Arrival at Hyderabad India

When I stepped out of the Rajiv Gandhi Airport in Hyderabad, India, I had mixed feelings of fear and excitement. I knew new things awaited me. At that moment, I knew this volunteering experience with AIESEC would be a new chapter in my life, a chapter that would accelerate my life towards a better future.

First Days at Work   

As volunteers for the Global Classroom program we; Binali, Pawani, Milni and I, were excited for our first day at work at Akshara techno school in Balapur, which was run by RICE NGO. With the school principal’s and fellow teachers’ guidance, we learned how to effectively teach a classroom filled with energetic students. It took us some days to settle down in the new environment. But, I felt that within these two days, I’ve become a better version of myself who handles challenges better and who can adapt to a totally new environment.

Being a rural school, most of the students were economically challenged. Seeing how they find hope for a better future by attending school, I felt grateful for having the chance to teach them. Even though sometimes I feel exhausted from working, teaching in the school is the best time of my stay in India. The students become friendlier with us and they are always excited to learn from us. Every day at school, the students awaited us to come and teach their classes. As our task is to improve their English speaking skills, other than teaching them English, we also try to communicate with them in English. Thus, despite the language barrier, we managed to communicate our experiences and lives with them and vice versa. Seeing them improving their English Speaking skills day by day, we were content with ourselves.

Train her Ascend

We witnessed another program run by RICE NGO on the 4th of July called Train Her Ascend, which was a program to empower young girls to achieve their career potential. They were given the chance to converse with us so they would build their confidence.

Exploring the city of Hyderabad

A must-mention joy of volunteering abroad is travelling and exploring the country. During our first weekend, we visited Charminar. It was built by Sultan Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah in 1591 as a memorial for people who died from the cholera pandemic that was ravaging the city. Now, it has become a major attraction in Hyderabad, where one could view the amazing architecture of Charminar and buy sarees, jewellery, bags and perfumes that are unique to Hyderabad for a cheaper price.

Furthermore, we visited the NTR garden of where the unique architecture and the greenery amazed us.

The next week we visited the Buddha statue of Hyderabad, the world’s tallest monolith of Gautama Buddha. It is located in Lumbini Park in Hussain Sagar Island. We arrived there in a boat and that was an amazing experience.


Although we were tired after travelling the entire day on Saturday, we decided to visit Ramoji film city on Sunday. We could all say that we did not regret our decision. For me, it was one of the best places that I have visited. As the biggest film city in the world, it did not fail to entertain our visitors. We felt fortunate to witness the props and places where our favourite Indian movies were shot, such as Baahubali and Chennai Express. With a variety of tourist attractions such as the Japanese Garden, Mughal Garden, Sun Fountain Garden, Sanctuary Garden and Angel Fountain, Ramoji film city is worth its glory.

An experience that changed my life

Although it is just two weeks since I arrived in India, it has been a roller coaster ride. I met with different challenges but was able to overcome them. I enjoyed our stay here so far and hope the remaining time here will be better.

Written by

Kawya Chandrasekara

Sub Editor

AIESEC in University of Kelaniya

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