“It is not a way you say it but how you say it.” A good leader needs to interact with their fellow members. And effective communication is not only exchanging information but conveying information and messages way in which other people feel heard and understood. Effective communication is key for leaders to ensure understanding and togetherness in diverse teams.

As a leader, you should know that every person you interact s different, and they might be from diverse cultural and social backgrounds. This means the way people understand something could be different. I believe “the art of effective communication” means preventing that. And make sure everyone understood what was being said as a team or a group. 


Actually, it is a responsibility of a leader to comprehend that to become a responsible leader; one must know the art of effective communication. Thus your team will drive towards the victory together.

What is Effective Communication?

Effective communication is a skill that great leaders possess. Communication is not a one-way process. A leader must actively listen and concentrate on what their team says. And when conveying the message of empathizing with the other party, trying not to be judgmental and taking the other party’s opinion is also essential to effective communication.


If you are a leader, then there is no more “I” because you are not to yourself. And the leader must understand to pressure on “us.” When a leader expresses togetherness, everyone feels involved and valued within the team, which increases the desire to become successful as a team.


It is not always about good times; during tough times, communication matters. A leader’s open and honest communication style makes the team more robust and the leadership stronger during hard times.

Dakshika Jayaweera

Content Writer

AIESEC in University of Peradeniya

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What is Effective Leadership?

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