AIESEC : An organization which drives the youth leadership development.

Anyone could be a leader, a good leader or a not-so-good one. But what matters is are you a GOOD leader? AIESEC is an organization driving the youth towards development of good leadership skills. Leadership is the accomplishment of a goal with the assitance of your team. But a good leader will lead his team towards a positive result while keeping his team happy and engaged. If your team members are satisfied working with you, the results that you yield will be immensely higher.

Qualities a good leader must possess

Apart from the many qualities a good leader must possess, I believe that people management skills is a must. People are complex and different. Having a better understanding about the people and their soft skills will help you allocate people with the best skills to the most suitable task. That will help to gain the best output from him. Knowledge on your team members’ goals and interests will allow you to encourage them the benefits they could yield by accomplishing the task for the betterment of their skills. You also need to be concerned about the welfare of your team members. Concern about their life apart from the job activities makes a leader a respected one among your team mates. Keeping them satisfied in their job is the key to success!

In my AIESEC journey, I too have met some people with very good leadership skills setting examples to all of us. Out of all the teams that I’ve worked with, the PM team is the team that I enjoyed the most and helped me polish my leadership skills along with people management. Kudos to all those good personalities that I’ve met and hope every AIESECer gets the chance to work with such personalities and develop their leadership skills to become good leaders.

Paramee Liyanage

AIESEC in University of Peradeniya

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