this to the life of a young leader, the life and work balance of him or her indicates an intersection of personal and work life of that young leader. Life and work balance is kind of a basic life skill that every young person should have. Nowadays, every young leader is dealing with a fight to maintain a balance between their personal life and work life simultaneously. Fortunately, some of them are able to maintain their personal life and work life with a good balance but some of them are unable to do so unfortunately. When the young leader is maintaining a good life and work balance successfully, he or she can perform his or her day today life activities as well as activities related to work effectively and efficiently.

How can young leaders maintain life and work balance?

In order to maintain a life and work balance, younger leaders can follow these following actions.

  •         Young leader has to do a job that he or she loves to do.

Once a young leader finds his or her favorite job, he or she tends to do that job with a fresh and motivated mind. Then it leads to reduced stress and encourages to have life and work balance.

Health condition of him/herself should be prioritized by the young leader.

Both good mental and physical health is really important for every young leader. Otherwise he or she is unable to perform duties in work and life as well as maintain a life and work balance.

  •         Take some time in the week for your hobbies rather than doing work activities all the time.

When engaging in hobbies (sports, listening to music, traveling etc), it helps to reduce the stress and recharge yourself. It stimulates to maintain a life and work balance for young leader.

  •         Find time to spend with your loved ones and care about yourself.

When you are spending the time with your loved ones, it provides you a good break from the huge stressful work. It helps to enjoy life.

  •         Set goals in your life and try to achieve them.

If the young leader has his or her own goals, it definitely shows the path to success in life. Success is not only the success in work life but also the success in personal life.

  •         Try to understand that there is no pure-perfect life and work balance. (There may be few fluctuations in            your life and work balance sometimes)

Everyone is not perfect and no one can maintain a pure-perfect life and work balance. There can be ups and downs in life and work balance.

Finally, these actions help to achieve the life and work balance for young leaders. Further, it will be a great foundation to perform his or her leadership role successfully and accomplish the expected goals in both life and work.

Positive consequences of having life and work balance for youth leadership ?

When the young leader maintains an acceptable good life and work balance, it helps to keep the peaceful mental condition of the leader, improve the productivity and quality of performance of him. Not only that, but also it facilitates the interpersonal understanding on the team as well as peer young leaders.  Therefore, the ultimate result of maintaining a good life and work balance for the young leader is he would be able to perform at his best level of leadership.

Negative consequences of not having life and work balance for youth leadership

On the other hand, if the young leader is not be able to maintain a good life and work balance, it may lead to negative  consequences. As an instance, suppose a young leader is not in a position of maintaining a good life and work balance. It adversely affects the effectiveness of his performance. It leads to feeling stressed when working. It gradually causes family conflicts as well as it will be a barrier to the relationship with the peer young leaders and the team. Therefore, finally it navigates to the path of destroying the whole life of the young leader.

As a conclusion, youth leadership is one of the keys to the success of a young person’s life. To reach excellent leadership, the young leader needs to maintain a good life and work balance in his or her life. If the young leader fails to do, it encourages negative effects. However, if he or she reaches a good life and work balance, it definitely encourages the best positive effects. Hence, youth leadership is amazing when there is a sufficient  life and work balance.

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Behind the Eye of a Showcaser

At AIESEC, if there is one thing that we value, that is leadership. All our members around the country and the world engage with AIESEC to polish and enhance their leadership skills. Astoundingly, we offer this opportunity by assisting potential leaders to obtain a cross-cultural experience. Our products of Global Volunteer, Global Talent and Global Teacher have paved the way for many young  individuals  to get the opportunity of becoming an exchange participant and gain an immersed experience with other cultures.

For these products to sustain and reach out the community, Showcasing has been known to become entailed with these products. At AIESEC, we have an exceptionally qualified team who has taken steps to ensure that our services branch out to all the budding youth to become a part of this experience. This is not an easy task which can be done overnight but rather through planning and experience, it has allowed AIESEC to provide its target individuals with the best possible experience they can get.

Most of these leaders in the Showcasing team of AIESEC work behind the big picture, so we decided to go behind this glamorous picture and give you an understanding on how the brushes and paint are being whipped and stroked to make this more and more beautiful. For this, we interviewed Abhishek Ranasinghe and Banuka Basnayaka who are an integral part of the Jayawardenepura Showcasing Team and the National Showcasing Team.


  • “Showcase your Story” is the tagline of NST, so let me ask the first question from you by asking you to showcase your story to me. Who are you? How have you painted your story on the canvas?


Hi, I’m Abhishek Ransinghe, 3rd year undergraduate in the Department of Marketing, at the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce in the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and currently I work as one of the video directors of NST 22.23 Sem 2. I’m a graphic designer, videographer, video editor and have a passion to learn more about photography as well.


Hi, I’m Banuka Basnayaka, 3rd year undergraduate at the Faculty of Technology in the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. Well, people say I’m a sloth who works slow, but I would consider myself to be a creative sloth who gets his work done even in a stressful situation. Getting it done slowly and smoothly is my jam. I also work as a video director at NST 22.23 Sem 2.


  • According to you, what answer can you give me if I ask you who is a true showcaser?


A true showcaser is someone who can convert storytelling experiences into a beautiful digital output. We are not magicians, but we’ve a magic called “creativity”. In my opinion, to become a good showcaser you need three things: being passionate about whatever you’re doing, continuous growth in creative ideas and learning from the mistakes and learning from everyone you meet. 


Someone who is creative and ready to learn something new even though you fail multiple times.


  • I’m pretty sure you have lots of work published so far at AIESEC in Sri Lanka pages. Amongst them, what work are you the most proud of and why?


National Conference aftermovie, day 1 and day 2 recaps. Since it was my very first conference coverage done by NST and I am humbly proud of what I did. Being in a national conference as a showcaser, trust me it’s a different experience than a delegate.


Expansion Planning Summit daily recaps and aftermovie, National Conference aftermovie, they are quite memorable because they are the first conferences I attended as a video director in NST and I loved the feeling you get when your work is being published in a national platform and people starts to give good feedback and constructive criticism for it.


  • Being a showcaser can be pretty hectic, especially when it comes to videography. For example, During conferences you have to make sure the perfect shots are taken. How do you manage that?


Normally we are allocating a videographer and a video editor for conferences. So they are switching their roles each day. The NST comes one day prior to the venue and within that time period we do a lot of preparations for the shoots. We create storyboards, we select the music, and we plan the whole story with our MCVP.


Well, mostly this is done through team handling and time management. It’s not a one man job to cover an event, we divide our workload and manage our time so that we can cover the event to the fullest and best way possible.


  • When it comes to showcasing the brand of AIESEC, it’s important to ensure that you comply with its standards. What are the steps you take to ensure it aligns with the brand identity, messaging and overall marketing strategy?


Brainstorming with our team members and LB helps us plan and meet the required standards while taking the necessary advices needed from the LCVP and the MCVP.


By following the brand guidelines set by our brand strategist and discussing with my fellow LB whether our marketing materials are within the guidelines of AIESEC Sri Lanka.


  • You are one of the vital members of JST, so I’m pretty sure you get piled up with work and tight deadlines while having to manage multiple showcases simultaneously. How do you prioritize and manage your work to ensure a quality deliverance and a timely completion?


For that I make a priority list daily and I try my best not to procrastinate any work. Imagine a situation where I get a vodcast to edit before the 20th and I get urgent work from our LCVP, which needs to be completed by the 18th, so I give priority to the work on the 18th and try to finish that one before the 20th one. Allocating time for each work helps me to complete them before deadlines. 


I manage my work by keeping a tracker which allows me to check the deadlines of the relevant material and gives priority to that task, and once it’s over I give priority to the remaining tasks. 


  • Criticism is something that cannot be avoided when it comes to showcasing your work. Can you share how you felt when you received constructive criticism and how you handled it?


Getting approvals is harder than creating something. We always need to keep in mind that not every person is the same and each and everyone is having a different  level of creativity. So whenever someone criticizes your work it’s better not to argue with them but identify their flavors in contents and whenever you design, create something according to their taste. That will help us to handle those kind of situations


All I have to say is that being a marketer comes with its own positive and negative feedback. What you should note is that its not needed to take them personally but rather to take those feedbacks to improve yourself and your material to give it a certain standard.


  • It’s an important fact that the ideas you come up with are unique and fresh for your work. How do you stay inspired and continuously generate fresh ideas for your showcases?


By staying in touch with what happens in AIESEC all over the world, especially generating fresh ideas from material published in different AIESEC platforms and analyzing overall social trends.


By going through social media, pinterest and other platforms such as AI’s helps me gain ideas and inspirations to my work.


  • Being a showcaser at AIESEC gives you not just the opportunity to develop your creativity but also your leadership skills. What do you think is different about you when compared to other people who have not got the AIESEC experience?


So I’m working at certain other clubs as well such as LEO, One Stage, CSM, CSDS etc. What I noticed is that they are not creating leaders, they are recruiting talented people only but in AIESEC we create videographers, photographers, content writers, graphic designers. So we automatically get the opportunity to improve our leadership skills. 


I learned a lot through AIESEC. I was able to develop my speaking skills, my social skills and marketing skills through AIESEC. The major difference is I would say I’m willing to take more opportunities and develop myself even though I’m not fully suited for it. I am always up for any challenge on my way.


  • Social media is a place where new trends rise and fall instantly so there are places where you should ensure that the work you make suits the current trend as well. What are the things you do to ensure sustainability with the trends?


Identifying the algorithms of social media through constant monitoring and staying updated with the latest trends happening around the world, specially about the innovations and developments which occur in the marketing field.


Keeping up with trends daily, especially by being aware of what’s new happening in social media so that I can come up with new marketing ideas quickly.

  • Finally, one last question, what do you want to say to the many prospective AIESECers out there who are about to embark on the journey of showcasing in the future?


I can proudly say that everyone can become a good showcaser if they have a strong desire to learn new things. Trust me the things you learn here will be a value addition for your future work as well. All the seconds you spend will be an investment for your  growth. 


Don’t be scared to take opportunities, grab them whenever you can and achieve your dreams and be humble and take feedback from others constructively and improve yourself.

 As the smiles of Abhishek and Banuka filled their hearts from the moment of reminiscing done through this interview which lured them to a sense of nostalgia, I was able to end on a pretty high note with so much information about what it actually is to be behind the eye of a showcaser. 

by Supun Rasanjana

Jayewardenepura Showcasing Team

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