“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

What is your comfort zone? 

      Your comfort zone is not a place but a situation or an environment where you feel safe and comfortable. In this space, you do not feel challenged or uncomfortable. Therefore you can keep doing only the things that you are familiar with and refrain from exploring unfamiliar areas. Now, let’s explore the AIESEC comfort zone.  

Why get out? 

      Is your comfort zone really a good place? If it is, then why are you constantly encouraged to step out of it? The truth is, your comfort zone is not a good place. It prevents you from exploring your limits. If you are not truly challenged, you will never know what you are really capable of. You can accomplish so much more than you think. 


      It is certainly frightening to step out of it and challenge yourself. However, in order to discover your true potential, you must do it. You should face new challenges. You should try new things in unfamiliar areas, instead of doing the same thing repeatedly. Then only you can actually discover your full potential and achieve everything you dream of. 


The AIESEC comfort zone

      As you already know, stepping outside of your comfort zone can be frightening. Therefore you need a supportive and encouraging environment outside of it and there is no other place more suitable for that than AIESEC. AIESEC is a global organization consisting of young volunteers full of leadership potential. AIESECers are known to be brave hearts who constantly step out of their comfort zone. In AIESEC, all the people around you, are very supportive and encouraging. They do not force you to do anything. Instead, they will help and guide you towards the correct path. 

    AIESEC is a very versatile organization. There are so many different opportunities in a great range of areas within AIESEC. Since it is a global organization, these opportunities are not only on local platforms but can also be on international platforms. Therefore you can see that AIESEC is the jackpot when it comes to new opportunities.  You can choose any field that you want and explore your potential. When you need to, you can always reach for the people within AIESEC for guidance and support. 

What do you gain?

     What can you gain when you step out of your comfort zone? You can truly discover who you really are when you step out of it, which is the most important thing that you can obtain. When you break the boundaries of it and step out into a world full of challenges, you become fully aware of yourself. You can really understand what your strengths and weaknesses are and use them wisely. 

    Recognizing your true potential makes you a better leader. You become a more competent and equipped individual when it comes to the corporate world as well. Therefore you can clearly see, stepping out of it makes you more prepared and proficient for all of your future endeavors. 

So, do you still wanna be cooped up inside? 

    No, you most definitely do not want to be inside of it anymore. Outside of it lies your true potential. Therefore you should break those boundaries and challenge yourself to be the best version of yourself. They say that there is no gain without pain. However, with AIESEC you can definitely gain without any pain.

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