AIESEC Sri Lanka has dedicated youth leaders determined to provide leadership development opportunities to Sri Lankan youth. In Sri Lanka, we have an active membership of more than 1000 university students. As an entity with a large member base such as AIESEC Sri Lanka, creating its own mid-term direction while being in alignment with A2025 would ensure the sustainability, growth, and development of the entity.

‘AIESEC Sri Lanka 2025’ is the mid-term direction of AIESEC Sri Lanka directly aligned with the AIESEC 2025 roadmap. The initial implementation stages of the roadmap, which roughly took 8 months consisted of conducting surveys, both internal and external to get the view of the different membership layers, partners, return exchange participants, university administrations, other clubs & associations, general youth, alumni, parents, and also by conducting the first-ever roadmap conference to re-align the objectives towards a sustainable ASL 2025. After the consolidation of the said data, it was validated before the metrics to measure its success were identified, voted, and finalized on three pillars.

Namely, Empowering youth leaders by positioning the AIESEC brand as a leadership development movement and evolving our leadership development portfolio we hope to amplify our reach while delivering an optimal experience to youth.

Building a long-lasting AIESEC envisions that by the year 2025 we will have sufficient resources to continue developing leadership for years to come by having developed profound HR & governing processes alongside being financially stable.

The third pillar, Developing purposeful partnerships hopes to build and keep long-term partnerships that enable growth by optimizing our internal processes, developing stakeholder awareness, and enhancing partner experiences. Building its milestones for each year, its contribution per annum, and set targets were the final steps of the first phase of the roadmap creation.

Phase two comprised of Introducing & designing projects, which was followed by the project evaluation and selection of the best initiatives to achieve the milestones. The 26 projects include having brand ambassadors from each district, acquiring and maintaining influencers, creating psychometric tests, maintaining relationships with our alumni, making AIESEC accessible for school leavers, EwA (Engage with AIESEC to ELD (Experiential Leadership Development) nurturing, raising partnerships that have the ability to extend our reach and facilitate our programs, talent planning, bridging & recruitment upscaling, pipeline management, having an investment framework, creation of a finance academy, implementing a sustainability metric, upgrading our national Human Resource Information System – ASL 360, organizational development dashboards for the local entities, creation of a standard pricing model, sales audit, partner showroom platforms, a nationwide focused SDG facilitation project, partner journey mapping framework and partners night.

These are a few of the roadmap projects designed to achieve the first milestones and to ensure that we Empower Youth Leaders by Building a Longlasting AIESEC while Developing Purposeful Partnerships for a sustainable ASL 2025 in order to engage and develop every young person in the world!

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