National Partners’ Week Spotlight: SPARK

AIESEC in SLIIT is a part of AIESEC Sri Lanka, enabling young people to explore and develop their leadership potential by contributing to sustainable development goals in the United Nations. To maintain a sustainable organisation, it’s beneficial to have a good partnership with the entity. Together with partner organisations AIESEC in SLIIT facilitates a network of cross-cultural exchanges and volunteering and professional internships.

SPARK is a change agent in the Sri Lankan IT industry that develops talents and ensures anyone can realise their maximum potential. SPARK is germinating based on over ten years of experience within Sri Lanka, Singapore, the USA and New Zealand, fusing with a passion-driven and well-performing team. SPARK provides technology-driven solutions that blue the boundary between the digital and physical world.SPARK services consist of SPARK X, SPARK Foundation, remote teams, launch pads, research, and development insights. Those platforms are helpful for youth to develop their talents into international industry standards, provide fundamental pillars to becoming a programmer of exceptional talent, and significantly young innovators who have startup ideas can receive a massive benefit from SPARK. The multifaceted and highly focused SPARK services intended at realising the potential of gifted young Sri Lankans, offering them a world of new opportunities. This starts with a discovery process, translating client needs into design requirements. They engage with clients early and often to ensure that our solutions meet these requirements.

Therefore this purposeful partnership is beneficial for providing financial support for educational, research and service missions and broadens the experience of the members to identify significant, exciting and relevant problems and increase employment opportunities for members as well. 

With great pleasure, AIESEC in SLIIT collaborated with “SPARK” on our event called “Luminary”, a podcast/vodcast series. The series focused on the inspirational stories of well-known personalities from Sri Lanka.  Through this event, it increased youth awareness of podcasts. Individuals are motivated and inspired when they are made aware of the life tales that have occurred along the way with the path to success of inspirational characters of Sri Lanka. AIESEC in SLIIT successfully carried out the “LUMINARY” podcast series with the many participants of both local and foreign members. It impacted young people by helping them understand them better and direct them to find the necessary inspiration to carry forward in life. Apart from that, it helped youth to tap into their hidden inner potential. This sustainable partnership SPARK helped AIESEC to empower young leader within this event.

The collaboration between AIESEC in SLIIT and SPARK has had a significant impact for drive the Sri Lankan youth to strive to do better and be better individuals in the future. AIESEC in SLIIT, We are looking forward to empowering youth to be the best version of themselves together with SPARK and provide more opportunities for them in the future!

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National Partners’ Week Spotlight: SLIIT Global Education

As an organization that is focused on developing youth leadership and contributing towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, AIESEC in SLIIT, which is a member chapter of AIESEC Sri Lanka, has been contributing to AIESEC’s vision by creating opportunities for the youth to engage and get involved in global leadership experiences since 2012. AIESEC in SLIIT has conducted many successful events throughout the past years to fulfill the knowledge, entrepreneurship skills, leadership skills, and youth entertainment. Among these events, ‘The Luminary’ can be stated as a spotlight event throughout the history of AIESEC in SLIIT.

The project consisted of a series of podcast/vodcast interviews from influential people all over Sri Lanka to encourage and motivate youth through inspirational life stories about how they overcame their challenges in life. The event was a massive success with inspiring life insights of 10 speakers streamed live on Saturday nights. Our title partner for this event was acquired by SLIIT Global.

Being one of the largest non-state educational institutes in Sri Lanka, SLIIT Global has a legacy of over 20 years of providing local and international degree programs for both local and foreign students. Currently, SLIIT accommodates over 7000 students specializing mainly in IT, Engineering, and Business which has paved the way to creating over 27000+ success stories. The Partnership between SLIIT global and AIESEC in SLIIT paved the path in creating a tremendous platform for Sri Lankan youth who wish to succeed in their careers and become future leaders who strive towards excellence.

We were pleased to partner up with SLIIT Global to inspire youth to become the best version of themselves through our event. We also hope that SLIIT Global will work hand in hand with our entity in the upcoming future.

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National Partners’ Week Spotlight: Steiner College

Steiner College, Battaramulla-For a healthier and stronger tomorrow

We, living in an era where we got to emphasize the importance of taking care of our body, because it is the place where we have to live in, AIESEC in University of Ruhuna was keen to take a step forward in creating an opportunity for the global youth to visit us here and brush up their skills while making a positive impact on the lives of children. With this intention we searched for a sustainable partnership and we connected with “Steiner College, Battaramulla” to advocate students on the importance of physical education while leading them to a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

We are currently passing days where children have been used for video games in front of a digital  screen without going out to play. This is where we raise the question of do they really receive  adequate physical exercise? And the answer would most probably be “No”. Steiner College, as an  organization which has a vision in order to provide the kids “A permanent learning solution” and  to make them truly worthy world citizens.  

AIESEC, bearing the vision to strive to achieve peace and fulfillment of human kinds’ potential  found Steiner College, Battaramulla as a perfect venue to build up an opportunity for global talent.  The enthusiasm and the interest that they showed regarding this initiative from the initial stages is  really impressive. The support that they rendered in discussing about the Global Talent opportunity  must be appreciated.  

This partnership can be illustrated as a bond which was built with one another in order to deliver  a great and value adding experience to the participant while creating a healthier and stronger future  generation who are becoming leaders one day. On our way to pave a path which is sustainable for  the future of the world, we need to make sure that they are strong enough mentally as well as  physically. Steiner College, Battaramulla is the identical place where we may find an opportunity  for any individual who would adore to get an experience in [physical training to kids.

They had the perfect audience and the infrastructure along with an extremely supportive team with  them, which made our lives easier on the journey of building up this partnership. So, do we have  to ask for anything more as we have already partnered up with the best team?

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National Partners’ Week Spotlight: Animal SOS Sri Lanka

Animal SOS Sri Lanka -for the Cynophilists out there

They say that money can buy you a dog, but only love can make him wag his tail. Feel like true  right? Dogs or basically pets are creatures whom we have a big space in our hearts as will there be  anyone who would not adore a cute little puppy? So, having this in mind, us, as AIESEC in  University of Ruhuna wanted to initiate this project, “Pet Whisper” with the intention to offer an  opportunity for the pet loving youth all over the world to show their love to man’s best friend while  exploring the vast culture and the scenic places here at down south, Sri Lanka. On our journey of  embarking this cause, we encountered this sanctuary called Animal SOS Sri Lanka, in Midigama,  Ahangama which is a village very closer to Galle. 

This project was designed with  regards to the Sustainable Development Goal number 15, Life on land. As we wanted to reduce the number of stray animals on the road, the key aspects of Animal SOS Sri Lanka perfectly matched with ours and it was very easy to deal with them as they exactly knew our purpose.

AIESEC, being an entity to raise leadership skills of the youth, and the above stated project being  aligned with the vision of this organization, we found it a worthy step if we could build up a  partnership with them in order to deliver a pet loving individual, an unforgettable volunteering  experience. So it was a great pace to start up a partnership with Animal SOS Sri Lanka.  

The partnership started off back in 2019, with the project Pet Whisper as I mentioned earlier, and  we must demonstrate that we could not discover any place better than this to make this a project a  mind blowing success. From the very day that we visited them to start off the partnership, the  hospitality and the aspiration that they showed with regards to the project was immense. It must  be depicted that the team there was really caring people towards the pets which motivated us to  work with them.

In order to deliver a better and an impactful leadership experience to the youth across the globe, Animal SOS Sri Lanka joined hands with AIESEC in Ruhuna which was a turning point in both the organizations’ success steps. Throughout the project, Animal SOS Sri Lanka, paved a vast number of vital occasions for the exchange participants in order to develop their leadership qualities, while creating a comfortable setting for the stray dogs  and cats. 

A leader must be a person who is sensitive to all sorts of people around him. So, if a person is  aware of how to take care of a stray animal, it is nothing for him to care for the unheard stories of  his fellow people. He genuinely pays attention towards the interests and the needs of his  subordinates and is keen to listen to them at any point of time. This type of a leader is able to  appreciate all the efforts made by the subordinates and knows how to encourage them to be the the  best they can ever become. So that, here is to build more sensitive leaders who does positive impact  on the others on our ladder to achieve the milestone of “Peace and Fulfillment of Humankinds Potential.”


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National Partners’ Week Spotlight: Suwa Sarana Hospital

MEDX - Medical Volunteer

Are you enthusiastic about medicine or biology? Want to gain some real experience??

Then here is the best platform which was created for you. MEDX is a medical volunteer project of Suwasarana Hospitals (PVT) Limited, Colombo. The director and the staff of Suwasarana hospital wishes to raise awareness in good health and wellbeing through this project and achieve one of the sustainable development goals.

Suwasarana Hospitals (PVT) Limited had been opened four years ago. Since then they have done a remarkable service to ensure the health and safety of people. It was one of the few hospitals in Sri Lanka that were operating during the initial Covid – 19 lock down period providing much needed health care. 

This time they are willingly organizing a medical volunteer project with the partnership of AIESEC Sri Lanka. Through this project the interns are given opportunity to meet and learn from professionals in the field. Furthermore they are able to exchange knowledge with doctors, nurses and medical students and they will receive the opportunity to take part in global village, intern conferences and other events organized by AIESEC as well. 

The intern should be responsible about inward patient management, giving medical assistance to doctors in several aspects, Hands-on training with respect to the field of operations, Raising awareness to kids and elderly people about the importance of good health care and good sanitation.

However this opportunity couldn’t have been given without the dedication of the chairman and managing director of Suwasarana Hospitals (PVT) Limited, Dr. Dantanarayanage Saranathillike and the resilient staff members who wishes to establish good health and wellbeing and ensure sustainable development in Sri Lanka. This is why AIESEC joined hands together with Suwasarana Hospital (PVT) Limited.

So let’s count the days to see the perfect output!

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