Coca-Cola YouthSpeak Forum 2017

Coca-Cola YouthSpeak Forum 2017 hosted by AIESEC in Colombo South was held on 14th of October at Trace Expert City with the participation of 250+ delegates.

This time Coca-Cola YouthSpeak Forum mainly focused on the SDGs,

  • Industry, innovation, and infrastructure
  • Decent work and economic growth


The forum was kick-started with keynote speeches from prominent individuals in the field.

  • 1st Keynote Speech was delivered by Mr. Priyantha Ranasinghe (Country Manager: Coca-cola Beverages Sri Lanka) on “A Millennial’s perspective on decent work”
  • 2nd Keynote Speech was delivered by Dr. Harsha Subasinghe (CEO: CodeGen Pvt Ltd) on “Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure”
  • 3rd Keynote Speech was delivered by Prof Rangika Halwathura (Department of Civil Engineering, University of Moratuwa) on “Science Odyssey”
Panel discussion and Workshops happened later in the day to further assist delegates to understand the SDGs
Finally, the delegates engaged in Action Space where they put their own thoughts and ideas to create a solid plan to address issues that we can currently see in the society.


Youth Speak Forum is a premier International event hosted by various AIESEC entities across the globe that brings together young leaders from different backgrounds to form a diverse environment for inspiring conversations around pressing global issues.

NLDS 2017

National Leadership Development Seminar 2017 (NLDS 2017) was held at Carolina Beach Hotel from 28th to 31st October with the participation of 220 delegates from all 5 Local Committees of AIESEC in Sri Lanka. It was such a memorable experience for everyone who took part.


It all started on the 28th morning. Icebreaker started sharp at 10 AM after registering all the delegates. During the one hour of Icebreaker, delegates were able to get to know each other and have some fun which helped them to get into Conference mood. They got energetic welcome to the opening plenary and the opening plenary set proper expectations for the rest of the days by explaining overall conference objectives as well as objectives and themes of each day.

Conference Objectives:

  • Provide proper understanding about how to deliver leadership in every experience
  • To increase self-awareness, reflection and clarity
  • To motivate members to drive the peak

Day 01 Theme: The Essence- Day 01 was used to explain and help delegates understand what is AIESEC and how it functions as an organization locally and globally.

Day 02, Day 03 Theme: Aspire to Change- the Biggest change in AIESEC as an organization happened recently when we moved from Realizations to Competitions as Measurement of Success (MoS). During Day 02 and 03 delegates reflected on their experiences and developed themselves as individuals, as a team, and as an entity to face and thrive the change in a positive manner.

Day 04 Theme: Dare to Challenge- There are lots of issues we face in day to day operations of AIESEC. The final day was to make sure the AIESEC in Sri Lanka is Dare to Challenge anything comes in our way and is ready to achieve like never before.

Aligning different sessions with daily themes and conference objectives as well as delivering them while using different mechanisms to get a proper outcome is a huge challenge which Faci team of NLDS 2017 achieved to the maximum! Each and every session had so much to take out from. Hats off to the Faci team that included MC team for the term 17.18 , Samantha Man (MCVP OGX and PM – AIESEC in Hong Kong) and Nina Vasiljevic (ECB Chair- AIESEC in Denmark). Anyway, none of these would’ve happened if it wasn’t for the amazing Chair of NLDS 2017 Tomáš Susedík (AIVP – Organizational Strategy) who kept the motivation of delegates through-out while optimizing all the sessions to give maximum to the delegates.

Organizing a 4-day conference takes months of hard work and NLDS 2017 Organizing Committee (OC) made sure there are no loopholes in organizing so that each and every delegate can have an amazing experience throughout the 4 days! A team of 14 led by Organizing Committee President (OCP) Natasha Perera did a superb job to make sure everything went smoothly.

Thus, a wonderful four days ended with lots of memories, new friends and motivation to face the cold winds of Winter!