If you would like to land your dream job, you will have to write down a winning CV. A good CV will get you noticed by employers and land you many interviews. But a poor CV will see you ignored and missing out on suitable opportunities. No matter what your experience level or industry, you can create an attractive CV and secure a job that you really want.

Most people will only ever look on their CV once they are trying to find employment. It’s obviously essential in those circumstances, but it must live and breathe between roles to make sure it’s always up so far and reflects the simplest possible version of you within the least time. Since the word curriculum vitae is Latin for ‘story of your life, your CV should be a primary document in your professional arsenal.

When applying for a job, whether it is your first one, a completely new one, or a promotion in the same company, the first opportunity you can impress is from your CV. That alone should set you apart in the minds of recruiters, based on the words on the page in front of them.

The importance of a perfect  CV cannot be underestimated. You are the best candidate for any job you want. As the best person, you must reflect that on your CV. Your skills, personality, your experience, and everything you can bring to the table should be written in a way that conveys this to those who read it.

Before setting up your perfect CV, the first thing you need to do is think about the model. Even before anyone reads it, it should stand out from the rest, so consider how it is set up. There are many types of CV templates that you can download for free, and you can customize them to your liking. Think about the highlights of your CV that you want to catch your eye. Choose a few of them and make sure they are going to attract your prospective employer.

Your CV should usually be no more than two pages long, so be sure to tailor it to the job you are applying for and include the skills, qualifications, and experience most appropriate for the job. It also needs to adapt to a CV. You will also need to change your CV for each job you apply for.

Here are ten simple but effective tips for creating your CV stand out from the rest.


1. Use a professional format

CV is an extension of who you are, except that future employers will judge you based on what appears on paper. So your resume should look professional.


2. Provide a correct and specific objective

Always start your CV with a clear and accurate goal. To set this up, keep in mind the needs of the company and build yourself on it. You will definitely get a call from them a few days after you get the attention of the recruiting officer.

3. Highlight your educational details

This is an essential point in your CV. The place you attended, the course you took, and the educational qualifications and achievements should be included in your resume. At the same time, emphasize this more, especially if you have no work experience.

4. Enumerate specific experiences

In addition to your education, your work experience is also essential in your resume. Include your previous job and some accomplishments in your earlier employment.

5. Showcase your skills

Here’s what recruiters need to get past the usual answers. If you want your summary to stand out, be sure to include the skills and qualities that make you the perfect candidate for the job that will make you unique.

6. Include testimonials from previous employers

What is the meaning of all these numbers and words when not confirmed by evidence? The best way to prove that you are suitable for the position is to get assurances from your former boss, colleagues, or clients.

7. Finalize the small print to make a proper sequence

Now that you have provided the essentials that will tell the prospective employer that you are the best candidate, it is time to finish the details and make sure they are in the proper order. You can’t start counting your skills and hobbies without setting your goal.

8. Check for any grammatical errors

Aside from ensuring a proper sequence, your summary should be free of grammatical errors. Any sign of being unprofessional or quick work shows up on your resume, and recruiters know. Before pointing it out, read it aloud and see if there are any errors.

9. Maintain an online profile

In a world where having a social media account is essential, LinkedIn is an excellent place to start a profile because it shows that you are more professional. Make sure your social media accounts follow the decorations properly in relation to the online profile.

10. Keep your resume up to date

Last but not least, don’t forget to update your CV. Include them in your resume if you have new experiences, skills, or courses to add to showcase your career advancement.

The ultimate goal of your CV is to win the job Interviews by proving that you are the best candidate for the job you are targeting. Hopefully, this guide will help you design your own professional CV. Make sure you follow these ten tips to get the best CV output



By Krishani Wimalasekara
Showcasing Team – AIESEC in USJ

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