Global Youth Dialogue is the platform initiated by AIESEC in Japan in collaboration with AIESEC Sri Lanka, AIESEC in Mainland of China and AIESEC in Nepal to create a cross-cultural space for the youth of these countries to come together and exchange ideas, stories and holds discussions creating lifelong friendships.

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run organization. We are a global,  independent and not-for-profit organization active in more than 114 countries. AIESEC strives to achieve peace and fulfilment of humankind’s potential; we place our confidence in youth as the key to archive a better future because they have the passion and responsibility to make a better future by shaping today. We believe that leadership is the fundamental solution, and anyone can develop it. We enable young people to develop their leadership through practical experiences in challenging environments. We do this through cross-cultural exchanges and by creating these opportunities. AIESEC in Srilanka has dedicated youth leaders determined to provide leadership development opportunities to Sri Lankan youth. In Sri Lanka, we have an active membership of more than 1000 university students.

Global Youth Dialogue Phase four was organized to showcase the hard work of a group of young people representing various universities. In 2021, it was possible to have an event with the AIESEC in Japan, China, and Nepal, even though it was challenging due to the prevailing situation. All the delegates who participated actively engaged in the daily tasks. At the end of the daily task, the delegates parted with smiling faces, eagerly awaiting the next day’s golden hour. In addition to the daily task, everyone was eager to go beyond that particular area and share more of the language of their country, food, music, social issues, and so on. When they share information about their country’s culture, social issues, and much more, those five days will be a memento written in gold for everyone in attendance. 

The Global Youth Dialogue program was initiated so that the youth of those countries have a cross-cultural understanding by sharing their values and cultural heritage, which would allow them to demonstrate AIESEC’s values of peace and understanding. By creating this platform, we hope to create more determination from youth to engage with AIESEC and go through cross-cultural exchanges to be closer to engaging and developing every young person. 

Aftermovie of Global Youth Dialogue Phase 04:

Written by: B.R. Charitha Basnayaka (Member, AIESEC in Rajarata)

Edited by: Janith Giragama (OCVP Operations, Global Youth Dialogue Phase 04)


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