Using Video Interviewing Technology for time-saving Recruitment

Choose the best candidate earlier in the process, evaluate their capability, personality, potential, and determination while saving time and money

To give an approach to the topic

Climb the ladder with video interviewing technology

Replicating face-to-face interviews, video interviewing technology has become a turning point in the world of recruiting in the contemporary routine. Being a revolution in the job market, this new transition aids to abolish the burden associated with preliminary interviews. How? One can watch dozens of one-way video responses from interested individuals instead of wasting time on shuffling candidates in first-round interviews.

However, as we can see, video interviewing marks a certain difference from the tradition of face-to-face conversation. Thus, one has to modify their interview strategies a little if that particular organization needs to see success in this newly enhanced innovative recruiting process.

What are the steps that one can take in order to ensure absolute success when utilizing video interviewing technology?

Focus on clarity

To make the point clear

Discuss among yourself and focus more on clarity

One should make sure that the delivery of the candidate’s response does not derive the focus of his/her question. Hence, the questions should be very clear in order to prevent miscommunication and misinterpretation.

Some such questions that one can pose in a video interviewing setting for a higher mutual clarification are;
What initially drew you to this company role?

  • What’s your ideal work environment like?
  • What are your most favorite and least favorite parts of the job?
  • Imagine you have made a mistake at work. How do you correct the issue? etc.

At the same time, these questions allow applicants to give detailed, expressive answers while sweeping out the confusion. Through that, the applicants know what exactly the panel really needs to know while the interviewer gets what exactly he/she wants. Thus, by focusing more on clarity both the parties will accomplish their motives as in face-to-face interviews while saving their precious time.

Pay attention to non-verbal signs

To make the point clear

Be attentive to the behavior of the candidate

Just like in a face-to-face interview, non-verbal signs play a major part in identifying how an individual presents themselves during a video interview situation. Rather it is highly important to focus more on the background details of the candidate It is because it tends to give much of the communication from them.

Such things that one should take note of while watching a video response of a candidate are;

  • The surrounding environment
  • The Attire of the candidate
  • The presentation of the candidate
  • The quality of both video and audio
  • Background sounds and distractions etc.

Make sure to find a perfect match to the job description via video interviewing technology

To make the point clear

Find the best of the best

Unlike in in-person interviews, the video interviewing sweeps away the opportunity of showing around and talking about the role for which they are interviewing. Hence, one needs to make sure that the candidate has the required knowledge about the job description in order to do the available role a justice.

The facts like;

  • What are the required duties?
  • What kind of training or education is necessary?
  • Who will be their superior?
  • What kind of clients would they work with? etc.

This can be done by displaying the job description with some personality requirements on the company website. Through that, the interested candidates will visit the web page and learn more about the job before they step into the video interview. At the same time, the company gets a chance to expose more details about their service, products, and brands to the candidates. Also, it adds some value to their company. Plus, with this demonstration, the panel will be able to identify the interest of the candidate to the role as well.

Use both video interviews and face-to-face interviews to complement one another

It is true that video interviewing comparingly saves time and money. But considering that no one should strictly use either video interviewing or conduct face-to-face interviews. Rather one can use a hybrid of the two methods in order to have an effective and successful hiring process. For example, one can use video interviewing for the first round and an in-person interview for the second round. In fact, that would give the interviewer a  more real picture including an idea about their multiple capabilities.

Thus, the more the video interviewing technology sparks in the recruiting world, the more the job market absorbs potential candidates and perfect matches. Also, it will make the company more compatible with the technologically advanced world. However, despite the fact that video interviewing technology is comparatively advantageous, it is important to understand that video interviewing is different from traditional face-to-face interviews.

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Customer Data Platforms(CDPs) and their role in B2B


CDPs role in businesses

The vitality of Customer Data Platforms

What does this Customer Data Platform(CDP) mean?

Customer Data Platform (CDP) is basically a sort of software package. It creates a persistent and unified customer database that is attainable to other systems. How? It collects data from multiple sources and filters and combines them to create a single customer profile. Then the outcome; the structured data makes available to other marketing systems. However, CDP mainly plays a major role in B2B businesses.
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How to Boost Your Next PR Campaign via Digital Marketing

When it comes to business, Public relations (PR) plays a major role, as it has an obvious effect on the pivotal goal of any business; Success. Hence, a PR campaign must be well-planned.In case a single PR campaign can generate a long-lasting impact on the reputation and the public image of your brand. Thus, while adopting technological advancement in the world, the best way to make a PR campaign success is inducing digital marketing into PR.

 What is Digital PR?

Digital PR basically refers to the professional maintenance of a favorable online image by a company. In fact, it is an online marketing strategy that businesses tend to utilize in order to increase their online presence. They make this possible by building up networks with journalists, bloggers, and influencers. These networks aid them to accomplish their main goals. Such as gaining high-quality backlinks, increasing social media mentions, and improving their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Thus, Digital PR agencies simply function as promoting materials of companies through online blogs, websites, and social media.

Digital PR vs. Traditional PR

Enhancing the importance of digital PR

Define Digital PR

Traditional PR refers to offline publications such as Print-based media like newspapers, TV, and Radio. It basically happens either by over the phone or by having in-person meetings. But when it comes to Digital PR, the evolved form of PR, it focuses more on online platforms. Further, it predominantly focuses on publishing articles and securing backlinks from relevant websites and blogs.

How digital marketing boost your  PR campaign?

Primarily, publishing on highly-recommended websites and getting links to your website will directly help to push your rankings up for your key products or brands. Hence, the more you utilize digital PR, the more traffic will reach your website. As an aftereffect of the standpoint, the higher the people reach, read, and share your business content, the higher the views you get to your website. Hence, employing a digital PR campaign keeps your brand or product on a highly demanded platform within a glimpse of time. At the same time, maintaining the authenticity, feasibility, and practicality in the content of the website could be beneficial for you. How? On one hand, it will build up the image of your business while on the other hand, it will induce more credibility into your business. Hence, the demand for the product or the brand of your business will increase like a wildfire. Moreover, the possibility of attaining a relevant and interesting audience will also heighten by utilizing digital marketing in your PR campaign. For example, using keywords and the terms congenial to your target audience in the content of your website. When the particular audience searches using the keywords and terms your website will pop up as an immediate result. Thus, being tactical enough to utilize digital marketing comprehensively and ardently will boost up your PR campaign while increasing the demand and the importance of your product and your brand.
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