What do you think the world needs the most right now? I would say what the world needs the most right now is Leadership.
If we look at the world in this time and day we could see that the world has reached the peak with regard to almost all the aspects, be it philosophy, technology or economy, the world is flourishing with newer and better developments. But what after this point? Where is our world headed towards? No matter how developed the world is if we lose track as to where we are headed it is inevitable that we would face a huge crisis in the near future. This is where leadership comes in to the equation and this is why the world needs good leaders to navigate the world in the right direction for the betterment and wellbeing of all. The following statement by Bill Gates further affirms this.
“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”
– Bill Gates
What is meant by leadership? Well, there is no one interpretation as to what leadership is. There are many interpretations and definitions of leadership.
“Leadership is a process of giving purpose (meaningful direction) to collective effort, and causing willing effort to be expended to achieve purpose.”
– Jacobs & Jaques

“Leadership is a process of influence between a leader and those who are followers.”
– Hollander
Above quotes depict how different scholars have defined leadership according to their view on leadership. However it is evident from the above statements that these various interpretations of leadership are more or less the same and emphasize on how leadership can guide, influence and motivate people to accomplish goals, achieve success and bring about a positive impact.
Gone are the days when behavioral theories on leadership such as Great man theory was followed and it was believed that leaders are born and not made. In the contemporary world it is believed that leaders can be made and leadership is considered to be an art that can be mastered by anyone with the right kind of exposure. This is where AIESEC comes in to the picture, to create future leaders, to provide future leaders with the right kind of exposure and to ensure that the world has best set of leaders.

AIESEC is a youth run organization which is centered on leadership. A major part of AIESEC Way is focused on development of leadership in the youth. Out of the three main attributes of the AIESEC Way, which are the WHY, the HOW and the WHAT; the HOW of AIESEC Way is all about inculcating leadership in young individuals. For this AIESEC has a unique leadership development model which is designed to prepare youth to take a stand for what they believe in and to become capable of making a positive impact on society through their everyday actions.
The most important part of the AIESEC Way is the WHAT which is about what AIESEC does to enable young people to develop their leadership. For this AIESEC provides youth with the opportunity to learn through practical experience. AIESEC’s products; AIESEC’s Exchange programs as well as Membership program is designed in such a way that the youth cultivates leadership qualities within themselves through facing challenging situations where they are given the exposure with regard to crisis management and finding and implementing viable solutions to critical problems that the world is facing and there by guiding them towards becoming the next-generation leaders.
“A leader is one who knows the way goes the way and shows the way”
-John C. Maxwell

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